Sandpoint Volleyball Club: 2010 Club Season

Friday, October 24

Teams Offered

“A” Teams

Purpose:  To develop players to compete at an elite level within the region and in some cases the nation. To prepare athletes physically, technically, mentally, and emotionally to play at a varsity and collegiate level.

 Age Divisions: U12, U14, 16, U17 (as participation numbers allow) Practices: 2 days a week.  Perhaps 3 as teams prepare for larger tournaments.


“A” teams will participate in at least one national qualifier. Some teams in the U16 and U17 division may participate in 2 to 3. One national qualifier is held in Spokane. This is a three day tournament. Other possible multi-day tournaments: Emerald City Classic in Seattle (14, 16, 17’s), Yakima Jamboree, and Festival. Coaches will determine the tournament schedule. Post season play will be discussed at team meeting. If an “A” level team qualifies for the Junior Olympics, that team will accept the bid.  Additional fees for post season play will be outlined in the contract. The season schedules will be posted in December. Besides the qualifiers and Seattle tournament, expect four to five additional 1- day tournaments that are held locally.  Playing for an “A” team requires a 5 month commitment.  

“B” Teams:

Purpose:  To instruct and train individual skills.  To introduce and master team systems.   Age Divisions:  U12, U13, U16  (as participation numbers allow) Practices: 2 days a week. Teams will play in local tournaments only. Our U13 team may play in one national qualifier and Yakima. This schedule will be determined by the coach.  Season ends in April at Regionals in Spokane.  Playing for a “B” team requires a 4 month commitment.   

Registration Packet:  The registration packet will include USAV required membership forms, region forms, contact information, dates to remember calendar, estimated season fees and payment dates, club registration form, information on registering online for membership to the USAV, and fundraising information. This packet will be distributed at the mandatory parent meeting, being held during the player evaluations. (See tryout/evaluation information for scheduled meeting times.)  Once the evaluation period has ended, and teams have been selected, completed registration packets will be collected, along with the signed letter of intent.   

Evaluation Information

Arriving at the gym:  Participants and their parents will need to pay their evaluation fee, sign in and complete the required region waiver. Players will be issued an age group number.  All doors will open 30 minutes before evaluation period. U15/U16/U17’s will have their height, reach, and vertical measured for the recruiting guide.  

After Check-in:

Players:  After the player has checked in, they need to get ready to play. Please keep gear in the stands and out of the playing area. 

Parents:  After the players have checked in, parents are welcome to stay in the gym to watch.  We will be hosting our parent meeting during day one of the two day tryout and during the second hour of the 1 day tryout for the 15’s through 17’s. In order for your daughter to participate with the Sandpoint volleyball club, you will need to attend this parent meeting. We will cover the registration materials, expenses, program details, expectations, player selection process, calendar of events and fundraising. If you decide to accept the roster spot your daughter is given at the completion of the evaluation period, you will be asked to sign a letter of intent and turn in your completed club registration paperwork. 

The Evaluation:  All evaluation sessions will be camp-style practices, consisting of a warm-up period, drills to evaluate skills (passing, attacking, setting, serving), and scrimmage to evaluate game skills. Athletes will be evaluated on volleyball skill, athletic ability, ability to follow directions, and attitude. The goal of the evaluation is to group like athletes into teams with a balanced number of position players, if numbers allow.  Coaches will select teams.  In age brackets where there is an “A” team and a “B” team, the “A” team coach will make the first 10 selections. 

Following the Evaluation: Team selections will be posted immediately following the evaluation. At that time, athletes and parents will need to decide whether the roster spot will be accepted or declined.  Because of the small size of our club, some players may not be rostered on a team in the U15, U16, and U17 division. We hope that we are able to roster all players but in some cases, players may be cut. 

Declining a Roster Spot:  Please let us know that you have decided not to accept your assigned roster spot.

Securing a Roster Spot:  In order to secure a roster spot, the parent must turn in the completed registration paperwork and the player and parent must sign the Letter of Intent document.  

Roster Changes:  Roster changes are common, as not all athletes will choose to accept their roster spot. If applicable, athletes who have accepted roster spots on lower teams will fill roster spots left on vacant on higher teams. 

Parent Meetings:  All teams will kick off the season with a team meeting immediately following the ref/scoring clinic held in early January. Date TBA. At this first meeting, coaches will distribute team rosters, competition schedules, and discuss team policies.