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This site has been created to promote the hard work and dedication of cross country athletes in San Bernardino County.  The county has a rich tradition of excellence that deserves to be promoted.  The site is being designed to be a place for athletes, coaches and parents to get all their SB County prep cross country results and information.  It's a work in progress, so be sure to keep coming back!

Week 4 Wrap-Up

Hemet Bulldog Invitational
Only Rim of the World made the trip for this one and the boys took 17th of 22 teams.  Joseph Potz finished 53rd overall in merged results in 17:52.  The girls finished 13th out of 22 with Destiny Jacobo finishing 16th overall in 20:04. 
Billy York Invitational
Held at the Riverside Course.  A force is building in the High Desert as the depth is developing at Granite Hills.  The boys scored a sound 2nd place finish that may move them into the County rankings this week...and not just within the small schools list.  Mannie Esplin and Aaron Hewett led the Cougars with top 15 finishes.  Alta Loma get a fine race from Daniel Abdala, as he was 6th to lead the Braves to a 6th place finish.  For teams in the small schools division, it was all Arrowhead Christian, led by a 2nd place from Carter Joiner.  Individually, Anthony Ramos of Aquinas ran away with it, scoring a 37 second win.  Western Christian finished 3rd as a team with Robert O'Dell and Nathaniel Agraso finishing in the top 10.  For the large schools girls, Granite Hills ran up and got the best finish from the County in 2nd place, led by red-hot freshman Kayla Bergin.  The Cougars put 4 in the top 14, while the duo of Alyssa Segovia and Brooklyn Gonzalves brought Alta Loma a 3rd place finish.  In small schools, Pacific is much improved as they scored a convincing 2nd place finish with a quality win over Arrowhead Christian.  The Pirates were led by Kimberly Lopez in 5th place while Paige Newsham finished 3rd for Arrowhead Christian.
Varsity Boys Large Schools Team Results (14 teams):  1. Crescenta Valley - 35;  2. Granite Hills - 98;  3. Bishop Amat - 102;  6. Alta Loma - 170;  9. Upland - 204;  11. Colony - 246
Individual Results (top 50;  93 total runners):
6. Daniel Abdala (AL) - 16:14
12. Mannie Esplin (GH) - 16:36
14. Aaron Hewett (GH) - 16:37
17. Nathaniel Wong (GH) - 16:39
18. Zackary Alexander (AL) - 16:43
25. Guillermo Lievano (GH) - 17:01
29. Vincent Landeros (Up) - 17:04
30. Louis Perry (GH) - 17:05
31. Ryan Holland (Col) - 17:06
34. Erickson Granados (Up) - 17:17
37. Isaac Abdala (AL) - 17:23
40. Andrew Castellon (Col) - 17:27
45. Kevin Reed (Up) - 17:33
47. Romeo Zendejas (Up) - 17:43
49. Rogelio Lepe (Up) - 17:44
50. Adrian Sanchez (Col) - 17:44
Varsity Boys Small Schools Team Results (10 teams):  1. Arrowhead Christian - 52;  2. Holy Martyrs - 80;  3. Western Christian - 91
Individual Results (top 50;  87 total runners):
1. Anthony Ramos (Aquinas) - 17:01
2. Carter Joiner (AC) - 17:38
5. Robert O'Dell (WC) - 18:45
8. Nathaniel Agraso (WC) - 19:10
9. Richard Maldonado (Aq) - 19:19
11. Brayden Beeman (AC) - 19:21
12. Ryan Daw (Lake Arrowhead Christian) - 19:28
17. Austin Chesnut (AC) - 19:40
18. Warren Liu (WC) - 19:41
19. Steele Robbins (Aq) - 19:46
24. Sean Guerrero (WC) - 20:09
26. Ethan Baker (AC) - 20:25
27. Jerry Zhang (AC) - 20:25
31. Sergio Sanchez (Pacific) - 20:40
32. Miguel Vera Gasca (Pac) - 20:48
38. Andrew Whisner (LAC) - 21:32
41. Brayan Rojas (Pac) - 21:44
42. Cade Robertson (AC) - 21:46
46. Zack Pulliam (AC) - 21:54
Boys FS:  Pacific won the overall FS title...1. Elvert Ramirez - 17:13;  3. Juan Bolanos - 17:18;  6. Adrian Garcia - 17:52
Varsity Girls Large Schools Team Results (9 teams):  1. Covina - 45;  2. Granite Hills - 57;  3. Alta Loma - 88;  6. Colony - 134
Individual Results (top 30;  63 total runners):
2. Kayla Bergin (GH) - 18:52
4. Alyssa Segovia (AL) - 19:16
6. Brooklyn Gonzalves (AL) - 19:25
9. Abigail Toarmina (GH) - 19:52
10. Caroline Hele (GH) - 19:53
14. Jalina Lindstrom (GH) - 20:24
17. Zoe Martinez (Col) - 20:31
19. Megan Chan (Col) - 20:46
20. Pamela Bowen (AL) - 20:46
23. Natalie Olivas (AL) - 20:54
24. Brooke Stevenson (GH) - 20:56
27. Alexandria Capetillo (Upland) - 21:01
30. Jilliyan Brown (Col) - 21:21
Varsity Girls Small Schools Team Results (7 teams):  1. Woodcrest Christian - 36;  2. Pacific - 54;  3. Holy Martyrs - 60;  4. Arrowhead Christian - 90;  6. Western Christian - 155
Individual Results (top 30;  61 total runners):
3. Paige Newsham (AC) - 22:47
5. Kimberly Lopez (Pac) - 23:05
6. Rosa Chamu (Pac) - 23:21
8. Imani Bonham (Pac) - 23:28
12. Gabby Caton-Zarr (AC) - 23:56
22. Vanessa Marquez (Pac) - 25:41
30. Diana Virrueta Esparza (Pac) - 26:10
Girls FS:  5. Devin Spreeman (Alta Loma) - 22:06;  7. Idaly Nunez (AL) - 22:12 
Sunny Hills/Wayne Walker Invitational
Held at Craig Park.  A pair of Mt. Baldy League teams attended this one on a Friday with Don Lugo getting the upper-hand.  Rione Villanueva has really come on strong for the Conquistadors as he took 4th in the senior race.  The best team finish on the boys side came from Don Lugo's sophomores, who took 5th on the strength of putting 3 in the top 20, led by 4th place finisher Johnny Aguilar.  Don Lugo's girls matched that finish in the senior race with Camille Cole taking 2nd, with Daphne Solomon following in 13th place.
Boys Seniors Team Results:  1. Harvard-Westlake - 97;  2. Santiago Garden Grove - 98;  3. Paloma Valley - 103
Individual Results (top 75):
4. Rione Villanueva (Don Lugo) - 15:54 
Boys Juniors Team Results:  1. Sunny Hills - 44;  2. St. John Bosco - 54;  3. Laguna Hills - 112
Individual Results (top 75):
58. Raymon Lopez (Montclair) - 17:52
65. Anthony Figueroa (DL) - 18:01
Boys Sophomore Team Results:  1. Corona Del Mar - 67;  2. Harvard-Westlake - 120;  3. Troy - 161;  5. Don Lugo - 185
Individual Results (top 75):
4. Johnny Aguilar (DL) - 16:24
17. Simon Aceto (DL) - 16:55
18. Gregory Cruz (DL) - 16:56
59. Juan Barrios (Mont) - 18:07
Boys Freshmen Team Results:  1. Valencia Placentia - 93;  2. Sunny Hills - 130;  3. Santiago Garden Grove - 162
Individual Results (top 75):
27. Kollin Villalobos (DL) - 18:32
53. Ricky Villanueva (DL) - 19:36
56. Israel Garcia (Mont) - 19:38
Girls Senior Team Results:  1. Corona Del Mar - 51;  2. Sunny Hills - 59;  3. Walnut - 74;  5. Don Lugo - 157
Individual Results (top 50):
2. Camille Cole (DL) - 18:20
13. Daphne Solomon (DL) - 20:23
Girls Junior Team Results:  1. Marina - 78;  2. Troy - 78;  3. Buena Park - 85
Individual Results (top 50):
22. Chloe Flores (DL) - 21:39
28. Angeles Marquez (DL) - 22:03
Girls Sophomore Team Results:  1. Laguna Hills - 82;  2. Walnut - 119;  3. Loara - 124
Individual Results (top 50):
46. Krystal Ruiz (Mont) - 21:52
Girls Freshmen Team Results:  1. Paloma Valley - 65;  2. Corona Del Mar - 102;  3. Valencia Placentia - 107

Sultana Boys and Serrano Girls Cruise In First League Action!  (click on Mojave River League for results)

San Bernardino Opens With A Pair of Runner-Up Spots! (click on Mountain Valley League for results)

Yucaipa Rolls In League Opener!  (click on Citrus Belt League for results) 

San Bernardino County Cross Country Rankings - Week 3
With most teams in action at the same meet, we did get some clarification from Woodbridge.  Last week's ranking included.
1. Yucaipa (5)
2. Ayala (1)
3. Bloomington (4)
4. Sultana (3)
5. Rancho Cucamonga (2)
6. Chino Hills (6)
7. Ontario (10)
8. Serrano (9)
9. Los Osos (12)
10. Redlands (NR)
11. Big Bear (8)
12. Redlands East Valley (15)
13. Alta Loma (11)
14. Chaffey (13)
15. Etiwanda (14)
Small Schools:
1. Big Bear (2)
2. Granite Hills (5)
3. Yucca Valley (1)
4. Ontario Christian (3)
5. 29 Palms (4)
1. Yucaipa (3)
2. Serrano (1)
3. Big Bear (6)
4. Chino Hills (2)
5. Redlands (5)
6. Ayala (4)
7. Granite Hills (12)
8. Rancho Cucamonga (7)
9. Alta Loma (9)
10. Redlands East Valley (8)
11. Etiwanda (10)
12. Apple Valley (13)
13. Bloomington (11)
14. Los Osos (NR)
15. Colony (14)
Small Schools:
1. Big Bear (1)
2. Granite Hills (2)
3. 29 Palms (3)
4. Yucca Valley (5)
5. Arrowhead Christian (4)

Week 3 Wrap-Up (click here)

Week 2 Wrap-Up (click here)

Week 1 Wrap-Up (click here)

San Bernardino County Pre-Season Rankings

It's time to roll out the rankings!  These are based on returners from a year ago, but we know that some teams will land impact freshmen, there will be transfers, and some that ran last year, may not run this year.

1. Ayala
*ranked #32 in prepcaltrack's Top 100 in the State 
2. Rancho Cucamonga
*ranked #38 in prepcaltrack's Top 100 in the State 
3. Sultana
*ranked #48 in prepcaltrack's Top 100 in the State 
4. Bloomington
*ranked #100 in prepcaltrack's Top 100 in the State 
5. Chino Hills
6. Yucaipa
*ranked #62 in prepcaltrack's Top 100 in the State 
7. Yucca Valley
*ranked #99 in prepcaltrack's Top 100 in the State 
8. Big Bear
9. Serrano
10. Alta Loma
11. Etiwanda
12. Los Osos
13. Ontario
14. Redlands
15. Cajon 
By no means is there anything certain near the top in this one...1:30 separates the top 4 teams.   After a disappointing trip to CIF Prelims a year ago, it looks to be Ayala that is clear of the field.  That is not without a big question mark;  Steven Khan is the defending state champion in Division 2, but missed the entire track season.  They will need him to run huge again this year because with the loss of Gavin Bradley to graduation, he is their go-to-guy.  Zach Arias leads a solid supporting cast for the Bulldogs.  Rancho Cucamonga may not have that potent #1, but most coaches would trade that lockdown #1 for their top 3, which are all about #1.5's.  They have a very good trio in Joey Del Valle, Darius Riley, and Chris Weiland, along with the depth that the Cougars will try to pull from to close that #3 to #4 gap that may be their weakness.  Back when they were rocking sophomore races throughout Southern California a couple of years ago, it was known that 2016 was to be their year and Sultana is ready to rule the high desert and much more.  Five seniors, including a pair of state finalists in Manuel Ramirez and Uriel Mercado, will make their run for greatness with a very good supporting cast and they project only seconds behind Rancho Cucamonga.  About 40-some seconds back is a strong Bloomington squad, which like Sultana, has been a work in progress and may have their best year in 2016, despite losing their #1 runner.  Gerardo Vasquez and Alberto Lopez will lead the Bruins, who are very capable of running with the three teams ahead of them.  A little over a minute in time to get to a tight group of three, with Andrew Arvizu a clear front runner for a deep Chino Hills team.  Yucaipa boasts a 1:05 gap between #1 and #6 with the ability to stack more ever-present talent within those ranks, but Parker Jenkins should lead the Thunderbirds.  Yucca Valley is coming off a fantastic year with a trip to the state meet, as a potent 1-2-3 punch led by Dylan DeLuna should pace the Trojans.  League foe Big Bear will make the De Anza League race exciting with Mauricio Ramos and Nathan Randle ready to do battle, followed by a good Serrano team rounding out the top 10.  Alta Loma saw their season end earlier than they wanted it to and will be hungry to improve, while Etiwanda and Los Osos will be right with them.  The final three teams in the rankings all return most of their squad from a year ago, but the edge goes to Ontario and their experience.
Small Schools:
1. Yucca Valley
2. Big Bear
3. Ontario Christian
4. 29 Palms
5. Granite Hills
The small schools (CIF Division 4 & 5) race will be a two team battle throughout the season as it doesn't appear anyone else is close.  As mentioned above, Yucca Valley and Big Bear have solid programs with outstanding coaches at the helm and 2016 should be pretty special for both.  Yucca Valley returns 6 of 7 from a State Meet team and despite losing Khaleel LeForce, they project to have the edge.  Big Bear brings back all 7 from a CIF Finalist team and the league foes will renew their ongoing battle many times over the course of the season in the De Anza League.  It's a 7 minute gap to Ontario Christian, who suffered the loss of Jakob Eichor from the top of their lineup, but Ryan Orton leads 5 of 7 from a CIF Finalist team.  Another De Anza League team checks in a #4 and that is 29 Palms with Spencer Walton back from qualifying for CIF Finals as an individual.  The supporting cast is young and should be good enough to keep them in the rankings this season.  There could be a lot of shifting in the #5 spot this season.  Granite Hills, at this point in Division 4, but bumping right up against the threshold of Division 3, their former home, has a slight edge with a solid 1-2-3 followed by a large gap.  University Prep, Barstow and Aquinas are all knocking on the door. 
1. Serrano
2. Chino Hills
3. Yucaipa
4. Redlands
5. Ayala
6. Big Bear
7. Rancho Cucamonga
8. Redlands East Valley
9. Alta Loma
10. Bloomington
11. Granite Hills
12. Apple Valley
13. Colony
14. Cajon
15. Citrus Valley
We said Serrano was a sure thing last year and Yucaipa made them work for it.  We will go back to Serrano is a sure thing for 2016, but for the drama, we might be hoping for someone to give chase.  They are 4 minutes clear of #2 with a stellar, but not deep, crew with Summer Barkan and Mackenzie Cornell both under 18:20 at Mt. SAC.  Just when we think the cupboard may go empty, the program finds pieces to keep this thing going.  Chino Hills should battle Yucaipa for that #2 spot with a deep Huskies team having the edge from the outset.  Rachele Sunagawa and Grace Staton lead a squad that has a 1:30 scoring gap and others capable of landing in that top 5, while you know the Thunderbirds will reload with the best of them.  They lose people to graduation, they develop more, but it will be Madison Parr and Mackenna Mason delivering a potent 1-2 punch.  Redlands is bringing everyone back from a very good team that also enjoyed success during track season.  Isabelle Swanson will lead the Terriers in the very tough Citrus Belt League.  Ayala has one of the best young runners in the state in Mikaela Ramirez, who really dazzled on the oval this past spring.  Their losses from graduation have them down at #5, but like Yucaipa, they tend to rebound well.  A bit of a gap finds two teams pretty close in time.  Big Bear has the edge with the Cabrera twins, Haley and Hanna, along with a solid 3rd in Marin Stamer, while Rancho Cucamonga will need a healthy Erin Holton in her senior season to deliver a big blow since the Cougars don't have depth as a strength this year.  Redlands East Valley is a tough read based on their schedule in 2015, but we project them at #8 with a superstar up front in Samantha Aguilar, while Alta Loma is close behind with a young team led by Alyssa Segovia.  Speaking of young squads...Bloomington has been a boys power the last few years, but their girls will be very good, led by the only senior, Althea Bigay.  A bit of a drop off finds two very close teams in Granite Hills and Apple Valley, both returning most or all of their successful teams from a year ago.  Colony, Cajon, and Citrus Valley, with Claire Graves at the helm, round out the top teams. 
Small Schools:
1. Big Bear
2. Granite Hills
3. 29 Palms
4. Arrowhead Christian
5. Yucca Valley
Big Bear is in a great position to go wire-to-wire in this one as they have a 6:30 edge on paper coming into the season with a veteran squad.  Abby Toarmina and Caroline Hele lead a young team at Granite Hills, but they will need to fill a 2:30 gap between #3 and #4 if they want to make the Bears work at the top.  As long as they stay in Division 4, they should have no problem maintaining their hold on the #2 spot.  The rankings get a little tougher after those two, but at this point, it's not a matter of which schools, but instead it's which order.  29 Palms has the upper hand coming in with 6 returners led by Vanessa Walton, but Arrowhead Christian also has 6 coming back and the experience of reaching CIF Finals last year.  Faith Joiner ran her way to Fresno last year as a freshman and is a top notch #1 in the small schools ranks.  She is supported well with Paige Newsham.  Yucca Valley has 5 back from a CIF qualifying team and marks the 3rd De Anza League squad in the top 5, similar to the boys.  Alexia Missett will lead the Trojans, who will try to close ground on their league rivals. 

Pre-Season All-San Bernardino County Teams
                Boys First Team                                              Girls First Team
Steven Khan (Ayala)                                                 Claire Graves (Citrus Valley)
Manuel Ramirez (Sultana)                                      Erin Holton (Rancho Cucamonga)
Joey Del Valle (Rancho Cucamonga)                    Summer Barkan (Serrano)
Darius Riley (Rancho Cucamonga)                      Mackenzie Cornell (Serrano)
Andrew Arvizu (Chino Hills)                                  Mikaela Ramirez (Ayala)
Uriel Mercado (Sultana)                                          Madison Parr (Yucaipa)
Zach Arias (Ayala)                                                     Samantha Aguilar (Redlands East Valley)
              Boys Second Team                                               Girls Second Team
Gerardo Vasquez (Bloomington)                           Haley Cabrera (Big Bear)
Jhavahn Holsten (Serrano)                                     Rachele Sunagawa (Chino Hills)
Parker Jenkins (Yucaipa)                                         Julia Brenner (Serrano)
Dylan DeLuna (Yucca Valley)                                 Mackenna Mason (Yucaipa)
Chris Weiland (Rancho Cucamonga)                    Kendra Swatzel (Serrano)
Alberto Lopez (Bloomington)                                   Isabelle Swanson (Redlands)
Mauricio Ramos (Big Bear)                                     Cynthia Landgrave (Chaffey)