San Bernardino County Cross Country: Welcome

This site has been created to promote the hard work and dedication of cross country athletes in San Bernardino County.  The county has a rich tradition of excellence that deserves to be promoted.  The site is being designed to be a place for athletes, coaches and parents to get all their SB County prep cross country results and information.  It's a work in progress, so be sure to keep coming back!

San Bernardino County Rankings - Week 12
Nearing the end of the season with only a few teams to see action.  Previous ranking is indicated.
1.  Rancho Cucamonga (1)
2.  Chino Hills (3)
3.  Colony (8)
4.  Sultana (4)
5.  Ayala (5)
6.  Bloomington (6)
7.  Yucca Valley (9)
8.  Yucaipa (2)
9.  Chaffey (7)
10.  Serrano (10)
11.  Redlands (11)
12.  Los Osos (12)
13.  Big Bear (13)
14.  Ontario (14)
15.  Arroyo Valley (15)
Small Schools
1.  Yucca Valley (1)
2.  Big Bear (2) 
3.  29 Palms (3)
4.  Western Christian (4)
5.  Ontario Christian (NR)
1.  Serrano (2)
2.  Yucaipa (1)
3.  Rancho Cucamonga (4)
4.  Ayala (3)
5.  Chino Hills (5)
6.  Redlands (6)
7.  Citrus Valley (7)
8.  Big Bear (8)
9.  Apple Valley (9)
10.  Granite Hills (10)
11.  Upland (11)
12.  Los Osos (12)
13.  Cajon (13)
14.  Alta Loma (14)
15.  Redlands East Valley (15)
Small Schools
1.  Big Bear (1)
2.  Yucca Valley (2)
3.  29 Palms (3)
4.  Arrowhead Christian (4)
5.  Riverside Prep (5) 

CIF Finals Wrap-Up
Back at Mt. SAC with wind and warmer than normal temps.  Top 7 teams advance;  top 5 individuals from non-qualifying teams advance, provided they finish in the top 20 overall.
Division 1 Boys
Rancho Cucamonga's boys certainly made the most of their opportunity.  After needing a 6th runner to advance to CIF Finals, there was every reason to think that a last place finish was not out of the question.  Defying the seeding, the 13th seeded Cougars vaulted past some very talented teams to finish 7th and claim the last spot at the State meet.  A tight pack has been the key all season, but Darius Riley and Joey Del-Valle Rutherford really stepped up their game today to make the improbable a reality.  Yucaipa was not able to mount a charge today and have struggled since the loss of Curtis Durham, leaving Tanner Dutchover to lead the way the rest of the season.  Dutchover had an off day and the Thunderbirds fell to a 16th place finish with sophomore Parker Jenkins racing well to lead the team.  Chino Hills' Peter Torres was the fastest County runner in the race, finishing 17th in 15:39, just missing a State Meet berth.
Qualifying Team Results:
1. Great Oak - 47
2. Dana Hills - 70
3. Ventura - 157
4. California - 176
5. Arcadia - 197
6. Burroughs (Burbank) - 207
7. Rancho Cucamonga - 210;  Team Time - 80:24
Non-qualifying:  8. Martin Luther King - 227
County Teams:  16. Yucaipa - 386;  Team Time - 83:37
Individual Results:
17. Peter Torres (Chino Hills) - 15:39
19. **Darius Riley (RC) - 15:41
28. *Joey Del-Valle Rutherford (RC) - 15:53
42. Daniel Chavez (RC) - 16:05
50. **Parker Jenkins (Yuc) - 16:10
65. Daniel Dolan (RC) - 16:20
70. Jacob Burch (RC) - 16:23
80. *Chris Weiland (RC) - 16:42
84. *Tanner Dutchover (Yuc) - 16:47
85. Stephen Farlander (Yuc) - 16:47
89. *Noah Rodgers (Yuc) - 16:49
97. ***Josh Weghorst (Yuc) - 17:03
102. **Ross Harps (Yuc) - 17:11
104. **Jarred Richards (Yuc) - 17:15
106. Marquise Holcome (RC) - 17:21
Division 1 Girls
Only 34 points separated 2nd from 8th...and missing the State Meet.  Dana Hills, the 3rd ranked team and shoe-in for a State Meet berth, found out there are no shoe-ins and were on the wrong side of the math.  Vista Murrieta vaulted from 9th to 2nd to force the turmoil.  Yucaipa may not have looked great doing it, but they maintained a patient pace in the first half of the race and then moved up just enough to grab the 6th spot.  Sophomore Madison Parr, Delaney Ellsworth and Mackenna Mason packed up nicely to lead the Thunderbirds to Fresno.  Rancho Cucamonga barely squeezed into the meet last week, but fared well on the strength of their 1-2 punch.  Erin Holton and Brittani Matthews really turned it on in the last half of the race to finish 3-7 and both will race in Fresno next weekend.  Jennifer Sandoval of Summit grabbed the final individual spot with her 10th place finish.
Qualifying Teams Results:
1. Great Oak - 37
2. Vista Murrieta - 161
3. Warren - 163
4. Long Beach Poly - 171
5. Ventura - 176
6. Yucaipa - 176;  Team Time - 97:08
7. Arcadia - 183
Non-qualifying:  8. Dana Hills - 195
County Teams:  11. Rancho Cucamonga - 250;  Team Time - 97:59
Individual Results:
3. *Erin Holton (RC) - 17:57    *State Meet qualifier
7. Brittani Matthews (RC) - 18:04    *State Meet qualifier
10. Jennifer Sandoval (Summit) - 18:15       *State Meet qualifier
24. **Madison Parr (Yuc) - 18:52
27. Delaney Ellsworth (Yuc) - 19:04
29. *Mackenna Mason (Yuc) - 19:08
50. Rachel Gee (Yuc) - 19:34
61. Sarah Holloway (Los Osos) - 19:50
79. Megan Maretti (RC) - 20:16
88. **Sarah Gee (Yuc) - 20:29
89. *Kara Hunt (Yuc) - 20:29
96. **Ivy Vollaire (RC) - 20:41
98. **Ilene Mariscal (Yuc) - 20:46
103. ***Lanie Schemenauer (RC) - 21:00
122. Sarah Gillen (RC) - 23:15
124. **Emily Osborn (RC) - 24:00
Division 2 Boys
Steven Khan of Ayala has been rock-solid all season long and he grabbed the 3rd individual spot in this very competitive race that saw no surprises in the team standings.  The top 7 ranked teams all advanced.
Qualfying Team Results:
1. West Torrance - 100
2. Canyon (Anaheim) - 128
3. Mira Costa - 133
4. Loyola - 143
5. Claremont - 144
6. West Ranch - 162
7. Agoura - 174
Non-qualifying: 8. Simi Valley - 206
No County Teams qualified in this race.
Individual Results:
9. *Steven Khan (Ayala) - 15:33    *State Meet qualifier
Division 2 Girls
Only 4 points from a CIF championship, Serrano safely punched their ticket to Fresno with a very solid effort.  Kelly Fairchild and Summer Barkan were in the top 15 to lead the Diamondbacks to the runner-up plaque behind Saugus.  They will try to make up those 4 points over the 5K course at Woodward Park to steal the State title next Saturday.  Without a healthy standout runner, Ayala fell to 14th today with Sydney Tullai finishing 33rd.  Claire Graves of Citrus Valley finished 2nd overall to advance.
Qualifying Team Results:
1. Saugus - 79
2. Serrano - 83;  Team Time - 93:34
3. Claremont - 154
4. Mira Costa - 161
5. Capistrano Valley - 161
6. Woodbridge - 181
7. Canyon (Anaheim) - 206
Non-qualifying:  8. Arroyo Grande - 207
County Teams:  14. Ayala - 280;  Team Time - 99:40
Individual Results:
2. *Claire Graves (Citrus Valley) - 17:28    *State Meet qualifier
12. Kelly Fairchild (Ser) - 18:18
15. **Summer Barkan (Ser) - 18:37
21. Courtney Brenner (Ser) - 18:44
24. **Mackenzie Cornell (Ser) - 18:46
31. **Julia Brenner (Ser) - 19:07
33. Sydney Tullai (Ay) - 19:08
39. Mikaela Ramirez (Ay) - 19:16
53. ***Kendra Swatzel (Ser) - 19:40
75. Zen Hatcher (Ay) - 20:17
80. **Allison Oh (Ay) - 20:24
85. Paige Simmons (Ay) - 20:33
94. Jovanna Flores (Ser) - 20:43
101. *Alyssa Tran (Ay) - 21:00
106. Ashlyn Barajas (Ay) - 21:28
Division 3 Boys
One of the biggest surprises for the entire day regardless of County had to be the Colony boys.  Not ranked in the top 13 in this division, and after underperforming all season, they put together a monumental effort to grab the last qualifying spot for the State Meet.  Senior heavy, the Titans used their experience to back up their pre-season #1 ranking in the County and move forward.  Needing five to run well on the same day, it happened at Mt. SAC on Saturday as they prevented one of the hottest teams in the section, Sultana, from advancing, along with a talented Bloomington squad and a highly seeded Yorba Linda team.  As he always does, Josh Zavala led Colony along with a tightly pack of 2-5 runners.  Sultana came up short by one spot, but will advance two individuals in Manuel Ramirez and Uriel Mercado.  Not only was Bloomington denied as a team, but top runner, Federico Juarez, who ran well, was one second behind Mercado and that 5th spot.
Qualifying Team Results:
1. Brea Olinda - 63
2. Paso Robles - 81
3. Baldwin Park - 128
4. Palos Verdes - 163
5. Cathedral - 178
6. Rubidoux - 191
7. Colony - 197;  Team Time - 81:59
Non-qualifying:  8. Sultana - 213;  Team Time - 81:50
County Teams:  9. Bloomington - 216;  Team Time - 82:11
Individual Results:
4. *Manuel Ramirez (Sult) - 15:23     *State Meet qualifier
16. *Uriel Mercado (Sult) - 15:52       *State Meet qualifier
17. Federico Juarez (Bloom) - 15:53
22. Josh Zavala (Col) - 15:58
33. *Gerardo Vasquez (Bloom) - 16:08
42. Ryan Tobin (Col) - 16:23
46. Matthew Madrigal (Col) - 16:25
48. **Zach Williams (Sult) - 16:26
53. Ralph Mendoza (Col) - 16:33
58. Kyle Rossman (Col) - 16:37
59. *Miguel Parga (Bloom) - 16:38
64. ***Alberto Lopez (Bloom) - 16:44
66. *Alex Diaz (Bloom) - 16:45
78. *Isaac Zapata (Sult) - 17:00
82. *Alejandro Mariscal (Bloom) - 17:04
86. *Paul Roman (Sult) - 17:06
93. *Ryan Holland (Col) - 17:19
94. **Joe Castillo (Bloom) - 17:21
95. Matthew Contreras (Col) - 17:21
100. **Uziel Mercado (Sult) - 17:28
111. *Jorge Valero (Sult) - 17:52
Division 3 Girls
Sultana's Stefani Gaskell took top honors for County runners with the fastest time on the day and the only CIF Championship.  In running 17:27, she won the race and equaled Erin Holton's #5 mark in San Bernardino County history.  Granite Hills was led by Heather Lacey, but it was tough sledding for the Cougars.
Qualifying Team Results:
1. Esperanza - 72
2. Palos Verdes - 77
3. Moorpark - 91
4. Oak Park - 106
5. Corona Del Mar - 129
6. Bonita - 169
7. Brea Olinda - 179
Non-qualifying:  8. Yorba Linda - 191
County Teams:  16. Granite Hills - 406;  Team Time - 105:10
Individual Results:
1. Stefani Gaskell (Sultana) - 17:27      *State Meet qualifier;  equals #5 mark in San Bernardino County history
68. Heather Lacey (GH) - 20:18
69. ***Caroline Hele (GH) - 20:18
79. **Abby Toarmina (GH) - 20:32
99. ***Brooke Stevenson (GH) - 21:29
111. Emily Packer (GH) - 22:31
115. **Jzsanesa Lindstrom (GH) - 23:46
116. *Tamara Trujillo (GH) - 23:53
Division 4 Boys
In a division full of surprises, Yucca Valley moved up from 8th to finish 5th and move on to Fresno next weekend.  The Trojans have been gaining strength throughout the season and continue to impress and exceed expectations.  Khaleel LeForce and Dylan DeLuna led the way with top 20 finishes.  Mauricio Ramos ran well for Big Bear, but was one spot from a State Meet berth.  The Bears, with a solid effort from Nathan Randle, finished 12th with a senior-free squad.
Qualifying Team Results:
1. Harvard (Westlake) - 91
2. Foothill Technology - 115
3. Santa Ynez - 119
4. Covina - 120
5. Yucca Valley - 150;  Team Time - 83:04
6. Bishop Amat - 155
7. JSerra - 172
Non-qualifying:  8. El Segundo - 214
County Teams:  12. Big Bear - 259;  Team Time - 85:28
Individual Results:
16. Khaleel LeForce (YV) - 16:07
18. *Dylan DeLuna (YV) - 16:13
20. *Mauricio Ramos (BB) - 16:17
24. **Nathan Randle (BB) - 16:27
33. **Jorge Diaz (YV) - 16:35
42. **Damian Vasquez (YV) - 16:49
64. *Gabriel Contreras (YV) - 17:19
70. *Nathan Harman (YV) - 17;22
71. ***Fletcher Little (BB) - 17:26
85. *Mark Diaz (BB) - 17:38
86. **Chris Diaz (BB) - 17:39
88. *Chris Moralez (BB) - 17;46
93. *Spencer Walton (29 Palms) - 17:56
111. *Matt Torres (BB) - 18:34
112. **Peter Sou (YV) - 18:39
Division 4 Girls
A nearly 2 minute gap from #4 to #5 pushed Big Bear out of contention.  They were not expected to advance, but through 4 runners, they looked very good.  Haley Cabrera led the way with an 18th place finish.
Qualifying Team Results:
1. Mayfield - 50
2. Bishop Amat - 80
3. Covina - 155
4. Foothill Technology - 160
5. Atascadero - 162
6. JSerra - 211
7. Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks) - 232
Non-qualifying:  8. Laguna Beach - 250
County Teams:  10. Big Bear - 258;  Team Time - 101:12
Individual Results:
18. *Haley Cabrera (BB) - 19:00
36. *Hanna Cabrera (BB) - 19:44
57. ***Marin Stamer (BB) - 20:09
63. Madeleine Stiles (BB) - 20:15
107. *Aurora Salinas (BB) - 22:03
110. *Brandy Ayala (BB) - 22:15
Division 5 Boys
Not many surprises in this one, and unfortunately that includes the three County schools in the race.  Each finished about where they should have with no one advancing.  Senior-heavy Western Christian was led as they have all year by Noah Meister and Matthew Peters.  Jacob Eichor led Ontario Christian, but couldn't advance as an individual this season.  
Qualifying Team Results:
1. Flintridge Prep - 37
2. Desert Christian - 68
3. Xavier Prep - 132
4. Woodcrest Christian - 142
5. Brentwood - 171
6. Thacher - 177
7. Crossroads - 189
Non-qualifying:  8. Valley Christian - 195
County Teams:  9. Western Christian - 248;  Team Time - 89:22
                           15. Ontario Christian - 364;  Team Time - 93:10
                           16. Academy of Academic Excellence - 366;  Team Time - 92:35
Individual Results:
29. Noah Meister (WC) - 17:13
35. Matthew Peters (WC) - 17:21
40. Jakob Eichor (OC) - 17:29
59. *Ryan Orton (OC) - 17:54
65. *Robert O'Dell (WC) - 18:01
66. ***Joseph Bonato (AAE) - 18:03
70. **Christian Valdovios (AAE) - 18:11
72. Blake Avila (WC) - 18:19
76. Chris Allen (WC) - 18:25
78. David Romero (AAE) - 18:29
83. **Chris Romero (AAE) - 18:34
97. ***Jarod Belden (OC) - 19:12
98. **Andrew Murowatz (OC) - 19:13
99. Aaron Aguilar (AAE) - 19:16
100. **Andrew Vander Tuig (OC) - 19:20
102. ***Edgar Vera (AAE) - 19:29
103. **Sean Guerrero (WC) - 19:31
108. **Nathaniel Agraso (WC) - 19:37
114. **Joseph Avila (OC) - 20:41
115. *Kenneth McCrank (AAE) - 21:11
116. Kevin Devries (OC) - 21:25
Division 5 Girls
A pair of 9th graders came through in this race!  Mikayla Mays of Upland Christian and Faith Joiner of Arrowhead Christian both ran in the top 15 and snagged individual spots in the State Meet.  Arrowhead Christian and their all-underclassmen scorers wrap up a fine season and will look to close some gaps in 2016.
Qualifying Team Results:
1. Flintridge Prep - 24
2. Pacifica Christian - 123
3. Sage Hill - 133
4. Sacred Heart - 143
5. Woodcrest Christian - 146
6. Brentwood - 212
7. Thacher - 218
Non-qualifying:  8. Pasadena Poly - 239
County Teams:  15. Arrowhead Christian - 330;  Team Time - 116:04
Individual Results:
11. ***Mikayla Mays (Upland Christian) - 19:55      *State Meet qualifier
15. ***Faith Joiner (AC) - 20:13
44. **Paige Newsham (AC) - 21:34
88. **Gabby Caton-Zarr (AC) - 23:42
110. **Mady Goss (AC) - 25:10
112. ***Dallas Otterman (AC) - 25:22
114. *Bridget Gillespie (AC) - 25:55
119. Amanda Sheble (AC) - 28:47 

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All-San Bernardino County Teams - Midseason
The Inland Empire Challenge is a competition between Riverside and San Bernardino Counties as well as the County Championships for each County.  Meet management awards All-County awards overall and at each grade level.  Some County programs choose not to attend the meet, but that is their choice.  Note:  These came from my research, not from meet management.  If you notice and error, let me know.
              Boys Overall                                                                 Girls Overall
Tanner Dutchover (Yucaipa)                                           Stefani Gaskell (Sultana)
Peter Torres (Chino Hills)                                                Jennifer Sandoval (Summit)
Joey Del Valle Rutherford (Rancho Cucamonga)      Courtney Brenner (Serrano)
Manuel Ramirez (Sultana)                                              Samantha Aguilar (Redlands East Valley)
Darius Riley (Rancho Cucamonga)                              Delaney Ellsworth (Yucaipa)
Andrew Arvizu (Chino Hills)                                          Brittani Matthews (Rancho Cucamonga)
Daniel Dolan (Rancho Cucamonga)                             Summer Barkan (Serrano)
              Boys Seniors                                                                 Girls Seniors
Peter Torres (Chino Hills)                                               Stefani Gaskell (Sultana)
Daniel Dolan (Rancho Cucamonga)                            Jennifer Sandoval (Summit)
Xolan Brown (Redlands)                                                Courtney Brenner (Serrano)
Joey Dalton (Cajon)                                                         Delaney Ellsworth (Yucaipa)
Daniel Chavez (Rancho Cucamonga)                          Brittani Matthews (Rancho Cucamonga)
Bradley Ewart (Los Osos)                                              Kelly Fairchild (Serrano)
Jake Keller (Yucaipa)                                                      Rachel Gee (Yucaipa)
             Boys Juniors                                                                 Girls Juniors
Tanner Dutchover (Yucaipa)                                         Samantha Aguilar (Redlands East Valley)
Joey Del Valle Rutherford (Rancho Cucamonga)     Mackenna Mason (Yucaipa)
Manuel Ramirez (Sultana)                                             Alyssa Benavides (Redlands)
Andrew Arvizu (Chino Hills)                                         Kara Hunt (Yucaipa)
Jhavahn Holsten (Serrano)                                           Katherine Aguilar (Redlands)
Uriel Mercado (Sultana)                                                Sydney Jolley (Redlands)
Chris Weiland (Rancho Cucamonga)                         Destiny Jacobo (Rim of the World)
            Boys Sophomores                                                       Girls Sophomores
Darius Riley (Rancho Cucamonga)                             Summer Barkan (Serrano)
Jarred Richards (Yucaipa)                                            Grace Staton (Chino Hills)
Parker Jenkins (Yucaipa)                                               Madison Parr (Yucaipa)
Zachary Williams (Sultana)                                          Sarah Gee (Yucaipa)
David Lozano (Chino Hills)                                           Rachele Sunagawa (Chino Hills)
Ross Harps (Yucaipa)                                                    Julia Brenner (Serrano)
Brigham Mejia (Chaffey)                                              McKenzie Cornell (Serrano)
           Boys Freshmen                                                             Girls Freshmen
Jacob Moran (Serrano)                                                  Kendra Swatzell (Serrano)
Jake Bergmann (Chino Hills)                                       Lindsay Calderon (Apple Valley)
Andrew Garcia (Redlands)                                           Tilicia Santiago (Yucaipa)
Ivan Mejia (Etiwanda)                                                  Hannah Kogler (Yucaipa)
Jacob Dooley (Redlands East Valley)                        Caroline Hele (Granite Hills)
Christopher Estrada (Upland)                                    Carrisa Estrada (Carter)
Adam Lunt (Cajon)                                                        Isabella Powers (Yucaipa) 

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San Bernardino County Pre-Season Rankings

It's time to roll out the rankings!  These are based on returners from a year ago, but we know that some teams will land impact freshmen, there will be transfers, and some that ran last year, may not run this year.

1.  Colony
             ***Ranked #44 in the State on prepcaltrack's Hot 100 
2.  Ayala
     ***Ranked #32 in the State on prepcaltrack's Hot 100 
3.  Rancho Cucamonga
             ***Ranked #40 in the State on prepcaltrack's Hot 100 
4.  Bloomington
             ***Ranked #42 in the State on prepcaltrack's Hot 100 
5.  Yucaipa
             ***Ranked #54 in the State on prepcaltrack's Hot 100 
6.  Sultana
7.  Serrano
             ***Ranked #83 in the State on prepcaltrack's Hot 100 
8.  Chino Hills
             ***Ranked #92 in the State on prepcaltrack's Hot 100 
9.  Los Osos
10.  Cajon
11.  Apple Valley
12.  Citrus Valley
13.  Redlands East Valley
14.  Etiwanda
15.  Redlands
With Jurupa Hills' graduating class, for the first time in a few years, this one is much more wide open.  The top team looks to be the Colony Titans, returning a veteran squad in 2015.  The Titans are deep and have a solid front runner in Joshua Zavala, who ran 15:42 a year ago.  The team advanced to CIF Finals and return 6, including a tight 2-5 pack with a gap of 10 seconds.  Ryan Tobin, Kyle Rossman, Matthew Madrigal and Freddy Arias will all battle to bridge a 30 second gap to Zavala.  They won't get a lot of competition in league so look for them to pick their spots on Saturday and crank it up in the post-season.  Teams 2-4 could do a lot of swapping spots this year as only 14 seconds of team time separate them.  Ayala returns 5 from a CIF Finalist team led by Gavin Bradley, who really caught fire in the spring track season.  Steven Khan has also been under 16:00 as the pair look to lead the Bulldogs.  Rancho Cucamonga lacks the front runner, but they are deep and have a history of landing impact freshmen to build on that depth.  They should have the upper hand in the Baseline League in 2015 with an unmatched 26 second scoring gap.  Who will lead the Cougars?  That will depend on the meet, with Daniel Dolan, Chris Weiland and Jacob Birch as the top candidates.  Bloomington came on strong a year ago and return 6 from their CIF Finalist team.  Federico Juarez and Gerardo Vazquez are sub-16:00 runners and solid depth will keep the Bruins in the top 5 throughout the season.  Yucaipa seems entrenched in the #5 spot with Tanner Dutchover and Curtis Durham leading the Thunderbirds.  They will need to shore up their gap to the #5 runner to advance up the rankings.  In what will be a fun battle for the Mojave River League title, Sultana has the edge over Serrano, but it's close.  Sultana brings back their entire 7 and even this year, only one is a senior.  They will be solid for at least two seasons, led by super junior, Manual Ramirez (15:41).  Serrano returns 6 from a year ago and match up well with their league foe as Jhavahn Holsten has run 15:44.  Chino Hills was hammered by graduation, but return their top runner, Peter Torres, along with a deep JV team that will keep the Huskies very competitive.  There is a significant dropoff at this point of nearly 2 full minutes and we find three more teams pretty close to one another.  With undefeated Baseline League champ Bradley Ewart leading the Grizzlies, Los Osos sits at #9 with Cajon and Apple Valley close behind, followed by another gap to Citrus Valley
Small Schools:
1.  Western Christian
2.  Big Bear
3.  Ontario Christian
4.  Barstow
5.  Aquinas
The small schools battle will have some new faces.  Caleb Webb is gone and Western Christian may be able to take advantage as they return their entire lineup that will be battle tested in the Ambassador League.  Noah Meister and Matthew Peters provide a solid 1-2 punch.  If they can find a #5 runner, they will be tough to beat.  Big Bear may have lost Webb, but the talent is still there and they tend to perform well.  Mauricio Ramos and Mark Diaz are the only returners from their CIF Finalist squad.  Jakob Eichor will lead Ontario Christian, who are right on the heels of both teams ahead of them.  Eichor has run 16:11, but graduation has taken a toll here with only 3 returners.  Barstow brings back 4 from a year ago with Devlin and Haydn Diaz leading the Aztecs, while Aquinas is poised to make some noise in 2015.  All 7 are back after making CIF and they are young, with junior Anthony Ramos leading the way. 
1.  Serrano
2.  Ayala
3.  Yucaipa
4.  Redlands
5.  Chino Hills
6.  Rancho Cucamonga
7.  Citrus Valley
8.  Redlands East Valley
9.  Colony
10.  Cajon
11.  Los Osos
12.  Granite Hills
13.  Upland
14.  Chaffey
15.  Big Bear
The top of the rankings will have about the same drama as the boys had in 2014, where Jurupa Hills was far and away the dominant team.  The Serrano Diamondbacks are poised to have a great year and it quite possibly could be the finest team the County has ever seen.  They pulled two impact freshmen last year in McKenzie Cornell and Summer Barkan, which gives them the depth in 2015 to accomplish greatness as their #5 runner has run 18:25 at Mt. SAC.  Seniors' Kelly Fairchild and Courtney Brenner will lead the way and Alexis Ramirez will play a big role as well.  There is a nearly 4 minute gap to #2, where it appears Ayala and Yucaipa will do battle for that spot.  Ayala has the edge with Sydney Tullai a minute clear of a tight pack of four that averages around 19:20.  Yucaipa was hit hard by graduation, but they have a great tradition of reloading quickly.  Plus, many programs would envy what's left in the cupboard.  Mackenna Mason was a force en route to the State Meet and they have a pair of sophomores in Sarah Gee and Madison Parr that will keep the Thunderbirds very competitive in 2015 and beyond.  Redlands loses the Crowleys but the Terriers will be very good and young with Karen Jacobs  and Isabelle Swanson leading the way.  Chino Hills looks pretty solid in the #5 spot with Grace Staton on top followed by 7 girls that all could end up scoring, and that kind of depth usually results in a good season.  Rancho Cucamonga and Citrus Valley will be close in the 6-7 spot, but give the nod to the Cougars on depth.  They both have an outstanding front runner, none better than Claire Graves at Citrus Valley, who ran 17:07 a year ago.  Rancho Cucamonga's Erin Holton has battled injury and if healthy, has and can run under 17:30.  The Cougars are stronger at #2 with Megan Maretti and should have superior depth beyond that.  There is a clear divide at this point...a divide as large as 4:10 to the next team.  A wildcard in all this is Redlands East Valley, who is powerful up front with Samantha Aguilar and Vanessa Gaitan, but they have depth issues.  History tells me they are likely to shore that up and we predict they land here at #8.  From there, things are really tight with Colony, Cajon, and Los Osos, all projecting within 10 seconds of each other, followed by another gap.
Small Schools:
1.  Big Bear
2.  Yucca Valley
3.  Arrowhead Christian
4.  29 Palms
5.  Ontario Christian
Defining small schools here as Division 4 and 5, it should be Big Bear all season long.  They have a projected 2:30 cushion over Yucca Valley.  With the smaller schools, depth plays a bigger role and if you have it, you fare pretty well.  Big Bear has a solid 1-2-3 in Haley and Hanna Cabrera and Madeleine Stiles.  Beyond their top 3, there will be a drop off, but less significant than others on the list.  Yucca Valley returns 4 from their CIF qualifying squad, but were hurt up front by graduation.  Look for Alexia Misset to lead the way for the Trojans.  They will be challenged by Arrowhead Christian, who has great depth, but lack firepower up front to challenge for the top spot here.  Savannah Winslow leads a team with a 1:35 scoring gap, which few teams at this level can match.  There will be a gap after the Eagles and it's likely those positions could see some change as the season progresses.  29 Palms, on paper should be ranked higher, but there is confirmation that they will be losing at least one key returner.  Based on what they did last year, coming out of nowhere, we will start them off at #4 and see how that plays out.  Ontario Christian, led by Robin Valencia and Jessica Congleton, round out the top 5 and if they can shore up some depth issues, could move up the list. 

2015 San Bernardino All-County Pre-Season Teams
Here are the top returners in 2015 as determined by marks on the Mt. SAC course.  *** designates grade level (seniors have none, juniors have one, sophs have two and frosh have three)
         Boys First Team                                                   Girls First Team
Gavin Bradley (Ayala)                                          *Claire Graves (Citrus Valley)
*Manuel Ramirez (Sultana)                                 Sydney Tullai (Ayala)
Joshua Zavala (Colony)                                        Stefani Gaskell (Sultana)
Jhavahn Holsten (Serrano)                                 Kelly Fairchild (Serrano)
Peter Torres (Chino Hills)                                    Jennifer Sandoval (Summit)
Bradley Ewart (Los Osos)                                    Courtney Brenner (Serrano)
Federico Juarez (Bloomington)                          **McKenzie Cornell (Serrano)
          Boys Second Team                                                  Girls Second Team
*Steven Khan (Ayala)                                           **Grace Staton (Chino Hills)
*Tanner Dutchover (Yucaipa)                            *Mackenna Mason (Yucaipa)
*Gerardo Vasquez (Bloomington)                       Alexis Ramirez (Serrano)
*Curtis Durham (Yucaipa)                                  *Samantha Aguilar (Redlands East Valley)
**Elias Opsahl (Redlands East Valley)             **Summer Barkan (Serrano)
Jakob Eichor (Ontario Christian)                       *Erin Holton (Rancho Cucamonga)
Daniel Dolan (Rancho Cucamonga)                   Samantha Poliakon (Cajon)