San Bernardino County Cross Country: Welcome

This site has been created to promote the hard work and dedication of cross country athletes in San Bernardino County.  The county has a rich tradition of excellence that deserves to be promoted.  The site is being designed to be a place for athletes, coaches and parents to get all their SB County prep cross country results and information.  It's a work in progress, so be sure to keep coming back!

End of the Season and Something New Just Added...

With a bit of history now established at the Riverside Cross Country Course, we are compiling top time records like those posted for Mt. SAC and Woodward Park.  Click the records link on the left to check them out!

All the results and write-ups have been archived to Past Season Results as we put this website into sleep mode for the track season.  We kept the final rankings and All-County teams here on the main page.

Final 2018 San Bernardino County Cross Country Rankings

1. Redlands East Valley
2. Yucaipa
3. Ayala 
4. Chino Hills
5. Serrano 
6. Etiwanda
7. Rancho Cucamonga
8. Cajon
9. Colony 
10. Alta Loma
11. Big Bear
12. Barstow
13. San Gorgonio
14. Yucca Valley
15. Apple Valley
Small Schools:
1. Big Bear
2. Barstow
3. Yucca Valley
4. Granite Hills
5. Academy of Academic Excellence
1. Serrano
2. Ayala
3. Yucaipa
4. Chino Hills
5. Big Bear
6. Colony
7. Bloomington
8. Rancho Cucamonga
9. Granite Hills
10. Alta Loma
11. Etiwanda
12. Redlands
13. Cajon
14. San Bernardino
15. Upland
Small Schools:
1. Big Bear
2. Granite Hills
3. Academy of Academic Excellence
4. Yucca Valley
5. Barstow

2018 San Bernardino All-County Teams
        Boys First Team                                                               Girls First Team
Andrew Martinez (Ayala)                                                   Jacqueline Duarte (Chino Hills)
Matthew Casillas (Redlands East Valley)                       Riley Rodriguez (Upland)
Justin Briscoe (Yucaipa)                                                     Tiani Goeson (Serrano)
Jake Bergmann (Chino Hills)                                            Mikaela Ramirez (Ayala)
Andrew Castellon (Colony)                                                Amber Rios (Colony)
Simon Opsahl (Redlands East Valley)                            Maribel Aguilar (Serrano)
Zackary Alexander (Alta Loma)                                      Keryn Casteel (Colony)
           Boys Second Team                                                        Girls Second Team
Ian Crocker (Serrano)                                                        Elizabeth Martin (Serrano)
Jacob Villegas (Ayala)                                                       Danielle Gee (Yucaipa)
Joshua Weghorst (Yucaipa)                                             Kaia Hoak (Big Bear)
Jacob Dooley (Redlands East Valley)                            Lauren Jauregui (Chino Hills)
Anthony Hernandez (Serrano)                                       Shay Pederson (Alta Loma)
Oluwadare Babatunde (Etiwanda)                               Samantha Ulloa (Serrano)
Joseph Potz (Rim of the World)                                      Erin Facenda (Ayala)
             Boys Senior Team                                                        Girls Senior Team
Andrew Martinez (Ayala)                                               Mikaela Ramirez (Ayala)
Jake Bergmann (Chino Hills)                                         Elizabeth Martin (Serrano)
Zackary Alexander (Alta Loma)                                    Kaia Hoak (Big Bear)
Jacob Villegas (Ayala)                                                     Erin Facenda (Ayala)
Joshua Weghorst (Yucaipa)                                           Lanie Schemenauer (Rancho Cucamonga)
Jacob Dooley (Redlands East Valley)                          Marin Stamer (Big Bear)
Joseph Potz (Rim of the World)                                     Britney Solis (Bloomington)
             Boys Junior Team                                                     Girls Junior Team
Matthew Casillas (Redlands East Valley)                  Maribel Aguilar (Serrano)
Justin Briscoe (Yucaipa)                                                Danielle Gee (Serrano)
Andrew Castellon (Colony)                                           Lauren Jauregui (Chino Hills)
Ian Crocker (Serrano)                                                    Samantha Ulloa (Serrano)
Oluwadare Babatunde (Etiwanda)                            Emily Garcia (Ayala)
Omar Estrada (Carter)                                                  Myah Peters (Rancho Cucamonga)
Cole Cooper (Redlands East Valley)                           Marisol Aguilar (Serrano)
Parker Bloomfield (Yucaipa)
             Boys Sophomore Team                                        Girls Sophomore Team
Simon Opsahl (Redlands East Valley)                       Jacqueline Duarte (Chino Hills)
Yael Grimaldi (Ayala)                                                   Amber Rios (Colony)
Matt Hornung (Redlands East Valley)                     Keryn Casteel (Colony)
Liam Mapes (Redlands East Valley)                         Allie Scimia (Rancho Cucamonga)
Jeffrey Holliday (Barstow)                                         Vivian Frisk (Cajon)
Austin Lemus (Ayala)                                                   Ashley Madariaga (Cajon)
Rodrigo Arias (Barstow)                                             Shaina Berk (Ayala)
            Boys Freshmen Team                                           Girls Freshmen Team
Anthony Hernandez (Serrano)                                  Riley Rodriguez (Upland)
Alexander Miller (Redlands East Valley)                Tiani Goeson (Serrano)
Mason Ma (Chino Hills)                                              Shay Pederson (Alta Loma)
Glenn Bell (Rancho Cucamonga)                              Kaitlyn Townshend (Yucaipa)
Dakota Jones (Chino Hills)                                        Mia Chavez (Chino)
Oswaldo Vasquez (Fontana)                                      Savanna Arruda (Los Osos)
Noah Chavez (Chino Hills)                                         Katherine Labrada (Arroyo Valley)
                                                                                          Jasmine Munoz (Etiwanda)
                                                                                          Marisa Cole (Yucaipa)