San Bernardino County Cross Country: San Andreas League

The San Andreas League features the Arroyo Valley Hawks, the Indian Springs Coyotes, the Jurupa Hills Spartans, the Rim of the World Scots, the Rialto Knights and the San Gorgonio Spartans.

2015 Boys Preview

This league became much harder to call in a hurry.  Rarely has a team rose to excellence so fast and exited so completely as Jurupa Hills.  The Spartans hit on a vein of talent and did the most they could with them, but they all graduated at once.  The class of 2015 was exceptional that it's hard to get a read on what's left behind.  State Meet berths are on hold for now as last year's team rolled to a 1-7 finish at League Finals with their all-senior lineup.  The good news for the Spartans is that while they come back to earth, they could still win the league.  Matthew Duarte ran 18:04 and they have 4 in the 19's.  Projecting about 40 seconds faster is San Gorgonio, which is better up front with German Valdez (17:36) and George Ramirez (18:17), but they have depth issues with a gap of about 2 minutes from #3 to #4.  If they can close that, they have the inside track to win the league.  Arroyo Valley returns 3 from a CIF qualifying team, but lag behind the other two with what is coming back.  Rim of the World will be led by Reece Holzer, who ran 18:03 at Mt. SAC as a sophomore last year.

2015 Girls Preview

While the boys have come back to the pack, it looks like the Jurupa Valley girls are poised for their best season ever.  After a narrow defeat by 2 points at League Finals, the Spartans return 6 of their 7 CIF qualifiers and 5 of them are juniors.  They have a very solid pack, led by Natalia Sanchez and Crystal Diaz, who are right around 22 flat.  They have a 14 second gap from 1 to 4, while their 5th is about 35 seconds off the pace.  If my math is right, that's a 49 second scoring gap, which teams in this league will be hard pressed to contend with.  San Gorgonio was on the right side of that 2 point battle last year, but lack the depth to deal with the other Spartans.  Vivica Pohl could finish ahead of Jurupa Hills' #1, but their #2 projects to be a minute and a half back.  Depth is an issue for the others as well; Rialto only returns 1 from a team that reached the post-season.  A couple of individuals to note...this has been Karen Garcia of Arroyo Valley's league as she romped to a 41 second win last year.  She will try to make it 3 in a row in 2015.  Also, Rim's Destiny Jacobo has run 21:06 at Mt. SAC and will certainly be in the mix up front. 

Sunday, November 2
San Andreas League Finals
Held at Indian Springs High School.  Incomplete results...will update when available.
1.  Jurupa Hills  -  15                      *finished 2nd in Division 2 at State Meet
2.  San Gorgonio  -  54                  *finished 10th in Division 3 Prelims heat
3.  Arroyo Valley  -  93                 *finished 17th in Division 1 Prelims heat
Individual Results:
1. Michael Teran (JH) - 14:49
2. Luis Ortega (JH)
3. Devon Reed (JH)
4. Brittan Reed (JH)
5. Christopher Duarte (JH)
6. Isac Gonzalez (JH)
7. Jonathan Ray (JH)
1.  San Gorgonio  -  42                   *finished 13th in Division 3 Prelims heat
2.  Jurupa Hills  -  44                     *finished 16th in Division 2 Prelims heat
3.  Rialto  -  69                                   *finished 18th in Division 1 Prelims heat
4.  Arroyo Valley 
Individual Results:
1. Karen Garcia (AV) - 19:09                                    *finished 88th (21:35) in Division 1 Prelims heat
2. Xochitl Robles (SG) - 19:50
3. Destiny Jacobo (Rim of the World) - 19:57       *finished 45th (21:06) in Division 4 Prelims heat
4. Natalia Sanchez (JH) - 20:04
5. Vivica Pohl (SG) - 20:05
6. Catherine Lua (JH) - 20:18
7. Ashley Meneses (Ria) - 20:26
8. Krystal Diaz (JH) - 20:30
9. Jacqueline Lopez (SG) - 20:38
10. Katherine Lopez (Ria) - 20:58
11. Tiffany Worline (JH) - 20:59
12. Ariana Rivera (SG) - 21:07
13. Daisy Mendez (SG) - 21:10
14. Cristina Gallardo (SG) - 21:19
15. Emily Trujillo (JH)
16. Anabel Avila (Ria) - 21:29
17. J. Cardenas (AV) - 21:32
18. Marisol Palacios (Indian Springs) - 21:33
19. Adryana Theiss (JH) - 21:40
20. Elvia Ramirez (SG) - 21:41
21. Yazmin Barragan (IS) - 21:57
22. Nicole Rico (IS) - 22:02
23. Natalie Luna (Ria) - 22:06
24. Sarahi Rivera (SG) - 22:25
25. Jamie Giosetti (Rim) - 22:44 

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