San Bernardino County Cross Country: Welcome

This site has been created to promote the hard work and dedication of cross country athletes in San Bernardino County.  The county has a rich tradition of excellence that deserves to be promoted.  The site is being designed to be a place for athletes, coaches and parents to get all their SB County prep cross country results and information.  It's a work in progress, so be sure to keep coming back!

Final 2018 San Bernardino County Cross Country Rankings

1. Redlands East Valley
2. Yucaipa
3. Ayala 
4. Chino Hills
5. Serrano 
6. Etiwanda
7. Rancho Cucamonga
8. Cajon
9. Colony 
10. Alta Loma
11. Big Bear
12. Barstow
13. San Gorgonio
14. Yucca Valley
15. Apple Valley
Small Schools:
1. Big Bear
2. Barstow
3. Yucca Valley
4. Granite Hills
5. Academy of Academic Excellence
1. Serrano
2. Ayala
3. Yucaipa
4. Chino Hills
5. Big Bear
6. Colony
7. Bloomington
8. Rancho Cucamonga
9. Granite Hills
10. Alta Loma
11. Etiwanda
12. Redlands
13. Cajon
14. San Bernardino
15. Upland
Small Schools:
1. Big Bear
2. Granite Hills
3. Academy of Academic Excellence
4. Yucca Valley
5. Barstow

2018 San Bernardino All-County Teams
        Boys First Team                                                               Girls First Team
Andrew Martinez (Ayala)                                                   Jacqueline Duarte (Chino Hills)
Matthew Casillas (Redlands East Valley)                       Riley Rodriguez (Upland)
Justin Briscoe (Yucaipa)                                                     Tiani Goeson (Serrano)
Jake Bergmann (Chino Hills)                                            Mikaela Ramirez (Ayala)
Andrew Castellon (Colony)                                                Amber Rios (Colony)
Simon Opsahl (Redlands East Valley)                            Maribel Aguilar (Serrano)
Zackary Alexander (Alta Loma)                                      Keryn Casteel (Colony)
           Boys Second Team                                                        Girls Second Team
Ian Crocker (Serrano)                                                        Elizabeth Martin (Serrano)
Jacob Villegas (Ayala)                                                       Danielle Gee (Yucaipa)
Joshua Weghorst (Yucaipa)                                             Kaia Hoak (Big Bear)
Jacob Dooley (Redlands East Valley)                            Lauren Jauregui (Chino Hills)
Anthony Hernandez (Serrano)                                       Shay Pederson (Alta Loma)
Oluwadare Babatunde (Etiwanda)                               Samantha Ulloa (Serrano)
Joseph Potz (Rim of the World)                                      Erin Facenda (Ayala)
             Boys Senior Team                                                        Girls Senior Team
Andrew Martinez (Ayala)                                               Mikaela Ramirez (Ayala)
Jake Bergmann (Chino Hills)                                         Elizabeth Martin (Serrano)
Zackary Alexander (Alta Loma)                                    Kaia Hoak (Big Bear)
Jacob Villegas (Ayala)                                                     Erin Facenda (Ayala)
Joshua Weghorst (Yucaipa)                                           Lanie Schemenauer (Rancho Cucamonga)
Jacob Dooley (Redlands East Valley)                          Marin Stamer (Big Bear)
Joseph Potz (Rim of the World)                                     Britney Solis (Bloomington)
             Boys Junior Team                                                     Girls Junior Team
Matthew Casillas (Redlands East Valley)                  Maribel Aguilar (Serrano)
Justin Briscoe (Yucaipa)                                                Danielle Gee (Serrano)
Andrew Castellon (Colony)                                           Lauren Jauregui (Chino Hills)
Ian Crocker (Serrano)                                                    Samantha Ulloa (Serrano)
Oluwadare Babatunde (Etiwanda)                            Emily Garcia (Ayala)
Omar Estrada (Carter)                                                  Myah Peters (Rancho Cucamonga)
Cole Cooper (Redlands East Valley)                           Marisol Aguilar (Serrano)
Parker Bloomfield (Yucaipa)
             Boys Sophomore Team                                        Girls Sophomore Team
Simon Opsahl (Redlands East Valley)                       Jacqueline Duarte (Chino Hills)
Yael Grimaldi (Ayala)                                                   Amber Rios (Colony)
Matt Hornung (Redlands East Valley)                     Keryn Casteel (Colony)
Liam Mapes (Redlands East Valley)                         Allie Scimia (Rancho Cucamonga)
Jeffrey Holliday (Barstow)                                         Vivian Frisk (Cajon)
Austin Lemus (Ayala)                                                   Ashley Madariaga (Cajon)
Rodrigo Arias (Barstow)                                             Shaina Berk (Ayala)
            Boys Freshmen Team                                           Girls Freshmen Team
Anthony Hernandez (Serrano)                                  Riley Rodriguez (Upland)
Alexander Miller (Redlands East Valley)                Tiani Goeson (Serrano)
Mason Ma (Chino Hills)                                              Shay Pederson (Alta Loma)
Glenn Bell (Rancho Cucamonga)                              Kaitlyn Townshend (Yucaipa)
Dakota Jones (Chino Hills)                                        Mia Chavez (Chino)
Oswaldo Vasquez (Fontana)                                      Savanna Arruda (Los Osos)
Noah Chavez (Chino Hills)                                         Katherine Labrada (Arroyo Valley)
                                                                                          Jasmine Munoz (Etiwanda)
                                                                                          Marisa Cole (Yucaipa) 

State Meet Wrap-Up
Held at Woodward Park in Fresno.
Division 1 Boys
It wasn't easy, but Great Oak prevailed for their 5th straight title on the boys side.  Ayala's Andrew Martinez wrapped up a fine prep career finishing 36th in 15:46.
1. Great Oak - 61
2. West Ranch - 72
3. Dana Hills - 134
4. Dublin - 166
5. Jesuit - 180
Individual Results:
36. Andrew Martinez (Ayala) - 15:46
Division 2 Boys
No County participants in this one as Newbury Park made good on their CIF title last week to win a state title as well. 
1. Newbury Park - 77
2. La Costa Canyon - 90
3. Claremont - 101
4. Loyola - 105
5. St. Francis - 136
Division 3 Boys
No County participants in this one as Ridgeview brought a state title to the Bakersfield for the first time.
1. Ridgeview - 83
2. Campolindo - 94
3. West Torrance - 106
4. Indio - 166
5. Palos Verdes - 194
Division 4 Boys
Laguna Beach put on a clinic last week to take the Southern Section title and they bring home the big prize in Fresno.  Rim's Joseph Potz finished 63rd in Division 4. 
1. Laguna Beach - 68
2. Sir Francis Drake - 97
3. Placer - 112
4. King City - 168
5. Foothill Technology - 170
Individual Results:
63. Joseph Potz (Rim of the World) - 16:47
Division 5 Boys
No County participants in this one as St. Margaret's won going away.
1. St. Margaret's - 95
2. Lick Wilmerding - 164
3. Woodcrest Christian - 174
4. Rincon Valley Christian - 187
5. Thacher - 205
Division 1 Girls
What a shootout as the Southwestern League's top two teams took it to the end with Great Oak prevailing for their 7th straight title.  Vista Murrieta gave them everything they had and made them work for it as the Southern Section put all 7 entries in the top 9.  Ayala ran well to take 7th place as Mikaela Ramirez finished 3rd to lead the Bulldogs as they cracked the top 20 for County teams on the championship course.  Ramirez' time placed her in a tie for 5th all-time at Woodwark Park while Chino Hills' Jacqueline Duarte also cracked the top 25 all-time list.
1. Great Oak - 79
2. Vista Murrieta - 83
3. Mira Costa - 168
4. Walnut - 197
5. Davis - 208
County Teams:
7. Ayala - 257
Individual Results:
3. Mikaela Ramirez (Ay) - 17:36
15. **Jacqueline Duarte (Chino Hills) - 18:04
44. ***Riley Rodriguez (Upland) - 18:51
60. Erin Facenda (Ay) - 19:05
93. **Shaina Berk (Ay) - 19:26
94. *Megan Oh (Ay) - 19:29
97. *Emily Garcia (Ay) - 19:31
134. **Candace Chang (Ay) - 20:06
143. **Emma Bialy (Ay) - 20:26
Division 2 Girls
Claremont took care of business to take the title.  Serrano had a solid season to take 4th here in their annual trip to Fresno.  Maribel Aguilar and Tiani Goeson led the way for the Diamondbacks who ran the 8th fastest team time ever on the Woodward Park course for County teams.  Colony's Amber Rios finished 6th, breaking 18 minutes on the 5K course and placed her 16th all-time in County history.
1. Claremont - 82
2. Granada - 95
3. Mission Viejo - 136
4. Serrano - 148
5. La Costa Canyon - 153
Individual Results:
6. **Amber Rios (Colony) - 17:58
19. *Maribel Aguilar (Ser) - 18:18
22. ***Tiani Goeson (Ser) - 18:23
36. Elizabeth Martin (Ser) - 18:41
49. *Marisol Aguilar (Ser) - 18:54
57. *Samantha Ulloa (Ser) - 19:05
136. **Carly Burns (Ser) - 20:04
156. *Madison Elliott (Ser) - 20:35
Division 3 Girls
No County participants as Vista Del Lago from up north holds off Palos Verdes for the title.
1. Vista Del Lago - 125
2. Palos Verdes - 133
3. Campolindo - 167
4. Laguna Hills - 217
5. Maria Carillo - 241
Division 4 Girls
Sage Creek with the upset win as Big Bear got an 11th place finish from Kaia Hoak to finish 14th.
1. Sage Creek - 110
2. Foothill Technology - 119
3. El Segundo - 193
4. Harvard/Westlake - 195
5. Bishop O'Dowd - 202
Individual Results:
11. Kaia Hoak (BB) - 18:30
62. Marin Stamer (BB) - 19:43
126. **Hailey McGivney (BB) - 20:53
128. **Jenna Fagan (BB) - 20:56
147. **Lizzie Rodriguez (BB) - 21:30
151. ***Taylor Johnson (BB) - 21:34
163. ***Laurel Stamer (BB) - 22:00
Division 5 Girls
No County participants as Lick Wilmerding upset St. Margaret's for the title.
1. Lick Wilmerding - 97
2. St. Margaret's - 103
3. Flintridge Prep - 166
4. Santa Fe Christian - 183
5. San Francisco University - 188 

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2018 Pre-Season San Bernardino County Cross Country Rankings

1. Yucaipa
2. Chino Hills
3. Ayala
4. Redlands East Valley
5. Serrano
6. Etiwanda
7. Fontana
8. Alta Loma
9. Sultana
10. Rancho Cucamonga
11. Big Bear
12. Granite Hills
13. Colony
14. Ontario
15. Cajon
The top four here are grouped about 30 seconds apart before a drop-off to #5.  Yucaipa is solid and tightly packed with all five scorers running in the 15's over the Riverside Course.  Plus they have a knack for adding quality depth each season.  Justin Briscoe and Joshua Weghorst will lead the Thunderbirds into another CBL battle and beyond.  Chino Hills will be the clear favorite in the Baseline League with Jake Bergmann, Noah Rehfeldt, and Brandon Lopez very close up front and their 4-5 just over 16 minutes.  If that small gap closes, they could make a run at Yucaipa.  Ayala also finds new weapons each year and they will have a pair up front in Andrew Martinez and Jacob Villegas that can do some damage and still have a sub-1:00 scoring gap.  Rounding out the Big 4 is Redlands East Valley, who really put themselves on the map last season.  A big hit losing Elias Opsahl, but he had a very capable supporting cast and they are all back and still young.  Matthew Casillas and Cole Cooper will lead a team that could find themselves quickly cracking the top 3.  Things get muddled a bit after those four.  Serrano, with Ian Crocker and Brandon Betts up front, looks to top that list, followed by Etiwanda, who saw a resurgence a year ago.  Word on the street is that top runner Ivan Mejia is not back in the fold, which dropped them a spot here.  That one spot fall tells you that Makeye Contreras and his Eagle teammates are still very capable.  Fontana's senior heavy lineup projects a 24 second scoring gap that could impress, but lack a front-runner.  Alta Loma has a very solid 1-2 punch in Zackary Alexander and Daniel Abdula, but will need improvement from the supporting cast to move up.  Sultana is in the same boat with superstar Vernon Trozzi, while Rancho Cucamonga had a pair of big time seniors move on and are very young this season.  
Small Schools
1. Big Bear
2. Yucca Valley
3. Riverside Prep
4. Pacific
5. Ontario Christian
In the small schools ranks, Big Bear is a lock here to retain the #1 spot all season long.  They are a #5 runner away from a significant move in the overall rankings and the Bears tend to add someone of consequence each season.  Their top four led by whoever has the best day, likely Gabe Rivera, Gianni Roberts, or Fletcher Little, is good and tightly grouped.  It should be a good battle for the #2 spot as Yucca Valley is accustomed to being top 2 but took a big hit to graduation.  They will have Andy Tamayo and David Goddard leading the way, but need some help in the 4-5 department.  Riverside Prep projects very similar with a similar problem.  The Trojans got the edge, but Tate Callicutt and Jacob Bravo are very good 1-2 runners.  Pacific looks solid at #4 with a pretty substantial gap on either side, followed by Ontario Christian.  Don't be surprised if there is someone new who surfaces early in the season at the bottom of these rankings.
1. Serrano
2. Ayala
3. Chino Hills
4. Yucaipa
5. Granite Hills
6. Alta Loma
7. Bloomington
8. Big Bear
9. Redlands
10. Etiwanda
11. Colony
12. Cajon
13. Fontana
14. Yucca Valley
15. Academy of Academic Excellence
Serrano enters the season as the clear favorite.  Graduation took it's toll, but there was enough in place to dominate these rankings as their #5 is at 18:40 on the Riverside Course.  Maribel Aguilar and Samantha Ulloa should lead the Diamondbacks, but expect an impact freshman to certainly alter their top 5.  Ayala has the front-runner locked down in Mikaela Ramirez and a solid 2-3 with Shaina Berk and Erin Facenda.  With their depth they are very solidly entrenched in the #2 spot.  Chino Hills also has a lock-down #1 runner in Jacqueline Duarte, but graduation thinned them out a bit.  Fortunately, they have some depth and tend to improve it each season which makes them a strong #3 squad.  Yucaipa and Granite Hills both are very talented but the nod goes to Yucaipa and the Danielle Gee-led team that always adds impact runners while Granite Hills has coaching questions despite almost everything coming back from a very strong team, led by Kayla Bergin and a really deep group of girls.  That top 5 appears to be invincible this season.  They could shift around, but don't expect anyone else to join them because there is a significant gap to the next group led by yet another team with a superstar front runner...Brooklyn Gonsalves and Alta Loma.  The Braves will need to shore up their scoring gap to fend off Bloomington, who returns all seven runners, a solid Big Bear team, and Redlands.  
Small Schools
1. Big Bear
2. Yucca Valley
3. Academy of Academic Excellence
4. University Prep
5. Ontario Christian
Big Bear will pitch a tent in the top spot because they won't be going anywhere!  They project nearly 5 minutes clear of anyone else in the pre-season with Kaia Hoak, Marin Stamer, and Hailey McGivney leading some talented youngsters in 2018.  There isn't much drama at the 2-3 spot either.  Yucca Valley and the Academy of Academic Excellence are about a minute apart, but far ahead of 4-5.  Emma Mills will lead the Trojans while AAE has everyone back with Alyssa Lovett leading the way.  Another team could surface to challenge for the 4-5 spot, but right now we are going with University Prep and Ontario Christian.

2018 Pre-Season All-San Bernardino County Teams

          Boys First Team                                      Girls First Team 
Justin Briscoe (Yucaipa) Jacqueline Duarte (Chino Hills)
Jeremiah Castellano (Upland) Mikaela Ramirez (Ayala)
Andrew Martinez (Ayala) Amber Rios (Colony)
Vernon Trozzi (Sultana) Danielle Gee (Yucaipa)
Jacob Villegas (Ayala) Brooklyn Gonsalves (Alta Loma)
Jake Bergmann (Chino Hills) Maribel Aguilar (Serrano)
Joshua Weghorst (Yucaipa) Samantha Ulloa (Serrano)
Andrew Castellon (Colony)
           Boys Second Team   Girls Second Team
Noah Rehfeldt (Chino Hills) Gabriela Rangel (San Bernardino)
Zackary Alexander (Alta Loma) Kendra Swatzell (Serrano)
Brandon Lopez (Chino Hills) Marisol Aguilar (Serrano)
Daniel Abdala (Alta Loma) Kayla Bergin (Granite Hills)
Blake Rodriguez (Yucaipa) Madison Enriquez (Barstow)
Matthew Casillas (Redlands East Valley) Elizabeth Martin (Serrano)
Shaina Berk (Ayala)