Sahara Sports: Welcome

Welcome to Sahara Sports.....Thirsting for Competition!!

Why Sahara Sports?  It's easy.  The Sahara Desert is the hottest place on earth.  We want to be the hottest sports club around.  We intend to push every limit in the area of competition.  As our motto states: We are thirsting for competetion!


Mission Statement:

Developing competitive youth athletic programs that produce superior athletes with a sense of pride, dedication, compassion, and community service.  Sahara Sports is dedicated to impacting the lives of young athletes by building a passion for excellence, emphasizing development of the body, mind, and spirit by using the universal language of sports.  We are committed to developing the fundamental knowledge, skills, and playing ability needed to enable our athletes to become successful in competitive sports.  We believe that participation in sporting events develops self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and provides a training ground to teach the youth of our communities about life and the importance of team work, perseverance, commitment, passion, leadership, and work ethic.  These qualities of character will stay with our players for a lifetime, helping them to achieve not only their athletic goals, but more importantly, their academic goals as well.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to be completely athlete minded, meaning, our main concern is what is in the best interest of our athletes.  We strive to provide our athletes with every opportunity to earn an athletic and/or academic scholarship.

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