San Bernardino County Cross Country: Cross Valley League

The Cross Valley League includes the Academy of Academic Excellence Knights, Academy of Careers and Exploration, Apple Valley Christian Warriors, Excelsior Eagles, Hesperia Christian Patriots, Lucerne Valley Mustangs, Riverside Prep Silver Knights, Summit Leadership Academy Eagles, University Prep Jaguars and the Victor Valley Christian Royals.  In addition, non-San Bernardino County schools include Antelope Valley Christian and Bethel Christian. 

Saturday, November 8
Cross Valley League Finals
Unknown location.
1.  Excelsior                                                           -  56       *12th in Division 4 Prelims heat 
2.  University Prep                                               -  64        *11th in Division 4 Prelims heat
3.  Riverside Prep                                                 -  64        *13th in Division 4 Prelims heat
4.  Academy for Academic Excellence        -  72         *11th in Division 5 Prelims heat
5.  Academy of Careers and Exploration  -  97
6.  Bethel Christian                                                    -  182
7.  Antelope Valley Christian                                   -  198
Individual Results:
1. Christian Valdovinos (AAE) - 18:33
2. Adam Palafox (AAE) - 18:41
3. Matt Brower (E) - 18:48
4. Pace (UP) - 18:49
5. Robert Saieg (Apple Valley Christian) - 18:55      *finished 50th (18:08) in Division 5 Prelims heat
6. Rufino (RP) - 19:12
7. Ochoa (RP) - 19:25
8. Medina (RP) - 19:40
9. Evans (ACE) - 19:58
10. Para (UP) - 20:04
1.  Riverside Prep                                                  -  29        *12th in Division 4 Prelims heat
2.  University Prep                                               -  51         *13th in Division 4 Prelims heat
3.  Academy for Academic Excellence        -  68        *8th in Division 5 Prelims heat
4.  Academy of Careers and Exploration  -  91
5.  Excelsior                                                           -  134
Individual Results:
1. Faith Soto (RP) - 21:47
2. Annalee Losch (Apple Valley Christian) - 23:04     *finished 38th (22:48) in Division 5 Prelims heat
3. Preciosa Martinez (UP) - 23:34
4. Child (RP) - 23:49
5. Annika Losch (AVC) - 24:04                                        *finished 54th (23:31) in Division 5 Prelims heat
6. Sardillo (AAE) - 24:05
7. Jaramillo (ACE) - 24:08
8. Amaya (RP) - 24:09
9. Cadena (UP) - 24:29
10. Cavalier (RP) - 24:36 

2014 Boys Outlook

Releaguing has created a massive 12 team league.  Even though the schools are small, some have had some success in the past and for the boys, it appears on the boys side, this is Riverside Prep's race to win.  The Silver Knights graduated a dynamic duo in Domingo Galeanan and Christian Soto, but they possess rare depth in schools this size.  The Oro Grande school has a fifth man at 19:07 and despite a lack of a strong front runner, they should pack up nicely with senior Oscar Samaniego leading the way.  The Academy of Careers and Exploration is looking solid also, projecting less than 2 minutes behind Riverside Prep as sophomore Andrew Dazzi leads the team.  University Prep is in search of a fifth man and could be dangerous if they find one.  Individually, Hesperia Christian's Jared Hays is back for his senior season after a best at Mt. SAC of 17:48 which will put him in the mix at league finals. 

2014 Girls Outlook

This looks to be the battle of the high desert preps, with Riverside Prep having the upper hand over University Prep.  Riverside Prep has superior depth with a 2-plus minute spread and their fifth in the mid-23's.  A two minute gap may not sound all that great, but with the size of these schools, you will not find that often.  The Silver Knight's Alexandra Child will give the team power up front coming off a 21:35 last year on the Mt. SAC course.  University Prep will have two sophomores in their top three, and if they progress, they could challenge the Silver Knights.  Piper Zimmerman and Preciosa Martinez will lead the Jaguars, but they will need better on the back end to make a serious run.  Individually, Apple Valley Christian junior Annalee Losch is back to challenge for the league title.  She ran 20:40 last season at Mt. SAC.  

2013 Outlook:
No grades were listed in the League Finals results, which makes it close to impossible to figure out next year.  On the girls side, neither Hesperia Christian or Academy Academic Excellence were senior heavy, so we will predict a similar finish next year.  On the boys side, the Academy Academic Excellence's first four boys finishers at CIF Prelims were all seniors, so Hesperia Christian may have the chance to turn the tables and win the league title.

2012 League Finals Results:

Boys:  1.  Academy Academic Excellence  -  19   *finished 12th at CIF Division 5 Finals
             2.  Hesperia Christian  -  50                   *finished 7th in CIF Division 5 Prelims heat
             3.  Excelsior Education Center  -  75
             4.  Apple Valley Christian  -  100
             5.  Victor Valley Christian  -  NS       
                                                            *Zachary Deatley advanced to CIF Prelims (22nd/17:40)
Girls:  1.  Academy Academic Excellence - 34 
                                                                                           *finished 10th in CIF Division 5 Prelims heat
             2.  Hesperia Christian  -  47                 *finished 14th in CIF Division 5 Prelims heat
             3.  Apple Valley Christian  -  64
                                                     *Carolina Carrezedo advanced to CIF Prelims (62nd/22:48)
             4.  Excelsior Education Center  -  78