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Tuesday, October 25


St. Rita's Registration for the 2017 Season is now open!

2016 Memberships expire November 30th.

To join St. Rita's or renew your membership for 2017 just click on the St. Rita's Membership Payment button.   

Note: All Memberships end on November 30th regardless of when you join St. Rita's. Ex. If you wait until March to join your membership will still expire on November 30th.

 Scroll down for more information on St. Rita's including photos. 

Click here to register on our online reservation system (No Fee). Once you register at the reservation website you can make online reservations at St. Rita's. 


Monday, July 3
Player Evaluations and Tryouts for the 2018 Season

Below is the schedule for Player Evaluations and Tryouts for the 2018 Season.

Who should attend evaluations?

Boys ages 9-14 interested in playing in a competitive baseball league.  Saints Baseball participates in the Eastern Iowa USSSA league which is a competitive league.  Boys interested in participating should have baseball experience and have the necessary fundamental skills to participate in a competitive league.

Saints Baseball forms tryout teams for age groups 9U-14U for those boys that are ready for a more competitive game and schedule. 

Tryout teams participate in either the AA or AAA divisions of both league play and tournament play.  Saints Baseball limits 11 players to our tryout rosters in age groups 9-14. Players that accept roster positions on the Tryout teams are required to pay an additional annual membership fee to practice in our indoor practice facility - St. Rita's.  

Non-tryout teams are limited to rosters of 12 players. These teams participate in the single A division of the Eastern Iowa USSSA League. These teams may also play in some local tournaments. Team schedules are ultimately up to the coach and the team parents. Members of these teams are strongly encouraged to join St. Rita's.There is an additional annual fee to join St. Rita's.

Under certain circumstances the board reserves the right to alter the number on rosters.

USSSA rules for eligibility are age based not grade based.  Therefore in order to register you must first determine the appropriate age group for the player.  The birthday cut-off date is May 1st. For example, 10U for the 2018 season means players who turn 11 on or after May 1, 2018 are eligible for a 10U Team. However, if a player turns 11 prior to May 1st then that player must register for 11U.

Players registering for 7U Coach Pitch and 8U are assigned to teams by school, friends, requests, etc.... Saints Baseball does not form tryout teams for age groups 7U or 8U therefore we do not hold evaluations for these age groups. Registration for 7U and 8U will be announced in August via school email. We will form as many teams as possible to accommodate those that register.

All players going into 9U - 14U must attend evaluations regardless of desire to play on a competitive/tryout team. This allows the program to assess all players in order to build both tryout teams and competitive recreational teams. Players currently on a Tryout team are not guaranteed to be on the tryout team the next season.  Subject to player skills, field and facility availability, Saints Baseball will attempt to form as many teams as needed in order to place as many players as possible.

Evaluation Schedule - Read Carefully:

July 11th: 9U tryouts and evaluations will be held at St. Pius Field. Registration at 5:30pm. Evaluations from 6:00-7:30pm.

July 12th: 10U tryouts and evaluations will be held at St. Pius Field. Registration at 5:30pm. Evaluations from 6:00-7:30pm.

July 13th: 11U tryouts and evaluation will be held at St. Pius Field. Registration at 5:30pm. Evaluations from 6:00-7:30pm.

July 18th: 12U tryouts and evaluations will be held at St. Pius Field. Registration at 5:30pm.  Evaluations from 6:00-7:30pm.

July 19th: 13U tryouts and evaluations will be held at LaSalle North. Registration at 5:30pm. Evaluations from 6:00-7:30pm.

July 20th: 14U tryouts and evaluations will be held at LaSalle North. Registration at 5:30pm. Evaluations from 6:00-7:30pm.

If weather cancels a tryout date please check the website for the new date.

 MAKE-UP Dates:

Saturday July 22nd: 13-14U at LaSalle Field. Registration at 8:30am. Evaluations from 9:00-10:30am.

Saturday July 22nd: 9-12U at St. Pius Field. Registration at 12:30pm. Evaluations from 1:00-2:30pm.

If your son is unable to make his age group tryout he is welcome to attend the tryout for the age below or above him

Saints Baseball will make every effort to announce the tryout teams prior to July 31st.  Online Registration for those teams will open immediately following the announcements.  Once the tryout team rosters are completed then online registration will open for the Single A teams. Those teams will be formed after online registration closes.

Questions regarding evaluations should be directed to Doug Banowetz at 319-491-0059 or at


Wednesday, January 4
2017 Team Rosters

7 Silver: Connor Whannel, Caleb Lang, Carter Drey, Jack Tobin, Tate Cairney, Max Dougherty, Sean Kelly, Ryan Everson, Jack Meierbachtol, Logan Weininger, Hunter Thompson.                                   Coach Andy Lang.

7 Navy: Evan Thuente, Sam Evans, Mason Fisher, Jackson Owens, Emmett Lyon, Gavin Ireland, Owen Ireland, Henry Lammers, Emiliano Baez, Lennox Shovein, Jacob Osterhaus, Oliver Pino, Cael Stutzman.                                                                                                                                        Coach Scott Ireland

7 Blue: Eli Morio, Case Morio, Blake O'Donnell, Kellen Conlon, Flynn Thomas, Jack Cooling, Landon Wiebenga, Colton Weibenga, Evan Meyer, Aaron Dumolien, Eric Thurm.                                          Coach Wes Cooling

7 White: Jack Putman, Kylan Thompson, Lance Mueggenberg, William Roling, Drew Dempewolf, Eli Marion, Bennett Loftus, Grant Saxom, Anakin Deppe, Callum Kisling, Nicholas Hlubek.               Coach Andrew Hlubek.

8 Silver: Alex Stephens, Hunter Shatto, Dusty Cook, Daniel Inman, Seamus Duggan, Andrew Tanner, Calvin Hacke, Austen Eich, Keegan Miller, Taitumn Deppe, Costa Kosiba.                                    Coach Linda Cook

8 Navy: Sam Schimberg, Nolan Wilgenbusch, Max mcDermott, Rex Komenda, Tyler Miller, Coleson Dempewolf, Zack Borcherding, Oliver Behmer, Elliott Gnewuch, Benny Jongquist, Chase Fielder.  Coach Kevin Komenda

8 Blue: Logan Otting, Will Huber, Roman Carter, Cash Wilson, William Bahl, Jerome Coyle, Grant Birkicht, Jack Lammers, Andrew Renner, Riley Pence, Alex Stephens:                                               Coach Mark Otting

9 Silver: Jaden Deheus, Brady O'Donnell, Caleb Loffswold, Kellen Haverback, Vinny D'Amico, Sam Leuck, Gabe Leuck, Mac Driscoll, Andrew Evans, Cody Mason, Griffin Brecht.                              Coach Dan Driscoll

9 Navy: Luke McMann, Conor Ryan, Jacob Miller, Cooper McLaughlin, Will Dybvig, Carter Mastascusa, Zander Armstrong, Dylan Lang, Jacob Schmit, Brady Casey, Michael Bean.            Coach Jason Miller.

9 Blue: Drew Cooling, Travis Jasper, Jack Schimberg, Jack Pauly, Harry Legislador, Dane Thomas, Ryan Kelly, Hudson Morrissey, Bradley Walton, Alyas Wall, Andrew Thompson, Bryce Naber.      Coach Rick Thompson

9 White: Joseph Cataldo, Killian Simanek, Noah Nemmers, Anthony Zachar, Timothy Zachar, Joseph Dake, Dominick Dumolien, Owen Hlubek.                                                                                           Coach Jim Zachar

10 Silver: Tate Proskovec, Grant Allen, Kaleb Wilgenbusch, Jack Casey, Owen Casey, Landon Sorg, Jack STevenson, Gavin Miller, Jack Downey, Colin Miller, Preston Haefner.                                         Coach Bret Proskovec

10 Navy: Cameron Andrews, Tanner Boge, Kaden Hotchkiss, Bradey Johnson, Dane Melchoir, Mason Meyer, Carson Slaughter, Tyler Jasper, Jacob Webster-Moore, William Platz, Joe Schmitz.  Coaches Matt Meyer and Chad Slaughter

11 Silver: Caleb Even, Preson Lang, Tyler Netolicky, Luke Frost, Andrew Hamlett, Bryce Kramer, Adam Cook, Dominic D'Amico, Grant Helmle, Colin Stoltenberg, Ethan Jakel.                              Coach Kevin Frost

11 Navy: Noah Schimberg, Jack Lampe, John Pitham, Brady Kruse, Noah Jordebrek, Ethan Dempewolf, Rilynn Loeffler, Eddie Pieper, Quinn Oleson, Coleton Beasler Weber, Mac Woltman.  Coach Dustin Kruse

11 Blue: Colby Schulte, Isaiah Skvor, Will Russell, Aidan Kinner, Sam Platz, Joe Legislador, Nate Selensky, Joseph Casey, Wyatt Howard, Jace Borcherding, Benjamin Pfab, Logan Cox.              Coach Larry Selensky.

11 White: Julian Gladish, Ryan Sanborn, Ryan Hoefer, Carter Walton, Carson Byrne, Shea Buenzow, Nolan Lammers, Brady Brueck, Jackson Bybvig, Harrison Goodell.                                                 Coach Dave Goodell

12 Silver: Aidan McDermott, Kyle Ryan, Cole Casey, Justin Valenta, Roman Rivera, Seth Williams, Carlos Baez, Cooper Schenck, Carson Schenck, Eli Brecht, Josef Lemker, Jevin Rexroth.           Coach Warren Valenta

12 Navy: Ryan Schmit, Andrew Miller, Jack Fancher, Ben Volk, Brogan Zahn, Cal Fielder, Gavin Gales, Hudson Courter, Andy Stephenson, Mac Feldman, Will Hacke.                                              Coach Blayne Fielder.

13 Silver: Evan Dempewolf, Cade Engelbrecht, Aidan Henry, Spencer Mesch, John Efting, Luke Efting, Christian Stanek, Maki Wilson, Hugh Courter, Will Hiserote.                                                Coach Doug Banowetz.

13 Navy: Sean Dunkirk, Andy Kram, Brady Horstmann, Grant Reasner, Reilly Moore, Jake Dougherty, TJ Cook, Nate Westhoff, Stephen Casey, Justin Fulton, Noah Allen, August Giurato.                          Coach John Fulton.

13 Blue: Randall Kinner, Bylan Bohon, Grant Seals, Camden Medberry, Carson Eby, William Grainger, Magnus Beal, Jefferson Challenger, Drew Grimm.                                                              Coach Bruce Kinner

14 Silver: Ben Casey, Josh Hilzendager, Quin Fandel, Nicholas Kramer, Matthew Schmit, Clayron Nurre, Sean STeffen, Michael Steffen, Jaxon Rexroth, Nick Lemke, Daniel Zeck.                          Coach Matt Fandel

14 Navy: Eddie Casey, Sam Cox, Chase Janssen, Blake Kellen, Blake Kellison, Greg Lesnik, Blake Bohon, Griffin Maloney, Luke Potter, Patrick Schaull, Ethan Shimak, Tyler Wilken.                           Coach Jim Cox

Tuesday, December 2
St. Rita's Membership Information

Notice: 2015 Memberships expire on November 30th.

New memberships and renewal memberships are now payable online by clicking on the above payment button.  

Below is information regarding fees,method of payment,membership eligibility, hours of operation, etc... 

To make an online reservation you will need to go to: and register.  There is no fee to register on the registration website - that is included with your membership to St. Rita's.

Online reservations can only be made for the current week which begins on Monday and ends Sunday evening.  That means if it is Tuesday when you go online you cannot make a reservation beyond Sunday. If the administrator finds reservations beyond the current week then those reservations will be cancelled and removed from the system without notification.

Blocked times are reoccurring team reservations that have been set up by the administrator.

Reservations for the new week will begin each Sunday at Noon.

You must make a reservation regardless of time of use. When you make a reservation you will receive an immediate confirmation message that gives you the passcode to the entry door.

Membership Period: 12/1/2015 - 11/30/2016:

Annual/Seasonal Fees Regardless of Registration Date is:

7U & 8U Members: $150

9U - 14U: $225

Family Memberships: $325  (Exception: 2 boys 8U and under would be $300)

Alumni: $225

Family members include siblings in Saints Baseball, Saints Softball and Saints Baseball Alumni that currently attend Xavier High School. 

Alumni/Xavier Baseball Players are expected to use the facility after school or later in the evening during peak season.  Alumni are always welcome and are encouraged to practice with younger siblings. Alumni/Xavier Baseball Players are expected to act as role models and offer help and encouragement to younger Saints Baseball Members.

To pay your membership fee just click on the "St. Rita's Membership Pay Button" located at the top of this page.

If you have questions please email:

Recognition to our Founders!
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Tuesday, December 2
Photos of the new St. Rita's!

Bat Bag Fence
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