Ryle Raiders Baseball: Welcome

Oval Raiders Black
Fundraising events will take place on Feb. 26 and Mar. 1 at Xavier's Cintas Center.  One parent per player should make arrangements to attend each event. Every player over sixteen years of age will also need to attend each event.  The arrival time for the 26th is 1;00pm.  We will arrive at 6:30pm for the event on the 1st.  Every person attending will need photo ID.  We need 56 people to make these successful events.
All players buying their own gear need to keep in mind the requirements of the baseball team.  Any undershirts and socks need to be black for game attire.  Cleats also need to be black.  The cleats may be trimmed in orange, white, or silver.  Any helmets will need to be black and have an orange R provided by the team.  The should be no other logos, or symbols.  


Friday, February 10
XU Fundraiser 2017

Below is a handout with information for POTENTIAL families and players about our fundraising activities for this season.  
Handout: XU Fundraiser 2017


See the Ryle Baseball schedules here:
Handout: 2017 Schedules


Handout: 2017 Tryout Information