St. Cloud Girls Soccer: Welcome

Welcome to the Saint Cloud Girls Soccer website.  This very special group of girls has realized many achievements both on and off the pitch.   We have always believed that "success is a journey......not a destination".


Coach & Club President - Bob Arft (321) 228-2958

Assistant - Charles Lee (407) 414-3795

Keeper trainer - Cheri Ward 

Club Trainer - Chris Adams

Trainer(s) - Robert; Elizabeth

Wednesday, September 14
Check calendar for rescheduled game(s)

Team update

This year because we had such an outstanding turnout, we are coaching 2 teams in different age groups but both at the high school level.  All the girls will train together and for all intents and purposes, we are as one.  For those girls that just can't get enough soccer, they will have the opportunity to play on both teams.  As always,  we remain committed to keeping soccer a great experience in your daughter’s life.


"Set higher standards for your own performance than anyone around you, and it won't matter whether you have a tough boss or an easy one. It won't matter whether the competition is pushing you hard, because you'll be competing with yourself." Rick Pitino

Directions to Most Fields

3 v 3 calendar

School Calendar 2011-12


Your hometown St. Cloud soccer club remains the best value around.     Annual fee is $240 and includes both seasons plus uniforms.   The only extra costs would be a minimal $25-$30 for the occasional tournament.  Our club is truely non-profit and there are no hidden coaches fees, training fees, equipment fees,  etc.  you experience with other teams.    This year, we offer 3 payment options with the first payment required to accompany your registration form: 1)   $240 at the time of registration; 2)     $120 at registration and $120 by Aug 15th; 3) $80 at registration; $80 by July 31st; $80 by Aug 15th