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Note: Changes incorporated in May 1999 are bolded and underlined. 


May 1999



This document contains the general policies and guidelines for the establishment and conduct of the Salem Youth Soccer Association as approved by the Board of Directors in May, 1999


Section 1.1. NAME:

The name of this organization shall be "SALEM YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION, INC.' hereinafter referred to as "SYSA". SYSA shall be incorporated in the State of New Hampshire and be affiliated with the New Hampshire Soccer Association (NHSA).

Section 1.2. ORGANIZATION:

SYSA shall be organized into a developmental program and a competitive program. By-laws shall establish criteria for each program's operating rules within the authority of this document.


Section 2.1. OBJECTIVES:

The objective of SYSA is to promote and enhance the game of soccer primarily for the benefit of the eligible youth of Salem. SYSA shall provide the opportunity for all eligible Salem youth to participate in soccer at the developmental (recreation) and competitive (travel and above) levels by establishing appropriate teams and coaches consistent within the rules of this document and those of affiliated associations. SYSA shall be a Non-Profit Organization.

Section 2.2. GOALS:

SYSA's primary goals are to increase awareness of the game, develop premiere soccer skills and provide a fun atmosphere that will encourage maximum youth retention. To meet the needs of players of all abilities and wants, the developmental program shall be open to all eligible players regardless of physical or mental ability and the competitive program shall be open to all eligible players who aspire to a higher training and playing level and who are selected based on established try-out procedures. To accomplish its goals, SYSA shall establish minimum training requirements for all its coaches and develop objectives for skill development for its youth players at each age group. SYSA shall seek and train quality coaches and referees and endeavor to provide satisfactory facilities and equipment. SYSA shall establish reasonable registration fees, an aggressive fund raising campaign, and a broad parent volunteer base to help meet these goals. SYSA shall not prohibit any Salem youth from participating solely because of inability to pay the registration fee.

Section 2.3. PHILOSOPHY:

SYSA shall never lose sight of the fact that the games are for the children and not for the adults. Emphasis shall never be placed on winning above the psychological or physical development needs of the player. By-laws shall allow for maximum player participation for any skill level within the developmental program. By-laws shall be written to allow for competitive player development for those players who wish to compete at the high school level and beyond within the boundaries of SYSA's objectives, goals and philosophy. By-laws shall be written to promote the philosophy that players cannot be developed unless they are given the opportunity to play and to have fun. Coaches, referees, board members and parents/volunteers shall conduct themselves within the boundaries of good sportsmanship and shall abide and conduct themselves within the framework of this document and the by-laws. The SYSA adopts for all its members the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) Coaches and Parents Code of Ethics. By-laws shall be established to ensure all coaches are trained in NYSCA philosophy. Board members shall foster goodwill within the State and town community by maintaining good dialogue between State soccer officials and local media, town government, school and business officials.


Section 3.1. MEMBERS:

SYSA members shall consist of officially registered eligible youth players, as defined by the by-laws, their parents/guardians and volunteers recognized as such by the SYSA Board Members (such as coaches, referees, board members, etc.). Memberships become effective upon acceptance of signed registration forms or sign-up sheets (volunteers) by the Registrar or other Board Officers.


General membership consists of registered coaches/assistant coaches, official volunteers and board members. Each general membership member shall have one vote during any SYSA General Membership Meeting for the purpose of electing Board Officers or voting on amendments to the Articles of Agreement. By-laws shall establish criteria for defining an eligible general membership voter.



SYSA players must show proof of birthdate for registration. Verified Salem residents shall have priority over nonresidents for the developmental and competitive programs. Non-residents may be considered for competitive teams with the approval of the Vice-President Competitive and at least two Coordinators. By-laws shall establish additional eligibility criteria, such as minimum and maximum ages, computation of ages for developmental program, distribution of non-Salem residents on Salem teams, minimum age for coaches/assistant coaches, volunteer status and other areas not covered in the Articles of Agreement.


Section 4.1. BOARD MEMBERS:

SYSA shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five (5) Elected Officers and appointed directors.

Section 4.1.1 Board Officers (elected). Officer positions shall be:

- President

- Vice-President, Developmental (Recreation)

- Vice-President, Competitive (Travel)

- Treasurer

- Secretary.


2. The appointed Director positions shall be:


Boys Competitive Teams

Girls Competitive Teams



Developmental Divisions (one per each age division)


Standing committees shall be as designated by the Articles of Agreement or its amendments and shall be permanent until amended.

The following standing committees shall be established and appropriate chairmen or CO-chairmen appointed by the President and confirmed by the Board:

- Budget

- Uniforms and Supplies

- Fields and Equipment

- Publicity

- Concessions

- Fund Raising

- Awards Night

- Scholarship

- Coaches and Volunteer Awards

- Tournaments

Committee chairmen shall report from time to time to the Board and shall have no voting power on the Board.

Committee actions are subject to the approval of the Board. Committees shall be empowered to meet and perform such duties as specified in the by-laws.


SYSA shall be an affiliate of the New Hampshire Soccer Association, hereinafter referred to as NHSA, and in so doing, is affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation, United States Youth Soccer Association and the United States Amateur Soccer Association. Additionally, SYSA shall be affiliated with the National Youth Coaches Sports Association (NYSCA).


Section 5.1 GENERAL:

The function of the Board shall be to govern, manage and set policy for the operation of youth soccer in Salem; provide communication between teams, divisions, Town of Salem, and other organizations and communities; enforce the by-laws of SYSA; raise, disburse and account for funds; make recommendations and encourage standardization of rules, codes of conduct and penalties for the breach of these rules and codes; be a Board of Appeal; and other such duties not expressly prohibited by the Articles of Agreement and by-laws. Each Board member or his designated representative present at any official Board Meeting shall have one vote. Any general membership member may challenge the legitimacy of any by-law or policy established by the Board by petitioning the Board in writing.

Section 5.2 OFFICERS

Section 5.2.1 PRESIDENT. The President shall ensure the overall organizational and operational success of SYSA. The President shall have the authority to make decisions affecting the SYSA not otherwise covered by other Board members duties or required by Board Meeting action. Specific duties shall include:

Section 5.2.2 VICE-PRESIDENT DEVELOPMENTAL. The Vice-President Developmental shall ensure the overall success of the Developmental Division. Specific duties shall include:

Section 5.2.3 VICE-PRESIDENT COMPETITIVE. The Vice-President Competitive shall ensure the overall success of the Competitive Divisions. Specific duties include:

Section 5.2.4 SECRETARY. The Secretary shall:

Section 5.2.5 TREASURER. The Treasurer shall:

Section 5.3 DIRECTORS The Directors shall have the following powers:

Section 5.3.1 REGISTRATION. The Director of Registration (Registrar) has jurisdiction over the registration of players in the Developmental Division. Specific duties include:

Section 5.3.2 COACHES. The Director of Coaches shall be a current member of the National Youth Sports Coaches Association and have at least a USYSA State administered D-License. The Director of Coaches shall provide for the quality of coaching towards the betterment of player development. Specific duties shall include:

Section 5.3.3 REFEREES. The Director of Referees shall be a currently patched referee and shall keep the Association informed of rules changes and provide assistance in rules interpretations. Specific duties shall include:

Section 5.3.4 DEVELOPMENTAL DIVISIONS. Developmental Division Directors shall be responsible for the operational success of their respective developmental age divisions. Specific duties shall include:

Section 5.3.4 BOYS AND GIRLS COMPETITIVE DIVISIONS. The Director of Boys Competitive Division and the Director of Girls Competitive Divisions shall manage and administer their respective divisions under SYSA and SNHYSL or GSGL requirements. Specific duties include:


Section 5.4.1 Budget. Budget is responsible to establish and propose an operating budget (Developmental and Competitive) for the next fiscal year. The proposal shall be presented to the Board at the January Board Meeting and voted on during the April Board Meeting.

Section 5.4.2 Uniforms and Supplies. Uniform and Supplies shall order and replace recreational and travel uniforms, balls, first aid supplies, pennies, coaches shirts, etc. in time to be distributed at the Coaches Meetings. The committee shall decide on storage, distribution and inventory of such items.

Section 5.4.3 Fields and Equipment. Fields and Equipment shall plan and provide for the maintenance, repair and ordering of goals, nets, flags, and facilities. The committee shall also ensure the fields are lined and supplies purchased to facilitate the lining and upkeep of fields.

Section 5.4.4 Publicity. Publicity shall plan for league activities, to be reported in the local newspapers and cable TV for the purpose of promoting soccer in Salem and as a method to inform the local public of league activities. The committee shall keep a historical scrapbook or collection of published articles as a permanent record of league accomplishments and to make available for review for any league member.

Section 5.4.5 Concessions. Concessions shall be responsible for the operation of the refreshment shed and other refreshment locations. Responsibilities shall include the purchase and inventory of supplies, opening and closing of the refreshment shed/location and shall plan for volunteers to help in sales.

Section 5.4.6 Fund Raising. Fund Raising shall be responsible for the organization of fund raising activities to include special events, sponsors and other fund raising objectives, as decided on by the Board.

Section 5.4.7 Awards Night. Awards Night is responsible e to organize the activities for the end of season awards function to include the procurement of location, refreshments, trophies and related activities.

Section 5.4.8 Scholarship. Scholarship shall collect and evaluate applications for scholarships and set the Scholarship award amount based on budget requirements.

Section 5.4.9 Coaches and Volunteer Awards. Coaches and Volunteer Awards shall collect and evaluate nominations for the various awards established for coaches and volunteers with in the league and shall procure appropriate presentations for each recipient. Awards shall be presented during the Awards Night.

Section 5.4.10 Tournaments. Tournaments shall organize activities for any tournament sponsored by the league, such as the American Cup Tournament.



Section 6.1 MEETINGS

Section 6.1.1 Official Meetings. SYSA Board meetings and general membership meetings shall be the only official meetings. Official meetings shall consist of a quorum to be official and binding. SYSA shall conduct binding business by holding, as a minimum, the following meetings:

- Monthly Board meetings

- Annual Membership Meeting

- Special Board Meetings

Members shall be notified in writing of all regularly scheduled meetings.

Section 6.1.2 Quorum. A minimum of one half (1/2) of the Board, to include at least three (3) Board Officers, must be present for any Board/Membership Meetings to be official. No binding votes may be taken without a quorum present.

Section 6.1.3 Other Meetings. SYSA shall conduct, as necessary, various organizational meetings, committee meetings and planning sessions for the orderly transition of league business. As a minimum, there shall be a Fall and a Spring Season Kick-off meeting to organize the coaches and schedule.


Section 6.2.1 Elections. Elections shall be held during the Annual General Membership Meeting for the purpose of selecting the Board Officers. The secretary shall present in writing to the Board a list of nominees for Board Officers on the Board meeting prior to the scheduled general membership meeting. Nominees must be 21 years of age by the time they assume any elected Board position. Elections shall be by secret ballot. . Elections shall be determined by majority ballot of the SYSA general membership in attendance. Proxies shall not be allowed.

Section 6.2.2 Director Appointments The newly Elected Officers shall appoint the Director positions to the Board prior to the start of their new term. Appointments shall be by simple majority vote of the election officers. The President shall vote only in case of a tie. The secretary shall record the results of each vote taken on the appointed position for the official files.

Section 6.3 TENURE:

Section 6.3.1 Elected Officers. Each elected Board Member shall hold office for a period of two years, effective July 1. Each elected Officer shall not hold the same position for more than two (2) consecutive terms, provided there is a challenger. If after two consecutive terms of holding the same office there is no nominee to run for that office, the incumbent may stay on for one more year or until a nominee can be found, whichever is earlier. The tenures shall be staggered as follows:

President and Treasurer - odd years.

` Vice-President, Developmental; Vice-President, Competitive: and Secretary - even years.

Section 6.3.2 Appointed Directors. Director appointments expire annually, effective July 1. There is no limit on the number of reappointments that the same director may be appointed, but re-appointments must take place for all appointed positions after each normally scheduled election.

Section 6.3.3 Committee Chairmen. Terms shall be unlimited or until replaced due to resignation or by majority vote of the Board.

Section 6.4 VACANCIES:

In the event that any member of the Board should miss three (3) consecutive scheduled meetings without due excuse, act in a manner counter to the SYSA Articles of Agreement or By-laws, or in the event of a Board Members written resignation, the Board must declare that position vacant and may initiate action to seek replacements. For an elected position, a special general membership meeting shall be called for the purpose of electing a replacement to fill the remainder of the vacant position's term. The elected officers shall appoint a replacement to fill any vacant appointed position.



The SYSA shall indemnify, to the extent permitted by law, its Directors, Officers, employees and other agents. Such indemnification shall include payment by SYSA of expenses, including attorney's fees, incurred in defending a civil or criminal claim, action or proceeding, in advance of the final disposition of such action or proceeding upon receipt by the Corporation of an undertaking by the person indemnified to repay such payment if he/she shall be adjudicated to be not entitled to indemnification under this Section. Any such indemnification may be provided although the person to be indemnified is no longer a Director, Officer, employee or agent of SYSA. No indemnification shall be provided for any person with respect to any matter as to which he/she shall have been adjudicated in any proceeding not to have acted in good faith in the responsible belief that his/her action was in the best interests of SYSA.

Section 7.2 INSURANCE

SYSA shall have power to purchase and maintain insurance on behalf of any person who is or was a Director, Officer, employee or agent of SYSA, against liability incurred by this person in any such capacity, or arising out of his/her status as such, whether or not SYSA would have the power to indemnify him/her against such liability.

Section 7.3 RIGHTS

Any rights of indemnification thereunder shall not be exclusive, shall be in addition to any other right which a Director, Officer, employee or agent may have or obtain, and shall accrue to his/her estate.



Section 8.1 PROCEDURES

The Articles of Agreement may be altered, amended or repealed by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) majority of the General Membership present provided written notice of such proposed action has been given to the Board of Directors thirty (30) days in advance of the annual General Membership meeting, or a special General Membership meeting called by the Board.


The Articles of Agreement and any amendments become effective after general membership approval and shall be-applied towards any event related to the following season's activities. The Board Officers' signatures and dates on the certification page of the Articles of Agreement shall constitute the official Articles of Agreement.



Section 9.1 FISCAL YEAR

The Treasurer shall recommend and the Board shall approve the fiscal year used for accounting and tax reporting.

Section 9.2 SYSA ADDRESS

SYSA shall maintain a Salem Post Office Box as the principle and legal mailing address of SYSA. SYSA headquarters shall be at the residence of the President.


Any elected or appointed Board Member shall have the authority to commit SYSA funds for official business not to exceed the maximum limit set by the Board. An interest-bearing checking account shall be established and a specified number of elected board members given the authority to enact checks on behalf of SYSA. Escrow accounts may be established for the purpose of holding funds for specific objectives.


Section 9.4 BONDING

Officers having charge or control of funds shall give bond as may be required by the Board for the safe custody of the funds of SYSA, the cost of the bond, if any, shall be borne by SYSA.


In the event that the SYSA dissolves, all funds left over after current debts are paid off, shall be equitably disbursed to a charitable organization decided by the Board. The Board of Directors shall decide the distribution of SYSA non-cash assets. The authority of the Board shall cease after all cash and non-cash assets have been disbursed.


The tenure of voting privilege of Board Members shall expire on the date of the last game of the Spring season or on the day after the June Board Meeting, whichever occurs later.



The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall be the final source of authority in all questions of parliamentary procedure when such rules are not inconsistent with the Articles of Agreement or By-laws of SYSA.




By-laws shall be reviewed at least once per year prior to the start of the new season. Changes shall be approved by the Board prior to the Fall Season Kickoff meeting and be made available to all coaches, referees and other appropriate members. A copy of the by-laws and Articles of Agreement shall be kept in the refreshment shed for reference.

Section 11.2 ENFORCEMENT

The Board shall have the power to enforce the Articles of Agreement and by-laws and give charge to their representative for the purpose of carrying out such enforcement.

Section 11.3 APPEALS

Decisions made at the division level may be appealed to the Board by contacting one of the Officers in writing.


Salem Youth Soccer Association and its members are committed to a policy of equal opportunity for its players, coaches, and referees and prohibits discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.



We certify that, by 2/3rds vote of the General Membership present at the Annual General Membership Meeting, these Articles of Agreement and all amendments have been approved.









Vice-President, Developmental




Vice-President, Competitive