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Wednesday, December 12

Saints Baseball Registration for the 2014 Season is Closed. 


St. Rita's Registration for the 2014 Season is now open!

2013 Memberships expire November 30th.

To join St. Rita's or renew your membership for 2014 just click on the St. Rita's Membership Payment button.   

Due to your support of St. Rita's the 2014 Membership Fees are the same as 2011, 2012 & 2013.

Note: All Memberships end on November 30th regardless of when you join St. Rita's. Ex. If you wait until March to join your membership will still expire on November 30th.

 Scroll down for more information on St. Rita's including photos. 

 Click here to register on our online reservation system (No Fee). Once you register at the reservation website you can make online reservations at St. Rita's. 

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Saints Baseball conducts Tryouts and Evaluations for ages 9U - 14U in order to fairly form a competitive team and in order to form balanced recreational teams within each age group. We understand that "Tryouts" are a stressful time - especially for parents.

We have gone to great lengths to make sure every participant is treated fairly and equally. Saints Baseball is very committed to providing both competitive and recreational based teams in order to meet the needs of our members. We understand that boys develop at different ages and that their skills often change from year to year. Therefore, it is important that boys be evaluated each year and be placed accordingly. Boys that may have played on a less competitive team this year may have developed or worked hard on their game and are now ready for a more competitive environment. Conversely some boys on a competitive team may have found the environment too challenging or their passion might be in a different sport or activity so placement on a lower level team may be a better fit. The important thing to remember is that Saints Baseball offers baseball opportunities for all.

The evaluation of the players is two fold.  Their coaches provide an evaluation of each member of their team.  The evaluation score is entered into a spreadsheet.  Then the average scores earned at each station from the evaluation process is then entered into the spreadsheet to develop a composite score.  Coaches evaluations and placement recommendations are heavily weighted.  Tryout scores are a verification of the coaches scores and also an opportunity for coaches, evaluators, and parents to see each of the boys at a given age level perform skills with their peers.

The president of Saints Baseball, both out going and incoming, do not perform tryout evaluations nor do they select or form teams.  The president is responsible for organizing and overseeing the tryout process and for providing the evaluation spreadsheet to the board members for their review.



Monday, November 25
St. Rita's Membership Information

Notice: Current Memberships expire November 30th.

New memberships and renewal memberships are now payable online by clicking on the above payment button.  Good News - fees are the same as last year!!

Below is information regarding fees,method of payment,membership eligibility, hours of operation, etc... 

Online reservations can only be made for the current week which begins on Monday and ends Sunday evening.  That means if it is Tuesday when you go online you cannot make a reservation beyond Sunday. If the administrator finds reservations beyond the current week then those reservations will be cancelled and removed from the system without notification.

Reservations for the new week will begin each Monday at 12:01am.

You must make a reservation regardless of time of use. When you make a reservation you will receive an immediate confirmation message that gives you the passcode to the entry door. Please remember to sign in and sign out at the registration table.

Membership Period: 12/1/2013 - 11/30/2014:

Annual/Seasonal Fees Regardless of Registration Date is:

7U & 8U Members: $100

9U - 14U: $175

Family Memberships: $275  (Exception: 2 boys 8U and under would be $200)

Saints Baseball Alumni: $175

Family members include siblings in Saints Baseball, Saints Softball and Saints Baseball Alumni that currently attend Xavier High School. 

Alumni are those that played 14U Saints Baseball.

Saints Baseball Alumni are expected to use the facility after school or later in the evening during peak season.  Alumni are always welcome and are encouraged to practice with younger siblings. Alumni are expected to act as role models and offer help and encouragement to younger Saints Baseball Members.

To pay your membership fee just click on the "St. Rita's Membership Pay Button" located at the top of this page.

If you have questions please email:

Cage 5 - Pitching and Hitting
Cage 5 - Pitching and Hitting
Tuesday, December 1
Players Lounge!

Player's Lounge Bleachers

Player's Lounge Big Screen

View of Batting Cages
Overview of Cages 1-4
Tuesday, December 1
More Photos of St. Rita's!

Cage 3

Tuesday, December 17
2014 Team Rosters

7 Silver: Jacob Schmit, Landon Sorg, Owen Vasquez, Dylan Lang, Hudson Morrissey, Luke Thompson, Preston Haefner, Cameron Andrews, Gavin Miller, Will Barnes, Jack Downey, Kale Leymaster. Coach Downey.

7 Navy: Kellen Haverback, Vincent D'Amico, William Platz, Mac Driscoll, Brennan Russell, Sam Leuck, Gabe Leuck, Louis Dew, Bradyn Kosikas, Jerry Erickson, Frank Felser, Charles Kisling. Coach Driscoll.

7 White: Colin Miller, Brady Casey, Jack Pauly, Jaden DeHeus, Drew Cooling, Caleb Loffswold, Nolan Going, Tyler Jasper, Travis Jasper, Kaden Hotchkiss, Grant Allen, Joe Schmitz. Coach Loffswold.

7 Blue: Jack Stevenson, Luke McMann, Kaleb Wilgenbusch, Jace Popenhagen, Brady O'Donnell, Mason Meyer, Carson Slaughter, Jack Casey, Owen Casey, Bradey Johnson, Tate Proskovec, Tanner Boge. Coach Proskovec.

8 Silver: Caleb Even, Colin Stoltenberg, Grant Helmle, Luke Frost, Jace Borcherding, Bryce Kramer, Preston Lang, Quincey Johnson, Kade Popenhagen, Garrett Nurre, Joseph Legislador, Owen Marion. Coach Helmle.

8 Navy: Jacob Phillips, Wyatt Howard, Brady Kruse, Adam Cook, Rilynn Loeffler, Noah Jordebrek, Trevor Scott, Joseph Casey, Easton Frese, Matthew Burger, Jack Lampe. Coach Kruse.

8 Blue: Andrew Hamlett, Noah Schimberg, Nate Selensky, Sam Platz, Wyatt Herting, Eddie Pieper, JJ Negrin, Dominic D'Amico, Quinn Oleson, Ethan Dempewolf, Ben Pfab. Coach Herting.

9 Silver: Aiden Yamilkoski, Andrew Miller, Cole Casey, Kyle Ryan, Eli Brecht, Josef Lemker, Ben Volk, Justin Valenta, Roman Rivera, Seth Williams, Aidan McDermott, Gavin Gales. Coach Brecht.

9 Navy: Timothy Lesnik, Cal Fielder, Jackson Fuller, Ryan Cater, Eli Koopmann, Charlie Allen, Matthew Carlson, Jevin Rexroth, Mac Feldmann, Shane Pins, William Hacke. Coach Koopmann.

9 Blue: Stephen Casey, Brandon Lippert, Ryan Schmit, Macntyre Woltman, Hudson Courter, Tom Giorgio, Henry Eipert, Andrew Stephenson, Carlos, Baez-Perez, Tyler Netolicky, Brogan Zahn, Nicholas Burkamper. Coach Zahn.

10 Silver: Cade Engelbrecht, Hugh Courter, Ryan Whitson, Aidan Henry, Spencer Mesch, John Efting, Luke Efting, Christian Stanek, Makhi Wilson, Andy Kram, Sean Dunkirk. Coaches Engelbrecht and Courter.

10 Navy: Cody LeFever, Brady Horstmann, Drew Ament, William Grainger, Noah Allen, Camden Medberry, Justin Fulton, Grant Reasner, Reilly Moore, Benjamin Pieper, August Giurato, Alec Helmle. Coach LeFever.

10 Blue: Carson Eby, Zachary Bautista, Magnus Beal, Jake Dougherty, Drew Welter, Nate Westhoff, Grant Seals, Ethan head, T.J. Cook, Eidahl Landen, Elijah Ervin. Coach Ervin.

11 Silver: Ben Casey, Quin Fandel, Josh Hilzendager, Nicholas Kramer, Nick Lemke, Clayton Nurre, Jaxon Rexroth, Matthew Schmit, Michael Steffan, Sean Steffan, Daniel Zeck. Coach Nurre.

11 Navy: Nick Lara, Carson Wegmann, Lincoln Oakley, Alex Herting, Ryan May, Jon Stokesberry-Wendland, Drew Goerdt, Ethan Williams, Lucas Lowder, Caelen Shannon, Collin Lippert, Finnegan West. Coach Goerdt.

11 Blue: Nick Limbert, Sam Cox, Jackson Decker, Ethan Shimak, Gregory Lesnik, Luke Potter, Blake Kellison, Patrick Shaull, Blake Kellen, Griffin Maloney. Coach Cox.

12 Silver: Nick Banowetz, Drew Dupont, Tyler Dupont, Logan McDermott, Bryce Serovy, Kaiden Cuevas, Ryan Barthelme, Michael Glavan, Ben Kisting, Erik Triplett, Mac Mahurin. Coach Banowetz

12 Navy: Noah Fischels, Wesley Johnson, Bryant Finley, Isaac Scott, Jack Stephenson, Ethan Hurkett, Griffin Vogl, Brandon Whitson, Harrison Hartgrave, Matthew Weih. Coach Weih.

12 Blue: Dale Weaver, Jacob Tipton, Jaden Lockhart, Christian Garcia, Sean Deegan, Austin Bruns, Ryan Osbon, Robert Weger, Isaac Ipsan, Ryan Cook, Owen West, Carson Justice. Coach Tipton.

13 Silver: Partick McGinn, Braden Stovie, Kyle Moeder, Ben Conrad, Austin Marlin, Kyle Meaney, Tanner Wright, Zach Frost, Dan Bailey, Gus Fuhrman, Hunter Hartgrave. Coaches Frost, Moeder and McGinn.

13 White: Braden Albert, Michael Gundacker, Isaac Ball, Will Christianson, Brendon Egli, Wyatt Johnson, Matthew Jordebrek, Reese Manternach, Nate Stoltenberg, Mitch Willey, Jackson Miller. Coach Albert

13 Blue: Grayson Walther, Evan Lemker, Paul Linveille, Kyle Krezek, Ethan Nasution, Cameron Kadlec, Gabe Nethery, Cade Guckenberger, Michael Coester, Garrett Coester, Christian Klein, Regan Rhys. Coach Nethery.

13 Navy: Landon Santel, Max Lesnik, Matthew Koopmann, Docker Reece, Jonathan Bell, Derrick Voss, Austin Parker, Regan Moran, Alex Wickham, Maxwell Terfler, Kyle Wilkins, Curtis Wilkins. Coach Parker.

14 Silver: Aaron Bartels, Jared Brown, Chris Hazelton, Jacob Hines, Ryan Keating, Jack Lemke, Matthew Ropp, Tyler Steffensmeier, Nile Venteicher, Pete Westlund, Riley Beck. Coaches Lemke and Hines.

14 White: Justin Schneider, nathan Skala, Sam Stark, Jon Lansing, Quinn Schulte,  Brandon Serovy, Casey O'Connell, Derrick Skala, Brant Charipar, Alex Hinrichs. Coaches Schulte, O'Connell and Charipar.

14 Navy: Chase Wertzberger, Ethan Brown, Jax Junge, Nate Hammerberg, Ryan Hosch, Quinn Miller, Beau VanBerkum, Noah Kepros, Joey Allessio, Zach Packingham, McClain Burger. Coaches Brown and Hammerberg.

14 Blue: Calvin Ford, Kamron Dietrich, Alex Olson, Joseph Scieszinski, Bryce Donner, Charlie Hart, Lucas Brown, Jeremy KAne, John Paper, Cole Goerdt, Joey Drahozal. Coach Kane.