Santa Fe Little League : Welcome

The SFLL Board would like to thank everyone that attended the meeting April 21, 2014. A lot of enthusiasm was expressed in coming together as a league and helpful and appreciatedommunity this Saturday April 26th to repair years of neglect to Behringer Field. Although we know a full transformation can't take place until the off season, together we can get these boys playing baseball again at their field. So any and all SFLL members available to lend a hand please come to Behringer field located at Ave M and 22nd St. to help, the Behringer parents, SFLL board and especially the players would appreciate all the help we can get.

The roll away bleachers are down, they need to be loaded on a trailer(s) and hauled away.

Ladders are needed to hang netting at the batting cages. 

Weed eaters, tree saws to clean the fence lines on the property, the league will have someone there to take care of the outfield fence between the foul poles.

Hand tools to put bleachers together, reattach fencing to poles, etc.

If anyone knows of someone that would donate the use of a bucket truck or man lift to work on the backstop, that would be helpful and appreciated.

If anyone knows of a fence company that could donate top and mid runner pipes with connectors and the wire used to attach the fence to them that also would be helpful and appreciated.

Most of all we need YOU, and together WE will make a difference.


 We are using a new service to enhance our communications regarding our activities. The system will email and text message you about changes in our programs (rain outs, schedule changes, and etc). Please go to and select to Join, proceed through the prompts, when you get to the club selection you will select Texas > Santa Fe Little League > Santa Fe Little League > Runge Park. *Make sure to add your cell phone for text messages to be provided.



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