Santa Clara Homestead Little League (SCHLL): 2016 Season Divisions

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Farm League
The rules of play on the field begin to approach the official game of baseball. Players get more intense drills on throwing, catching, and hitting a baseball. Adults or pitching machines are used to pitch to batters to keep the game going and the interest high. The score is not kept during games. Coaches are encouraged to develop players in all positions they wish to play. Typically players 7-10 years old.

Minor League
The main emphasis here is to provide instructional preparation for the Major League level. Development of pitchers begins with coaches teaching the players to pitch properly and avoid injuring a developing arm. Players are given the opportunity to play more in specific positions while broadening their playing skills. Typically players 9-10 years old.

Major League
This is the level in which all young players are trying to achieve. The pitching is definitely more controlled and the players working as a team becomes important. Coaches focus upon fair play and sportsmanship while teaching the fundamentals of baseball strategy and refining the skills of each player. The most skilled players from this level, based upon attitude, sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill, are selected for the All Star team. Typically players 11-12 years old.


T-Ball League
At this level, players are taught the basics of baseball. There is virtually no competition and the scores are not kept. The atmosphere is of fun, patience, humor, and camaraderie as new parents and their children are brought into our league. This is the time for parents to get their feet wet with some challenging tasks such as coaching and team parenting. This is a time for the whole family to have fun learning little league baseball. Typically players 4-6 years old.

"Hidden" division to be used to hold teams in other leagues, so that those teams won't appear in our standings.