Saco Girls Little League Softball: Welcome



SGLL 2nd Annual Hit-A-Thon

What? Saco Girls Little League will hold its second Hit-A-Thon on opening day!

When? May 3rd, 2014 at 12:00

Where? Saco Middle School, Field B

Why? To raise funds for our league (and because it will be fun!)

How? Each player will have 5 scored hits. Each hit will be scored from 1-5, based on where the ball comes to a stop.

Each player will receive a pledge form and ask family members, friends, and neighbors to sponsor them. They will be able to sponsor per point or a flat amount.

Example of pledge per point: The maximum points that can be earned are 20. If a person pledges $1.00 per point, the most that they will pay is $20.00. Please return pledge sheets to the coaches before May 3rd, and most importantly: HAVE FUN!!!

Handout: Hit-A-Thon Pledge Sheet

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