7th Grade Football: Welcome

Welcome 7th grade boys at LMS and RMS

For the Xavier freshman, sophomore and varsity schedules, please go to the schedule maintained by Xavier at www.xaviersaints.org.

7th grade tackle football, played with an intermediate sized ball, 8 minute quarters and divided into two classes (lightweight and heavyweight). Participating teams are
Iowa City Northwest Gold, Iowa City Northwest Green, Iowa City SouthEast Red, Iowa City SouthEast White, LinnMar Black, LinnMar Red, Prairie, North Central and Saints Football (the combination of LaSalle Middle School and Regis Middle School). Practices begin on the second day of school (first full day of school), equipment checkout is throughout the summer, see My Site News.

Football Information

Metro Catholic Football Information Metro Catholic Saints Football Information and Quick Schedule Reference 1. Practices will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday (if a game isn’t scheduled) from 4:30 to 6:30 at Regis. Scheduled Saturday practices will be at Regis. Practice schedules will be subject to change and handed out in the fall on a weekly bases. We will not practice on early dismissal days, especially if school is shortened because of heat. Participants will be bused from their school to the practice site during the week (except as noted in 19 below), with parents responsible for pickup after practice regardless of the site. All Saturday practices will not involve any busing, parents are responsible for drop off and pickup. Participants should wear a shirt, shorts, comfortable shoes and socks, protective cup and bring water. It is a good idea to wear your football shoes several weeks prior to practice to avoid sore feet (you can also use extra socks and Vaseline to avoid sores on your feet).
2. Water will be provided at every game and practice. However, we encourage each participant to bring their own water or sport drink. If players don’t bring their own water, they’ll have to stand in line at water breaks to get to the water cooler. Although we will have regular water breaks, water is freely available to any player at any time.
3. Players need to wear a protective cup. We ask them to wear it during conditioning to get used to it. They will not be allowed contact in pads without their protective cup in place. You can purchase a cup at a sporting goods store.
4. Players need to have a mouth guard; either attached or unattached. They will not be allowed contact in pads without their mouthguard. The mouthguard not only protects the teeth; it absorbs energy from blows to the head.
5. Players need to have their physical completed and turned in prior to practice. Other football related forms (this includes emergency medical contact form, parent’s permission form and proof of insurance form) should be turned in at the same time or at the first practice. Physicals are good for one year, with a grace period of 30 days.
6. Practices will consist of skill development drills, conditioning exercises, scrimmage activity and fun; loosely modeled after what Xavier does each practice.
7. Attendance at practice is expected. If you miss a practice, you may miss a quarter in the next game. Miss two practices, maybe miss two quarters. There are some valid excuses for missing practices and contact with the coaches ahead of the missed practice may result in relaxation of this expectation (examples would include attending a family event such as a 50th wedding anniversary or a faith event such as a Confirmation, examples would not include missing because of another sporting commitment).
8. Faith, Family, Friends and School definitely come before football. This is how the coaches will try to interpret number 7 so as to be fair and balanced. Communication will always help!
9. Practice will be suspended and the players sheltered if lightning is observed in the area. Rain, snow, wind, sun and dark of night will not suspend practice (although we will slow down quite a bit in high temperatures). We will avoid overexposure to heat and cold, but the rule of thumb is that we will go inside and go over plays for lightning and get wet and muddy if it is just rain.
10. Toilet facilities are available near practice. Try to go before practice.
11. Put a blanket or two in your trunk. If we have a wet day or muddy field you can cover your seats for the ride home. Contrary to popular belief in 8th grade, little brothers or sisters do NOT belong in the trunk!
12. Tell us if your son is sore or physically ailing (more than usual) so we can be on the lookout for adverse reactions to exercise or contact. Parents and coaches can work together this way.
13. Encourage your son to approach the coaches with questions or comments, especially if they aren’t satisfied with some aspect of participation. Approaching a person of authority about a difficult situation or topic is often a tough life skill to learn, but we’d like to encourage them to try. Parents are always welcome to call the head coach about any topic involving their son, but we strongly encourage having the participant approach the coach.
14. A game checklist will be provided so your son won’t forget a key item for a game.
15. Injuries are treated very seriously…coaches will communicate with parents about the nature of any bumps and bruises and will expect parents to communicate regarding the return of any player out with an injury. For example, a player withheld from practices or a game by Doctor’s orders would be expected to be released by the Doctor to return to practices and games.
16. Sportsmanship is expected from coaches, players, parents and any school staff or other boosters. A mistake by the players, coaches or referees is likely to happen, but that is no reason for a lack of sportsmanship. A player demonstrating unsportsmanlike behavior will be spending time on the sidelines with the coaches, learning how to avoid any future incidents.
17. Volunteers are needed for non-coaching activities. Most activities are simple, but necessary.
18. Please follow label directions when laundering the uniforms (practice or game).
19. Practices begin and end promptly. A bus will bring the participants from LaSalle Middle School before weekday practices, but it will always be the parent’s responsibility to pick them up from practice. Coaches will communicate ahead of time, please be flexible.
20. We will try to send a weekly newsletter home with the participant. Please read these for information on schedule items or to learn how practice is advancing. You are welcome to attend/watch practice, but only people certified as a Coach by the State of Iowa may be on the field providing instruction on football techniques.
21. Big guys – get ice packs for your knees and use them