AA Phillies: Welcome

Wednesday, May 18
Welcome to the Phillies Team Website

It's about that time...

                          What time is it?

It's time to PLAY BALL!!!!!!

The Phillies have been predicted, by all the top sports annalyst, to win the pennant this year.  They have the strongest pitching staff and the hardest hitters in the league.  The competition is very tough out there so they will need to stay focused, but with a lot of hard work, determination, and discipline comes reward.

The AA Phillies is under new management this year, with a fresh new look and fresh new instructors.

Manager: Anthony Morales

Coaches: Brian Anderson, Randy Ches, Sonny Rodriguez

Team Mom: Monica Bautista

Super Stars: Andrei, Austin, Darrion, Jackson, Jalen, Kaiden, Micah, Mitchell, Nick, Richie,Tyler, Will


Always reach for the moon, if you dont get it, atleast you will be by the stars!!!!!



We Will Rock You