Santee ASA: Ball and Glove

Wednesday, March 2
How do you define a winner

These days we seem to place too much emphasis on the scoreboard outcome. Or we go the other ...

Thursday, February 24
Remember the Three B's!!!

Welcome to the first article of Ball and Glove. Check in occasionally to see what new tips and advice is available for Managers, Coaches, and Players.  Here is our first one.

As managers and coaches we always seem to have about a million details to teach our team. Looking for steal situations, reading pitches while at bat, turning double plays, etc always seem to overshadow the basics. The other day I watched a coach provide an excellent reminder to his team of older players. "Remember the 3 B's. Ball, Base, Backup." 

Those words encompass the basics of softball.  Field the BALL. Cover the BASE. BACKUP the play.  These simple phrases capture those goals we need to teach our younger players.  So during your next practice or game remind your players of the 3 B's.


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