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2014 Season Coming Soon!!!

With summer upon us and the season fast approaching, look for updates on the website.  We have reconfigured all the leagues and made changes to the menu. In addition, we have completed the league previews!   We also have the pre-season All-County teams listed below.  There isn't much magic there, they are mostly based on times at Mt. SAC.   We will end our summer updates with the initial County team rankings, so keep checking back! 

Looking For A Local Meet???

Centrally located for our county, Cajon HS is hosting the Dog Days of Summer Invitational on a new date.  Formerly in late October as a Mt. SAC alternative, management has moved the meet up to Saturday, Sept. 13th.  Contact Eric Abrams at 909-496-1504 for more information or go to  for more information.

2014 San Bernardino County Pre-Season Rankings

These rankings are based on known returners and do not reflect transfers or impact freshmen.

1.  Jurupa Hills
2.  Colony
3.  Yucaipa
4.  Serrano
             *ranked #96 in California by prepcaltrack 
5.  Chino Hills
6.  Rancho Cucamonga
7.  Ayala
8.  Big Bear
             *listed in prepcaltrack's #131-#143 top teams in the state 
9.  Etiwanda
10.  Citrus Valley
11.  Los Osos
12.  Redlands East Valley
13.  Alta Loma
14.  Bloomington
15.  Sultana
Others to watch:  Redlands, Fontana, Yucca Valley, Cajon
Small Schools Rankings
We received a request for separate rankings of small schools, so we thought we would give it a go!  One problem is defining "small school", but we will go with Division 4 and 5 schools.  
1.  Big Bear 
2.  Ontario Christian
3.  29 Palms
4.  Riverside Prep
5.  Western Christian 
There is no question that the defending State champion Division 3 team, Jurupa Hills,  will spend most if not the entire season at the top of this list.  With Michael Teran capable of running with anyone after a 14:50 at Mt. SAC, and three supporters in the mid-15:00 range, the Spartans have the goods to return to Fresno.  If they can close the gap to their 5th, they could repeat in Fresno.  They are all seniors, so we will have to watch the lower levels and how they progress.  Colony is a clear number 2 here and have a 5th runner right with Jurupa Hills' number 5, but the Titans, while solid up front, cannot match the firepower that the Spartans possess.  Led by Josh Zavala and Matthew Contreras, four of their top five are juniors, so they have time to develop.  Yucaipa, with Thomas Durham leading the way, sit comfortably in the number 3 position here and will look to youngsters to give them the chance to move up.  Things tighten up here, but we are giving the nod to Serrano over Chino Hills, despite the Huskies possessing the better team time.  The Diamondbacks should have the services of sophomore Jhavahn Holsten, who could be their number one or two runner, which would place them ahead of Yucaipa's time, possibly nearing Colony's.  Tommy Manning has run under 16:00 and they have a decent pack.  Rancho Cucamonga is right in the mix here, but have to weather the loss of their top two, but the Cougars have a history of reloading quickly.
As far as the small schools go, Big Bear is rock solid with Caleb Webb leading the way at 14:48.  They can get their 5th runner in under 18:00, so this is a program that gets a whole lot out of a small student body (under 800).  Ontario Christian is a distant 2nd as they cannot match the power up front and need to improve at the number 5 spot.  The Knights are led by Jakob Eichor.
1.  Serrano
          *preseason freshman all-state honorable mention McKenzie Cornell will join the                  
2.  Yucaipa
3.  Ayala
4.  Redlands
5.  Citrus Valley
6.  Rancho Cucamonga
7.  Colony
8.  Redlands East Valley
9.  Big Bear
10.  Chino
11.  Chino Hills
12.  Los Osos
13.  Granite Hills
14.  Pacific
15.  Jurupa Hills
Others to watch:  Yucca Valley, Cajon, Don Lugo, Upland
Small Schools Rankings:
1.  Big Bear
2.  Riverside Prep
3.  University Prep
4.  Arrowhead Christian
5.  Western Christian
The top two should look familiar as they again top the rankings.  Serrano and Yucaipa will again do battle with the edge going to Serrano to start the season.  Both squads lost legendary senior front-runners, but Serrano returns better scorers in Courtney Brenner and Kelly Fairchild and have a 1:20 team time advantage.  Both teams have gaps to their 5th and this is what may give the Thunderbirds hope, as they generally have a deeper squad and may have the better opportunity to improve that position.  Sydney Vollhardt and Kenadi Davis will lead a tight pack for Yucaipa.  Ayala is not far behind with Sydney Tullai and Morgan Tanner strong up front for the Bulldogs.  A coaching change didn't seem to affect them during track, so we will see how it affects the cross country season.  Redlands rounds out a top four that appear to be clear of the rest of the County.  Karen Jacobs is outstanding up front at 17:49 for the Terriers and they have all remaining scorers under 20:00, most of them significantly under.  Citrus Valley and Rancho Cucamonga are very close and possess the top two runners in the County from a year ago.  Claire Graves leads the Blackhawks, having run 17:10 at Mt. SAC, but if they want to remain above the Cougars, they need to close the gap between number 4 and number 5.  Erin Holton ran 17:27 for Rancho Cucamonga with Megan Maretti improving nicely last season.  This is a team that could do some damage if they can improve at the number 4 and 5 spots.  
For the small schools, this conversation begins and ends with Big Bear.  This was a team that marched through the postseason, improving week by week and lost their front runner in Jennifer Schick, but return everyone else.  Their projected top 6 will be 5 sophomores and 1 junior!  Haley and Hanna Cabrera will lead a talented Bears squad.  Riverside Prep starts out at the #2 spot, as the small Victorville school is led by Alexandra Child, who ran 21:35 last season at Mt. SAC. 

2014 San Bernardino All-County Teams (Pre-Season):

Boys First Team
Caleb Webb (Big Bear)
Michael Teran (Jurupa Hills)
Devon Reed (Jurupa Hills)
Thomas Durham (Yucaipa)
Brittan Reed (Jurupa Hills)
Luis Ortega (Jurupa Hills)
David Hughes (Redlands East Valley)
Girls First Team
**Claire Graves (Citrus Valley)
**Erin Holton (Rancho Cucamonga)
**Karen Jacobs (Redlands)
*Sydney Tullai (Ayala)
*Kelly Fairchild (Serrano)
*Courtney Brenner (Serrano)
*Samantha Poliakon (Cajon)
Boys Second Team
*Josh Zavala (Colony)
*Bradley Ewart (Los Osos)
Jacob Casillas (Etiwanda)
Saul Tamayo (Yucca Valley)
Tommy Manning (Serrano)
*Matthew Contreras (Colony)
*Aiden Morris (Citrus Valley)
*Matthew Madrigal (Colony)
Girls Second Team
*Alexis Ramirez (Serrano)
*Jennifer Sandoval (Summit)
Sydney Vollhardt (Yucaipa)
Kenadi Davis (Yucaipa)
**Samantha Aguilar (Redlands East Valley)
Justine Jackson (Yucaipa)
*Megan Maretti (Rancho Cucamonga)