Friday, August 3
July Swimmer of the month

Ultra Group:

The swimmer of the month for July in Ultra is Joe Vath.  Joe made several JO times and had large time drops. He has worked hard both in the pool and his private land trainer.  Great job Joe.

Monday, July 2
June Swimmer of of the month

Advanced Group: The June swimmer of the Month from the advanced group is Jocelyn Fisher. Jocelyn has been working harder at practice and her attendance has been much better over the past 2 months. She has been concentrating on her technique and trying to improve all of her strokes. Keep up the hard work and kick butt the rest of the season!!

Junior Group: The June swimmer of the Month from the junior group is Alice Tsai. Alice actually had an overall great season and this month was moved up to the advanced group. She has been working extremely hard and achieving best times in all her events. Good job Alice, keep it up and kick butt in the Advanced group!!


Ultra Group: Heather Miller is finishing up her Senior Year in style with 6 best times in the last meet and shattered those times. Great Job Heather we will miss you. Please come back to visit and swim.

Also a big ATTA BOY to James Donlevy for Making High School All American 


For Dev AA, Gillian Singer is the swimmer of the month.  Gillian has been looking for all possible ways to improve her stroke.  Her attendance has been great and you can tell she wants to be at practice.  Gillian has a positive attitude every time she enters the pool.
For Dev A, Hilal Uyanik is the swimmer of the month.  Hilal has been working hard to show that she is serious about improving.  Her attendance proves that she's not just going through the motions, but working towards a goal.

Congratulations girls on a great month!  Let's finish the season at an all time best!


For the month of June Kayra Oltulu has been selected as the swimmer of the month for Developmental BB. Kayra recently has moved from Pre-Team to Dev. BB and has done an outstanding job! She works her hardest at every practice and implements the corrections that are made to her technique. Keep up the great work!

For the month of June Eda Uyanik has been selected as the swimmer of the month for Developmental B. Eda's attendance has improved greatly and has become one of the leaders in the group. She is very enthusiastic and works extremely hard at practice each day. Keep up the hard work!




Monday, June 4
May Swimmer of the month

Ultra swimmer of the month: Chris Tutone

Chris Tutone has been working very hard and has set excellent goals for himself and I am sure if he continues he will surpass them.  Great job Chris. Keep up the good work.


Junior swimmer of the month: Emily Ahmed


 Every month Emily has one of the best practice percentages of all the swimmers in the Junior/Advanced groups. She has shown this with greats swims this year and has started off with a strong long course season. Emily has qualified for 10 Junior Olympic qualifying times and is shooting to make the zone team this summer!


Advanced swimmer of the month: Marisa Pandolfo


Marisa joined our team in November and has showed a great amount of improvement in the time she has been here. Marisa has one of the best attendance rates in the group and works extremely hard at every practice! Each practice she continues to improve and push her other teammates to be better as well.


Develpomental B swimmer of the month:Shane O'Rourke



Shane has continuously worked hard and has improved a lot since he started.  He never has anything negative to say and always gives 100%.  Shane is someone you can tell not only wants to get better, but will do what it takes to succeed.
Develpomental A swimmer of the month:Danielle Azralon


Danielle's attendance has shown that she wants to improve.  She has dropped time in everything she has swam and continues to move up, qualifying for more competitive meets.  Although Danielle is very sociable, she works hard at practice and really wants to get better.

Congratulations and let's have just as successful of a season for long course!




Monday, April 2
Congratulations! April 2012

Ultra Swimmer of the Month-

James Donlevy had a great March.  Suffolk County High School 50 yard Champion and setting a new Suffolk County record.  Also set the Sachem North high school 50 and 100 free records.  I know James is looking forward to and working hard for Counties.
Great job James 

Advanced Swimmer of the Month-
Joe Pedisich
    After a slow start to the season Joe has had some great meets the past two months. He has made it a main goal in practice to really fix his stroke technique, especially in freestyle, and we have seen great results come from this. While Joe is very active in other sports, his attendance is one of the best in the groups! Keep up the good work and finish with a great meet at counties
Juniors Swimmer of the Month-
Erin Mullery
    Erin has been one of our hardest working Juniors this season and just picked up her 1st County cut last weekend at Age Groups!! Erin comes to practice and does what we ask of her. She has a positive attitude and had a great season, achieving many personal bests. She is always willing to listen to critiques and strives to better herself each practice. Great job and good luck at Counties

Developmental B Swimmer of the Month-

Katie Wolffer 

She has taken the corrections the coaches have given her and improved her strokes.  Because of her hard work, she has dropped significant time in her races, making the Counties team in 3 events.  Congratulations, Katie!
Developmental A Swimmer of the Month-

Bobby O'Rielly

He has come a long way since September and only continues to get better.  Each day he works hard and due to that, has made his first Silvers cut.  Congratulations, Bobby!


Congratulations! March 2012

Ultra Swimmer of the Month:
Neil Folk

Neil Folk has worked hard thru the month of February and did a great job at State Quals making a Zone time in the 100 back.

Great Job Neil

Junior Swimmer of the Month:
Brendan Beutel

Throughout the season we have seen great results from Brendan. He has been keeping his attendance up and working every practice to try and improve his stroke technique. Brendan showed how tough he was when he came to practice after he sprained his finger playing basketball and swam the whole practice with paddles just so he didn’t have to miss. Keep up the good work and finish off the season with a bang. (However maybe stay off the basketball court)
Advanced Swimmer of the month:
Vinny Budke

Vinny has been on a mission the past month getting ready for our championship meets. He has been coming to practice more determined then we have ever seen before. Each practice Vinny gives a 100% and pushes himself to the limit. We are looking forward to big things from Vinny over the next few months. Good Job Budke!

Developmental A Swimmer of the month:
Michelle Diehl

Michelle always tries to improve on her strokes and times.  She has recently shined in the kick sets, proving she has a powerful kick.  She always has a positive attitude and always cheerful.

Developmental B Swimmer of the month:
Marisa Lee and Isabelle Marone

We have 2 swimmers of the month, Marisa Lee and Isabelle Marone.  Both girls are continuously improving at practice, not only in their strokes but in attendance too.  They are both eager to learn and better their times.  Marisa and Isabelle always show up with a positive attitude and a smile on their faces.  Nice job, girls!

                                                             Keep up the good work, girls!