Saline County Soccer Association: Referees

Friday, August 9

Fall 2017 Referee Schedule Not Available.  

When available, please use the Handout link below to download the schedule. 

If you have a conflict, it is your responsibility to help find a replacement! 

To get online certification, take free test using link below. Bring or send Greg a copy of your score.  


Referee Pay for Rec Season:  

$12 per Game (non-certified)

$14 per Game (certified through approved course or online test)

$16 per Game (certified through approved class/test and wear ref jersey) 



Please review our internal league rules under the Rules of the Game link.  

Referee Laws of the Game Review 

Free Referee Test (80% or above to pass)

Illinois Soccer Referee Clinics and Resources



Contact Greg McCulloch at: 618-841-6731.