San Bernardino County Cross Country: Cross Valley League

The Cross Valley League includes the Academy of Academic Excellence Knights, Academy of Careers and Exploration, Apple Valley Christian Warriors, Excelsior Eagles, Hesperia Christian Patriots, Lucerne Valley Mustangs, Riverside Prep Silver Knights, Summit Leadership Academy Eagles, University Prep Jaguars and the Victor Valley Christian Royals.  In addition, non-San Bernardino County schools include Antelope Valley Christian and Bethel Christian. 

2015 Boys Preview

The predominantly high desert league has some talent each year and 2015 will be no exception.  It was a close battle a year ago, but this year looks like a runaway for Excelsior.  The Eagles return 6 from their league champion team and sport a 1:01 scoring gap, which is unusual with smaller schools.  Matt Brower, Brad Wright and Alec Hawken all hover around 18:30 and are on track to take the title.  The battle for 2nd is too close to call as only 4 seconds separates two teams.  University Prep will return 5 from their CIF qualifying team and none of them are seniors.  JJ Pace leads the Jaguars at 18:09, but there is a drop off of 1:20 to their #2.  In addition Excelsior has them on the back end with much stronger 4-5 runners.  The Academy of Academic Excellence brings back the 1-2 finishers at the league finals meet.  Christian Valdovinos won the league and ran 17:53 at Mt. SAC while Adam Palafox finished 2nd but was well off the pace at Mt. SAC.  If he is on, look for the Knights to finish 2nd.  Riverside Prep is capable of getting in the mix, but they need help at the #5 spot.  Apple Valley Christian's Robert Saieg qualified for CIF as an individual and returns for his senior year with a best at Mt. SAC of 18:08, which puts him in the discussion for the league title. 

2015 Girls Preview

Things are less clear on the girls side of things.  Riverside Prep appears poised to repeat as champion in what should be a battle with University Prep.  Defending league champion Faith Soto romped to a 1:20 win as a freshman, running 20:58 at Mt. SAC.  She should enjoy a similar cushion in 2015 while teammate Johanne Amaya is solid as a #2 for the Silver Knights.  University Prep has 4 back from their CIF team and have a scoring gap under 2:00, but they lack the power up front to challenge Riverside Prep.  Olivia Cadena will lead the Jaguars with a 23:54 from last year.  Apple Valley Christian had two individual qualifiers last year in Annika and Annalee Losch, which is a solid start, but they need more bodies to field a competitive team, while the Academy of Academic Excellence returns 4 from their CIF qualifying team, but they have some work to do to move up in the standings. 

Saturday, November 8
Cross Valley League Finals
Unknown location.
1.  Excelsior                                                           -  56       *12th in Division 4 Prelims heat 
2.  University Prep                                               -  64        *11th in Division 4 Prelims heat
3.  Riverside Prep                                                 -  64        *13th in Division 4 Prelims heat
4.  Academy for Academic Excellence        -  72         *11th in Division 5 Prelims heat
5.  Academy of Careers and Exploration  -  97
6.  Bethel Christian                                                    -  182
7.  Antelope Valley Christian                                   -  198
Individual Results:
1. Christian Valdovinos (AAE) - 18:33
2. Adam Palafox (AAE) - 18:41
3. Matt Brower (E) - 18:48
4. Pace (UP) - 18:49
5. Robert Saieg (Apple Valley Christian) - 18:55      *finished 50th (18:08) in Division 5 Prelims heat
6. Rufino (RP) - 19:12
7. Ochoa (RP) - 19:25
8. Medina (RP) - 19:40
9. Evans (ACE) - 19:58
10. Para (UP) - 20:04
1.  Riverside Prep                                                  -  29        *12th in Division 4 Prelims heat
2.  University Prep                                               -  51         *13th in Division 4 Prelims heat
3.  Academy for Academic Excellence        -  68        *8th in Division 5 Prelims heat
4.  Academy of Careers and Exploration  -  91
5.  Excelsior                                                           -  134
Individual Results:
1. Faith Soto (RP) - 21:47
2. Annalee Losch (Apple Valley Christian) - 23:04     *finished 38th (22:48) in Division 5 Prelims heat
3. Preciosa Martinez (UP) - 23:34
4. Child (RP) - 23:49
5. Annika Losch (AVC) - 24:04                                        *finished 54th (23:31) in Division 5 Prelims heat
6. Sardillo (AAE) - 24:05
7. Jaramillo (ACE) - 24:08
8. Amaya (RP) - 24:09
9. Cadena (UP) - 24:29
10. Cavalier (RP) - 24:36 

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