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2013 Season Comes To A Close

Putting the season to rest.  All the results and write-ups that have appeared here have not disappeared, but they have been moved off the main page to "2013 Results."  We have left the final rankings, County teams and the pre-season rankings for comparison.

Focus will now shift to the upcoming Track and Field season, so please visit at...

San Bernardino All-County Teams
We have a great deal of talent here in the Inland Empire.  Here is the best in 2013 as determined by top marks at Mt. SAC! 
              Boys First Team                                                  Girls First Team
*Caleb Webb (Big Bear)                                                      *** Claire Graves (Citrus Valley)
*Michael Teran (Jurupa Hills)                                          ***Erin Holton (Rancho Cucamonga)
Anthony Ortega (Rancho Cucamonga)                         Melissa Fairchild (Serrano)
*Devon Reed (Jurupa Hills)                                               ***Karen Jacobs (Redlands)
Anthony Avila (Ayala)                                                         **Sydney Tullai (Ayala)
Daniel Aguilera (Jurupa Hills)                                          **Kelly Fairchild (Serrano)
Hunter Cornell (Serrano)                                                   Tori Dutchover (Yucaipa)
               Boys Second Team                                             Girls Second Team
*Britton Reed (Jurupa Hills)                                              Katie Deimling (Granite Hills)
*Thomas Durham (Yucaipa)                                              **Courtney Brenner (Serrano)
Jeff Larson (Yucca Valley)                                                  *Sydney Vollhardt (Yucaipa)
*Luis Ortega (Jurupa Hills)                                                **Alexis Ramirez (Serrano)
*David Hughes (Redlands East Valley)                         **Samantha Poliakon (Cajon)
Austin Magin (Etiwanda)                                                   **Jennifer Sandoval (Summit)
Mat Holton (Rancho Cucamonga)                                  *Kendai Davis (Yucaipa)
        All-Senior Boys                                                    All-Senior Girls
Anthony Ortega (Rancho Cucamonga)                          Melissa Fairchild (Serrano)
Anthony Avila (Ayala)                                                          Tori Dutchover (Yucaipa)
Daniel Aguilera (Jurupa Hills)                                           Katie Deimling (Granite Hills)
Hunter Cornell (Serrano)                                                    Jennifer Schick (Big Bear)
Jeff Larson (Yucca Valley)                                                  Alex Burkhart (Los Osos)
Austin Magin (Etiwanda)                                                   Katrina Fix (Colony)
Mat Holton (Rancho Cucamonga)                                  Micayla Anderson (Rim of the World)
Michael Gutierrez (Don Lugo)
              All-Junior Boys                                                     All-Junior Girls
Caleb Webb (Big Bear)                                                          Sydney Vollhardt (Yucaipa)
Michael Teran (Jurupa Hills)                                             Kendai Davis (Yucaipa)
Devon Reed (Jurupa Hills)                                                  Justine Jackson (Yucaipa)
Thomas Durham (Yucaipa)                                                 Alexa Zamora (Granite Hills)
Britton Reed (Jurupa Hills)                                                Arianna Garcia-Swantek (Yucaipa)
Luis Ortega (Jurupa Hills)                                                  Morgan Tanner (Ayala)
David Hughes (Redlands East Valley)                            Catie Rendon (Colony)
              All-Sophomore Boys                                             All-Sophomore Girls
Bradley Ewart (Los Osos)                                                    Sydney Tullai (Ayala)
Josh Zavala (Colony)                                                             Kelly Fairchild (Serrano)
Matthew Contreras (Colony)                                              Courtney Brenner (Serrano)
Matthew Madrigal (Colony)                                                Samantha Poliakon (Cajon)
Aiden Morris (Citrus Valley)                                                Alexis Ramirez (Serrano)
Cesar Novoa (Rancho Cucamonga)                                 Jennifer Sandoval (Summit)
Peter Torres (Chino Hills)                                                     Megan Maretti (Rancho Cucamonga)
              All-Freshman Boys                                                All-Freshman Girls
Tanner Dutchover (Yucaipa)                                                Claire Graves (Citrus Valley)
Joseph Del Valle Rutherford (Etiwanda)                         Erin Holton (Rancho Cucamonga)
Corey Megna (Rancho Cucamonga)                                 Karen Jacobs (Redlands)
Uriel Mercado (Sultana)                                                        Samantha Aguilar (Redlands E. Vly)
Manuel Ramirez (Sultana)                                                    Haley Cabrera (Big Bear)
Steven Khan (Ayala)                                                               Vanessa Gaitan (Redlands E. Valley)
Jacob Bible (Rancho Cucamonga)                                     Hanna Cabrera (Big Bear)

San Bernardino County Rankings - Final 
1.  Jurupa Hills - 77:02 at CIF Finals
2.  Rancho Cucamonga - 80:18 at CIF Prelims
3.  Yucaipa - 80:24 at CIF Prelims
4.  Serrano - 80:53 at CIF Prelims;  won head-to-head against Colony at CIF Finals
5.  Colony - 80:30 at CIF Prelims
6.  Big Bear - 81:48 at CIF Finals
7.  Etiwanda - 82:02 at CIF Prelims
8.  Ayala - 82:22 at CIF Prelims
9.  Chino Hills - 82:43 at CIF Prelims
10.  Citrus Valley - 83:35 at CIF Prelims
11.  Redlands East Valley - 84:23 at CIF Prelims
12.  Los Osos - 84:33 at Baseline League Finals, held at Mt. SAC
13.  Yucca Valley - 84:41 at CIF Prelims
14.  Alta Loma - 85:06 at Baseline League Finals, held at Mt. SAC
15.  Sultana - 85:30 at CIF Prelims
1.  Serrano - 91:02 at CIF Prelims
2.  Yucaipa - 92:37 at CIF Finals
3.  Granite Hills - 95:00 at CIF Finals
4.  Redlands - 95:29 at CIF Prelims
5.  Ayala - 95:45 at CIF Prelims
6.  Citrus Valley - 96:05 at CIF Prelims
7.  Rancho Cucamonga - 96:21 at CIF Prelims
8.  Colony - 96:25 at CIF Prelims
9.  Big Bear - 97:06 at CIF Finals
10.  Redlands East Valley - 99:03 at CIF Prelims
11.  Chino - 101:24 at CIF Prelims 
12.  Chino Hills - 102:46 at Sierra League Finals, held at Mt. SAC 
13.  Yucca Valley - 102:57 at CIF Prelims
14.  Los Osos - 103:11 at CIF Prelims
15.  Cajon

San Bernardino County Team Rankings (Pre-Season):
*These are based on returning runners and do not account for athlete's moving or incoming freshmen


1.   Jurupa Hills
          *ranked #8 in the state by            
2.   Yucaipa
            *projected impact freshmen not factored in...Tanner Dutchover listed on's pre-season all-state freshman team
            *ranked #27 in the state by
3.   Serrano
            *ranked #69 in the state by
4.   Rancho Cucamonga
            *ranked #66 in the state by
5.   Ayala
            *ranked #100 in the state by
6.   Etiwanda
7.   Big Bear
8.   Chino Hills
9.   Colony
10. Chino
11.  Granite Hills
12.  Citrus Valley
13.  Los Osos
14.  Upland
15.  Alta Loma

The clear favorite to start the season would be Jurupa Hills, as they come off a 5th place finish at State and return everyone.  The Spartans are rock solid through four with a 44-second gap, and while there is a drop off to #5, they have a 15-second gap between #5 and #8, so if any pick up their game, they will be in great shape.  Yucaipa projects to trail by about 30 seconds and have an incredible 28-second 1-5 gap, but the Spartans are better up front with Michael TeranSerrano and Rancho Cucamonga have similar team times, well behind the top two, but comfortably ahead of #5, but that is where the similarities end.  Serrano has a 50-second gap, with no one under 16:00 at Mt. SAC, while the Cougars are very strong up front with the top returning time in the County at Mt. SAC in Mat Holton (15:21), but are in need of a 5th runner.  While Serrano has the better time by a few seconds, Rancho Cucamonga has better upside as they can close the gap quickly on the top two if they can get a 5th under 17:00.  Things get really tight after that as a minute separates teams 5-8.  Teams 9-12 have a projected 10-second differential.


1.  Serrano
            *impact transfer not factored in... word is that sophomore Alexis Ramirez of Oak Hills HS, will attend Serrano HS this year (19:02 at Mt. SAC/5:16.71 - 1600)
2.  Yucaipa
3.  Ayala
4.  Colony
5.  Redlands
6.  Granite Hills
7.  Rancho Cucamonga
              *projected impact freshmen not factored in...Erin Holton has been racing #1 for the team this summer
8.  Etiwanda
              *projected impact freshman not factored in...Jacquelyn Hill listed on's pre-season all-state freshman team
9.  Rim of the World
10.  Citrus Valley
              *projected impact freshmen not factored in...Claire Graves listed on's pre-season all-state freshman team
11.  Sultana
12.  Chino Hills
13.  Los Osos
14.  Chino
15.  Apple Valley

On paper, Serrano returns the #3 team time in County history...and no one is within 2 minutes of them.  They are a clear favorite to stay on top of the rankings all season with three sub-18 minute marks at Mt. SAC, two of those coming courtesy of the Fairchild sisters.  The Diamondbacks do have a gap to their #4, but most teams would like to have their #4 and #5 runners under 19:20.  If they progress, they could challenge for the County record.  Yucaipa has an outstanding squad returning, a top 15 team in County history, so we have them firmly entrenched in the #2 spot, as Tori Dutchover will try to lead the Thunderbirds back to the State Meet.  Ayala and Colony are very close at #3-4, but we favored the depth of the Bulldogs, led by sophomore Sydney Tullai.  The Titans were hit by graduation, but are solid up front with Katrina Fix and will be very dangerous if they shore up the #5 spot.  Another drop takes us to Redlands and Granite Hills, two very solid teams with the Terriers strong through 4, but need help in the 5th spot.  Granite Hills, led by Katie Deimling, will be very good...and even better if they can get their #4-5 runners under 20:00.  All alone at #7 is Rancho Cucamonga...trailing #6 by over 2 minutes and ahead of #8 by over 2 minutes.  Look for the Cougars to trend up, as they have picked up an impact freshman that may be their top runner.  The #8-13 teams are only separated by 50 seconds.

All-San Bernardino County Teams (Pre-Season):

Boys 1st Team:

*Caleb Webb (Big Bear)
*Michael Teran (Jurupa Hills)
Mat Holton (Rancho Cucamonga)
Anthony Avila (Ayala)
Daniel Valderama (Bloomington)
*Thomas Durham (Yucaipa)
Jeff Larson (Yucca Valley)

Girls 1st Team:

Melissa Fairchild (Serrano)
Tori Dutchover (Yucaipa)
**Sydney Tullai (Ayala)
**Kelly Fairchild (Serrano)
Katie Deimling (Granite Hills)
**Courtney Brenner (Serrano)
Katrina Fix (Colony)

Boys 2nd Team:

Anthony Ortega (Rancho Cucamonga)
Daniel Aguilera (Jurupa Hills)
Hunter Cornell (Serrano)
Andrew Humphries (Yucaipa)
*Devin Reed (Jurupa Hills)
Joseph Rodriguez (Jurupa Hills)
*Baldomar Martinez (Chino)

Girls 2nd Team:

**Sarah Holloway (Los Osos)
*Moriah Munyan (Sultana)
**Stefani Gaskell (Hesperia)
*Justine Jackson (Yucaipa)
Jess Aguilar (Yucaipa)
*Marisa Uribe (Colony)
Micayla Anderson (Rim of the World)