Sandston Youth Association: 2015 Spring Fundraiser

Friday, January 3

Sandston Youth Association 2014 Spring Fundraiser


Welcome to the 2014 Sandston Baseball/Softball Season! Each year at SYA the players can participate in an optional annual fundraiser where the proceeds help with the cost of our baseball/softball programs. This year Sandston is offering two different fundraising options to help our players achieve this fundraising goal and allows you to approach your neighbors, family, coworkers and friends for support. This year your fundraiser options are Coke Products and/or Discount Cards for local businesses. Please choose one of the two or mix and match. You can also choose to not participate in either of the options and pay the $50.00 for your child.



Both the cokes and cards are presale items, please be sure you have the necessary order forms.



Option 1—Coke Products

The cost per case is $20.00 and $5.00 will go towards their total amount raised. Each player will need to sell 10 cases to meet their $50.00 goal. The delivery date for these orders will be April 5th. A pick up location will be provided closer to the delivery date.


Option 2—Discount Cards for Local Businesses

The cost of each card is $10.00 and $5.00 per card will go towards their total amount raised. Each player will need to sell 10 cards to meet their $50.00 goal. A delivery date and pick up location will be provided soon.


Checks should be payable to SYA. All orders and money are due on or before Saturday, March 29th and will need to be turned into your Team Mom. Prior to turning in your order sheets, please total your sheets and make copies for yourself.


If you have any questions about the fundraisers, please contact Chastity Loving.

Chastity Loving – Head Team Mom and Fundraising Coordinator @ 804-380-1371 or email her at  

Fundraising Coordinator/Head Team Mom - Chastity Loving @ 380-1371 or email her at


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO A GREAT AND EXCITING 2014 SEASON!!!! Please visit us on Facebook under Sandston Youth Association

Click the link below for all fundraising related forms: 

Handout: SYA 2014 Spring Fundraiser