San Bernardino County Cross Country: Welcome

This site has been created to promote the hard work and dedication of cross country athletes in San Bernardino County.  The county has a rich tradition of excellence that deserves to be promoted.  The site is being designed to be a place for athletes, coaches and parents to get all their SB County prep cross country results and information.  It's a work in progress, so be sure to keep coming back!

2017 Season Comes To A Close!

As we enter into 2018, it's time to put this website down for a nap.  All the weekly recaps have been moved to Past Season Results, but we left behind Final Rankings and All-County Teams along with the Pre-Season Rankings.  I will be waking up the San Bernardino County Track and Field website, which you can find in Links.

Final San Bernardino County Cross Country Rankings
Pre-season rankings are below for comparison. 
1.  Yucaipa
2.  Ayala
3.  Redlands East Valley
4.  Chino Hills
5.  Rancho Cucamonga
6.  Serrano
7.  Yucca Valley
8.  Sultana
9.  Etiwanda
10.  Ontario
11.  Alta Loma
12.  Fontana
13.  Big Bear
14.  Granite Hills
15.  Colony
Small Schools
1.  Yucca Valley
2.  Big Bear
3.  Ontario Christian
4.  Riverside Prep
5.  Pacific
1.  Serrano
2.  Yucaipa
3.  Chino Hills
4.  Ayala
5.  Alta Loma
6.  Granite Hills
7.  Colony
8.  Big Bear
9.  Etiwanda
10.  Redlands
11.  Bloomington
12.  Cajon
13.  Yucca Valley
14.  Fontana
15.  Redlands East Valley
Small Schools
1.  Big Bear
2.  Yucca Valley
3.  Academy of Academic Excellence
4.  University Prep
5.  Riverside Prep

San Bernardino All-County Teams

           Boys First Team                                                    Girls First Team
Darius Riley (Rancho Cucamonga)                    ***Jacqueline Duarte (Chino Hills)
Zach Arias (Ayala)                                                  *Mikaela Ramirez (Ayala)
Elias Opsahl (Redlands East Valley)                  ***Amber Rios (Colony)
**Justin Briscoe (Yucaipa)                                    **Danielle Gee (Yucaipa)
Andrie Acedo (Kaiser)                                            **Brooklyn Gonsalves (Alta Loma)
**Jeremiah Castellano (Upland)                         **Maribel Aguilar (Serrano)
*Andrew Martinez (Ayala)                                   Madison Parr (Yucaipa)
          Boys Second Team                                                Girls Second Team
*Joshua Weghorst (Yucaipa)                               **Samantha Ulloa (Serrano)
*Jacob Moran (Serrano)                                      **Gabriela Rangel (San Bernardino)
*Jacob Villegas (Ayala)                                         Grace Staton (Chino Hills)
*Vernon Trozzi (Sultana)                                     Vanessa Walton (Serrano)
*Jake Bergmann (Chino Hills)                            Alyssa Segovia (Alta Loma)
Jorge Diaz (Yucca Valley)                                    *Kendra Swatzell (Serrano)
**Andrew Castellon (Colony)                              **Marisol Aguilar (Serrano)
           Boys Senior Team                                                 Girls Senior Team
Darius Riley (Rancho Cucamonga)                   Madison Parr (Yucaipa)
Zach Arias (Ayala)                                                Grace Staton (Chino Hills)
Elias Opsahl (Redlands East Valley)                Vanessa Walton (Serrano)
Andrie Acedo (Kaiser)                                          Alyssa Segovia (Alta Loma)
Jorge Diaz (Yucca Valley)                                   Brittani Button (Yucaipa)
Parker Jenkins (Yucaipa)                                    Rachele Sunagawa (Chino Hills)
Isaiah Wilson (Yucca Valley)                              Julia Brenner (Serrano)
            Boys Junior Team                                                Girls Junior Team
Andrew Martinez (Ayala)                                   Mikaela Ramirez (Ayala)
Joshua Weghorst (Yucaipa)                               Kendra Swatzell (Serrano)
Jacob Moran (Serrano)                                      Madison Enriquez (Barstow)
Jacob Villegas (Ayala)                                        Elizabeth Martin (Serrano)
Vernon Trozzi (Sultana)                                     Caroline Hele (Granite Hills)
Jake Bergmann (Chino Hills)                            Britney Solis (Bloomington)
Noah Rehfeldt (Chino Hills)                               Kaia Hoak (Big Bear)
            Boys Sophomore Team                                      Girls Sophomore Team
Justin Briscoe (Yucaipa)                                     Danielle Gee (Yucaipa)
Jeremiah Castellano (Upland)                          Brooklyn Gonsalves (Alta Loma)
Andrew Castellon (Colony)                                Maribel Aguilar (Serrano)
Brandon Lopez (Chino Hills)                             Samantha Ulloa (Serrano)
Matthew Casillas (Redlands East Valley)      Gabriela Rangel (San Bernardino)
Cole Cooper (Redlands East Valley)                Marisol Aguilar (Serrano)
Makeye Contreras (Etiwanda)                          Kayla Bergin (Granite Hills)
            Boys Freshman Team                                          Girls Freshman Team
Andrew Arias (Ayala)                                          Jacqueline Duarte (Chino Hills)
Simon Opsahl (Redlands East Valley)             Amber Rios (Colony)
Austin Lewis (Ayala)                                            Shaina Berk (Ayala)
Gabe Rivera (Big Bear)                                       Hailey McGivney (Big Bear)
Nathan England (Rancho Cucamonga)          Allie Scimia (Rancho Cucamonga)
Alberto Garcia (Colony)                                      Karen Morales (Barstow)
Gabriel Verley (Oak Hills)                                  Vivian Frisk (Cajon) 

San Bernardino County Pre-Season Team Rankings!!!

 These rankings do not include transfers or new athletes and are primarily based on known returners.

1. Yucaipa  -  ranked #21 in the State by
2. Ayala  -  ranked #36 in the State by
3. Redlands East Valley
4. Serrano  -  ranked #80 in the State by
5. Ontario  -  ranked #88 in the State by
6. Etiwanda
7. Granite Hills  -  ranked #93 in the State by
8. Sultana  -  ranked #77 in the State by
9. Chino Hills
10. Big Bear
11. Chaffey
12. Rancho Cucamonga
13. Upland
14. Apple Valley
15. Yucca Valley
It looks like the season begins with a clean sweep for Yucaipa.  On the boys side, the Thunderbirds bring back a tight pack that looks to be clear of Ayala by just over 90 seconds.  That scoring pack for Yucaipa has a 29 second scoring gap from #1 to #5 led by Jarred Richards and Ross Harps.  With 5 of 7 returning from a CIF Finalist squad, they have secured the top spot with a history of adding impact runners each year.  Ayala loses Steven Khan, but everyone else is back with a monster year upcoming for Zach Arias and they have Andrew Martinez, a solid #2.  Elias Opsahl will lead Redlands East Valley as a dominant front-runner to a young, tightly packed 2-5.  Serrano took a hit at the top, but Jacob Moran had a big track season and leads 5 back from a CIF Finalist team.  Starting at #5, we have a chunk of teams that project very close to one another, so look for constant shuffling in this range.  Ontario had a big year in 2016, but lost some key runners.  John Bradshaw will lead the Jaguars under new leadership.  Although they may not have the numbers to warrant it, we are putting Etiwanda next.  The Eagles have had a busy summer and have a potent 1-2 punch in Ivan Mejia and Phillip Williams.  Granite Hills, Sultana, and Chino Hills are all very close to one another, but we will give the nod to Granite Hills after the valuable experience gained from reaching the State Meet a year ago.  They at least temporarily move up to Division 3 and face a tougher path, but have the big guns back in Mannie Esplin and Louis Perry.  There is a gap to number 10 and Big Bear looks neck and neck with Chaffey, who has Brigham Mejia and Alex Binion.  Upland improved with a solid freshman class and that usually results in a big jump for sophomores, but they are a wildcard here as well as Rancho Cucamonga, who has history and a superstar front-runner in Darius Riley.  Graduation hit hard, but don't expect the Cougars to disappear.  
Small Schools (Division 4 & 5):
1. Big Bear
2. Yucca Valley
3. Ontario Christian
4. Academy of Academic Excellence
5. Pacific
Looking at the smaller schools, Big Bear looks about a minute ahead of old DeAnza League rival Yucca Valley on paper.  The Bears went to CIF Finals last year and return 4 of their 7 with Chris Diaz and Raul Rodriguez leading the charge.  Yucca Valley also reached CIF Finals and have 5 of 7 back and should have another solid season led by Damian Vasquez and Daniel Goddard.  Two minutes back from there is where you will find another CIF Finalist squad, Ontario Christian, and they have 6 of their 7 back with front-runner Andrew Murowatz.  The Academy of Academic Excellence took both teams to CIF Finals last year and Joseph Bonato and Chris Romero lead 6 back from that squad, which puts them in the #4 position.  Things get more cloudy from there, but look for improvement from Pacific as they have a pretty solid top four with Juan Bolanos and Elvert Ramirez up front conducting a search for a #5 runner. 
1. Serrano
2. Yucaipa
3. Ayala
4. Granite Hills
5. Redlands
6. Chino Hills
7. Alta Loma
8. Rancho Cucamonga
9. Redlands East Valley
10. Big Bear
11. Bloomington
12. Etiwanda
13. Apple Valley
14. Chino
15. Academy of Academic Excellence
Note:  Yucaipa's Tori Gaitan has transferred to Great Oak, changing the order at the top of the rankings.
Would you be surprised to find out that we are looking at a two team battle for the top spot?  Probably not since it has been happening for some time with the same two teams.  Been wrong before, but I feel pretty good giving the nod to Yucaipa to start the year.  After a State Meet run, they only lost one, and have superior depth to pretty much anyone else in the County.  Tori Gaitan and Danielle Gee, a pair of super sophomores will lead the Thunderbirds.  About 40 seconds back is where the projection finds Serrano, who have all seven back from a CIF Finalist team.  Maribel Aguilar, Summer Barkan, and Marisol Aguilar top the list, but if McKenzie Cornell and Julia Brenner can climb the ladder, this will be an even more dangerous squad.  Like Yucaipa, they traditionally add impact freshmen each and every year to keep the cupboard stocked.  With a three minute gap to #3, those two appear safe at this point to do battle.  Two others lurk very closely to one another and that is Ayala and Granite Hills.  Ayala gets the nod with superstar Mikaela Ramirez at the helm leading a tight pack of 4 back from a trip to CIF Finals.  Granite Hills is unscathed from graduation after a CIF Finals season as Kayla Bergin and Caroline Hele lead the way.  Redlands is a tough one to project because they are only bringing 4 back from a CIF Finals team, but the four are good and they are traditionally one of the deeper teams in the County.  The Terriers will be led by Nikita Friche and Isabelle Swanson.  Chino Hills can also be hard to read.  They spent the season without Grace Staton, but bring 5 back besides her.  She did compete in track and can be a difference maker with a potent 1-2 in Rachele Sunagawa and Lauren Jauregui.  Alta Loma has a big 1-2 punch in Alyssa Segovia and Brooklyn Gonsalves that may be enough to knock out the competition, but the others will need to close the gap for the Braves to move up the rankings.  Redlands East Valley may not have the household name person up front, but they have a strong group and good depth that should keep them in the top 10 this year.  A pair of teams that project very close to each other...Big Bear with Marin Stamer and Kaia Hoak, and Bloomington, who is bringing everyone back from a CIF Finals squad, led by Denise Vidrio and Camila Rodriguez.  Etiwanda, despite losing Jacquelyn Hill, and a Darla Gonzalez/Lindsay Calderon-led Apple Valley both project pretty close to Bloomington before there is a substantial gap to the final two teams.
Small Schools (Division 4 & 5):
1. Big Bear
2. Academy of Academic Excellence
3. Yucca Valley
4. 29 Palms
5. Riverside Prep
This appears to the toughest part of the rankings, especially after #2.  Big Bear is poised to runaway with this unless the CBED's put Granite Hills back in Division 4.  Although possibly weak at #5, they have Marin Stamer leading the way and Kaia Hoak had a big track season and that should be enough.  The Academy of Academic Excellence enjoyed a breakthrough year that took them to CIF Finals...and everyone is back!  That cements them in the #2 spot as Ashley Valdovinos and Kimberly Page lead a surprisingly deep group for such a small school.  Projecting over a minute per runner back is Yucca Valley, led by Liana Jimenez and then another huge gap to a Vanessa Walton-led 29 Palms team.  There will likely be a team that is off the radar at this point that establishes themselves early, so look for a lot of shuffling when the season begins.