Sandpoint Volleyball Club: Tournaments

Thursday, November 13


Tournaments will be selected by the coaches in December. The tournament schedule will be posted on the website calendar and also the team page calendar. All players placed on “A” teams are expected to play the entire season with their team; this includes tournaments in May and June, such as Nationals, Emerald City Classic and the Volleyball Festival. Players and parents will be required to sign a commitment letter, parent code of conduct, and player code of conduct. Players that know they are unable to play in May and June should make this known to the coaches during the player tryout.

Save the Date

For each tournament date that your team is scheduled to play, please reserve the entire day for competition. Tournament dates will be published on our website in December. Start times and specific play sites will not be available until a week before the scheduled tournament.  This information is emailed to the Director, sometimes the night before the tournament. The Director will then forward the information to the Team Representative and Coach. Players will know the city and date well in advance.  Most tournaments begin play at 8am. We understand that everyone wants this information as early as possible to make travel arrangements; however, Sandpoint VBC does not have any control over when the information is made available. 

Playing Sites and Driving Directions

Playing sites and driving directions will be provided by the tournament hosts in advance of the tournament. Please do not contact the tournament hosts. The Director will receive this information from the host club and then forward it to your Team Representative and Coach. They will get you the information once they receive it. 

General Site Rules

Each tournament host will provide our teams with general site rules. Sandpoint VBC expects all members and spectators to follow all posted gym rules at all facilities.  If you do not know the rules, please ask the site director or your Team Chaperone.  All sites have one site rule in common:  No Food or Drink in the gym.  Please keep in mind that you are a guest of the facility.  Please set a positive example and be accountable for your actions.As you are leaving the facility, please make sure our team space is clean. Pick up all trash and water bottles. This includes the team bench area.   

What You Should Bring to the Tournament

Because tournaments last a minimum of 6 hours, each player should bring plenty of water and healthy snacks.  It is common for teams to decide to each bring an item of food and have a team ice chest. Sometimes teams decide to give the Team Representative an agreed amount of money and he or she will buy food for the team to share. Teams will typically find a spot outside the gym, where athletes can store their coolers and team bags.  This spot will serve as the team picnic/meeting area during the day.  Some facilities will have snack bars, but food items are often limited to muffins and candy.  


Athlete’s playing for the Sandpoint VBC will need matching socks; teams may choose either white or black. Teams may choose short or knee length socks. All players should match in sock length and color. Black spandex bottoms are a required. The minimum cut is 4”. “A” teams will receive two jerseys. “B” teams will receive one jersey. Teams may decide to purchase a warm-up shirt or additional uniform pieces or gear.  All uniforms worn by our players must be approved by the board. All uniforms must have the Sandpoint VBC authorized logo.  Athletes should make sure that they have all of their volleyball equipment with the team at the tournament.  Double check prior to leaving your house. An easy method is to start with your feet and move up your body.  You will need shoes, socks, knee pads, one or two uniforms (depending on “A” or “B” team), hair ties, and personal hygiene products.   


Because tournament facilities are set up to allow the best possible playing area for the participants, most facilities do not have seating available for the spectators.  We recommend bringing a chair for each spectator.  

Positive Attitude

All athletes, parents, and spectators should bring a great attitude to the gym.  Please realize that it is a long day of play and that the tournament should be a time of working hard, working together, learning volleyball and having fun.  We encourage all of our athletes, coaches, and parents to be competitive and play fair. Please set a good example for all of our young women and treat all participants as you expect to be treated (or as you would want your daughter to be treated).  If you cannot act appropriately, please remove yourself from the playing area.  Parents or players that approach coaches, board members or the Director at tournaments in an angry, aggressive, or inappropriate manner will be asked to leave the tournament immediately. The parent or player may face further disciplinary action if the board feels it is necessary or the behavior is recurrent. Parents and Players are asked to review the Code of Conduct agreement and follow the set guidelines.  

What Not to Bring

Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Illegal DrugsPets:  Do not bring any pets into the facilities. The only exception to this rule is for certified working dogs.   

What to Expect at the Local Tournaments

A majority of the tournaments our teams play in are held in Spokane. Most of the teams we face are from Spokane, CDA, Post Falls, Cheney, Tri Cities, and Yakima. 

Start Times and Playing Sites

Local tournaments are divided up by age divisions. In each division, teams are placed into 4 to 5 team pools for each competition. All of the competition dates will be posted on our website on the club calendar and team web calendar. However, we will not know the start time, ranking, facility location, and day schedule until the week of the tournament.  Please understand that Sandpoint VBC does not control the scheduling of the events and therefore, cannot influence when the information is released.  Please do not contact the tournament hosts.  The Director will pass the information onto the Team Representative and Coach as soon as it is received.  Additionally, Sandpoint VBC does not control the gym assignments for each division or pool.  The Evergreen Region must re-configure divisions/pools after each competition date and then determine where to put each pool based on available sites and driving distances.  The best advice we can give is to set aside the entire day for the competition. 


Each player is responsible for her own transportation. Coaches and Chaperones are not required to transport players. If you are unable to attend a tournament, please make arrangements in advance for your daughter.  This is your responsibility. 


There are two tournaments in which the club will book a block of rooms for players and parents. We estimate the number of rooms needed a year in advance so please keep in mind that we do our best to make sure everyone has lodging but players and coaches are our first priority.  The club has reserved rooms for Yakima and the Emerald City Classic. Only a few teams will be playing in these tournaments. Your daughter’s coach will make this decision.  If your team is playing in one or both of these tournaments, your Team Representative will forward the reservation and payment info onto you. All other tournaments where overnights could be a possibility will be handled by individual teams. Details will be discussed at your team meeting held in January.  

Competition Schedule

Athletes are expected to participate in all aspects of the tournament.  Every tournament, each team will participate in a minimum of 3 to 4 matches.  The tournament play schedule will be posted at the facility site.  Typically, the opponent and play start time of the first matches of the day are scheduled.  All subsequent matches start 15 minutes after the completion of the prior match. In addition to competition, all teams will have officiating responsibilities of the game.  Many times, teams must complete an officiating assignment before leaving the gym for the day.  Athletes will not be allowed to leave the playing site to go get food during a tournament, unless permission has been given by the coach.  Athletes will not be allowed to leave the playing site until all team responsibilities are fulfilled and the coach dismisses the team for the day. 


As stated above, all teams will have officiating responsibilities throughout the day.  Please do not distract any of our athletes while they are performing their officiating duties.  We want to ensure that our athletes are attentive and focused while officiating. Please keep in mind that young women will be officiating the matches in which we compete.  Officiating a match is tough.  The athletes must know the rules and must be able to make split second decisions when officiating.  They are all learning.  They will make mistakes.  Please be patient and kind to the officiating team.   When athletes are officiating a match, they are not allowed to have any electric devices (cell phone, iPod, etc.) in their possession.  An officiating clinic will be hosted by our club in early January. The date will be posted ASAP.  ALL players and coaches are required to attend this yearly.