Castle View High School Women's Soccer: Rapids Game

Thursday, April 7
Rapids Game Info and Facts!

*Every girl(Varsity and JV) needs to sell 6 tickets to the Rapids Game. 

* Tailgate Party with free food is open to all who buy tickets.

* All of our tickets are in section 115! 

* $22 gets you into the Rapids game and the High School games!!! 

*Misha Bradley will be at all the Varsity Games with tickets, and at practice on Mondays to collect checks and hand out tickets.

* A prize will be given to the top seller!

* Make the checks out to Castle View High School! 

* Contact Misha with any further questions~




Congrats Sarah Smith and Tayler Bradley for selling your 6 tickets!!!!!! 

Congrats to Macie Schiller for selling 3 tickets!

The competition is now on~ so girls please get out there and sell!!! SELL!!!! SELL!!!!!!!