Salute FC: Welcome

Salute FC

A group of six 97/98 Eclipse Select North girls formed a team in 2010 called Salute FC. Their mission was to 1) raise funds and awareness for SALUTE, INC and 2) to be crowned National Champions of the Kick-it 3v3 Championship in Orlando, Florida.   Salute FC accomplisged both of their goals by raising over $3,500 dollars for the charity and by being crowned National Champions in 2011 and 2012!!!  

SALUTE, INC. passionately pursues meeting the financial, physical and emotional needs of the military service members, veterans and their families. SALUTE, INC. strives to raise awareness of their sacrifices and provide a safety net to ensure every military family is treated with honor and dignity.  SALUTE, INC. is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides financial support for our military men and women through a variety of fundraising activities.

Salute FC participated in the following tournaments:
  • Kick-It 3v3, June 5-6, 2010 - Council Bluffs, Iowa (98-Girls Gold) CHAMPIONS
  • 3v3 Live, June 12, 2010 - Milwaukee, WI (96/97-Coed Gold)  CHAMPIONS
  • Kick-It 3v3, June 19-20, 2010 - Huntley, IL (97/98-Girls Gold)  CHAMPIONS
  • Kick-It 3v3, June 26, 2010 - Glenview, IL (98-Boys Gold)  CHAMPIONS
  • 3v3 Live Midwest Regional, July 31, 2010 - Aurora, IL (97-Girls Gold) CHAMPIONS
  • Kick-It 3v3 Midwest Regional, Aug. 7-8, 2010 - Racine, WI (98-Girls Gold) CHAMPIONS
  • Jennna Johnson Memorial Tournament, Nov. 26, 2010 - McCook, IL (98-Boys) CHAMPIONS
  • ESP Thanksgiving 3v3 Tournament, Nov. 28, 2010 - Oswego, IL (97 Boys)  CHAMPIONS
  • NIFC Winter Blast, Jan. 2, 2011 - Dekalb, IL (97 Boys)  FINALIST
  • Kick-It 3v3 Nationals, Jan. 15-17, 2011 - Orlando, FL (98-Girls Gold) CHAMPIONS
  • Kick-It 3v3 Nationals, Jan. 14-16, 2012 - Orlando, FL (98-Girls EID) CHAMPIONS