Major Yankees: Welcome

Opening Day
Welcome to the Official Website of the Team Black!

 left to right: Coach:Craig Mitchell, Spencer (The Road Runner) Floyd, Jordan (Panda) Susbilla, Andrei (The Big Cat) Buado, Coach;J.B. True, Chase (The Mighty) Meniatis, ( Joltin`) Jacob  Rosin, Anthony (The Big Easy) Lozano, Coach; Don Peralta, Scotty (Happy) Gilmore, Hayden (The Hammer) Mitchell, Tristan (Brave Heart) George, Jake (The Snake) Peralta, Coach; Doug Rosin, Parker (The Real Deal) True, Charles (Hawk) Godtfredsen

"2013 is going to be an exicting season with many possibilities," coach Don Peralta explains. "We had an outstanding draft, we signed five Major league veterans, Anthony Lozano, Jordan Susbilla, Jacob Rosin, Charles Godtfedsen, and Chase Meniatis. We were able to bring up five players from the 2012 championship AAA Yankee Team; Andrei Buado, Hayden Mitchell, Spencer Floyd, Paker True, and Jake Peralta, we also added two of the most versitile players in the league; AAA Orioles; Tristan George and Scotty Gilmore". Coach J.B. is ecstatic when talking about the team chemistry and mental make-up of the Major Yankees, saying," this team has it all, experience, leadership, and the perserverance to see the job through to its final destination. The Yankees also added Coach Doug Rosin to their staff. Rosin is a welcome addition and should bring stability to the Yankee coaching staff. 

Come on down to the ballpark and cheer on the 2013 Major Yankees

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