Saints 5th & 6th Grade Football: Welcome

As part of the Youth Sports Foundation, Saints Football offers 5th and 6th graders the opportunity to participate in tackle football.   Individual participant fee is $60, with a team charge of $1700 that is dependent upon advertisers or donors. Season begins in August with practices and ends in early October. Games are played at LaSalle or at the away field. St. Joseph's of Marion, Mt. Vernon, Solon, Lisbon, IC Regina and IC West (several teams) are some of the YSF participants in this area.


Contact  Jeff Thorsteinson at 319-395-0262 or and indicate your son's name, school, current grade, your phone number and your regularly checked e-mail address.

Questions and Answers to most questions are available in the Handout area...just select the topic you want to get more information on and download or open the file.

Overall - 91 kids with documented interest as of March 31st!
LaSalle has documented interest from 26 participants.  This would mean one team for sure and perhaps another if interest is as strong as indicated.
Regis/All Saints/St. Matthew/St. Pius X has documented interest from 65 participants.  This would mean three teams for sure and may grow to four.

Where will we practice?  LaSalle, Regis and St. Pius X are likely sites.   Additional sites will be considered as convenient to the participants.
When will we practice?  Most coaches are available in the early evening hours, with the potential for a few Saturday morning practices early on as schedules permit.
Who will coach?  We have had several volunteers step forward, some state certified, some not.  Training will be provided towards a consistent approach for all teams.
How will the teams be formed?  5th and 6th graders will be mixed, according to school affiliation, feeder school relationship, previous playing relationships, friendships and coordination of rides and neighborhoods.  The teams WILL NOT be based on trying to optimize chances for winning.
What are the team sizes?  Ideally the teams will number between 20-25.
Where will games be played?  At LaSalle and at opponent venues in Marion, Iowa City, Mt. Vernon, Solon and other Eastern Iowa towns. 

Who can run the ball?  Players 110# or under can run the ball from behind the scrimmage.  Players above 110# must catch a pass across the line of scrimmage to run the ball.
When does practice start?  The week of August 11th, 2009.

Wednesday, April 26
Saints Football Registration May 3rd

REGISTRATION was conducted on March 30th and 31st, 2009.  Late registrants can coordinate with Jeff Thorsteinson, 319-395-0262 or
Youth Sports Foundation Football.

Teams will require the following before being formed:
1.        4 to 6 Volunteer coaches, including 1 head coach. No coaches, no team.
2.        1 parent representative for coordination of games/fields/referees/communications. No parent rep, no team.
3.        $1700 in sponsorship per team. The individual participation fee is $60 from the YSF and is separate from this fee.   Saints Football collects $50 from each participant towards the $1700 fee, so a total of $110 is paid to YSF.   Here are the sponsorship levels that are part of the YSF program.
   a.        Gold: $700 – UP Receive an official team mini-helmet, a plaque with team picture from YSF, sponsorship recognition on the YSF web page.
   b.        Silver: $500 - $699 Receive a plaque with team picture from YSF, sponsorship recognition on the YSF web page.
   c.        Bronze: $300 - $499 Sponsorship recognition on the YSF web page.
   d.        Donor: $100 - $299 Thanks from your community!
In addition to these team specific needs, YSF requires a field/town coordinator and a certified official as the referee coordinator. Jeff Thorsteinson will perform the field/town coordinator duty. A lead official is still required and qualified volunteers are welcome to contact Jeff Thorsteinson.

1.        Fill out forms.
2.        Sign a check for $110 to Youth Sports Foundation (payment plans are also available) with your son’s name.
3.        Get measured for equipment.

Once we have coaches, a parent representative and appropriate sponsorship the teams will be formed on the bases of establishing 18-25 individuals that are a mix of 5th and 6th graders within the following guidelines:
   a.        Geographic school affiliation (LaSalle, Regis).
   b.        Past associations for teammates if desired (stay together from year to year).
   c.        Affiliation with coaches
   d.        Conveniences for ride-sharing or parent limitations (work hours, number of kids).
   e.        Mix of skills and interests.
   f.        Do the right things for kids as a guiding factor.

Meetings have been held to explain league affiliation, practice times, game times, official rules and many other topics. 

Coaches or sponsors, please contact Jeff Thorsteinson at 395-0262 or so that teams can be formed right after registration.