Raritan Valley National Adult Baseball Association: Awards

2003 Players of the Week Awards
Weeks One & Two 4/13-4/27/03
AA Steve Janks (Old Bridge Cubs) WP,6ip,5H,2R,8K,2BB & 1/1,HR,3RBI
A TJ Hepworth (Carteret Twins) CG,WP,9ip,0ER,18K
Week Three 5/4/03
AA Brian Field (U.C. Beavers) CG,WP,9IP,1ER,6H,7K,0BB & 2/3,1RBI,1BB,1R
A Jeff Moskal (South Amboy Yankees)3/3,double,HR,bb,3R,4RBI
Week Four 5/11/03
AA Rich Grabowski (Stallions)WP,CG,9ip,5ER,10H,4BB,6K & 2/4,2RBI,1R
A Brian Fazzino (Aces) 3/4,2RBI,GWRBI
Week Five 5/18/03
AA Juan Williams (Cardinals) 2/3,2HR(inc Grand Slam),6RBI,2R
A Jarrod Harrington (Twins) WP,CG,3r,0er,15k & 2/4,HR,double,5RBI
Week Six 6/1/03
All games rained out
Week Seven 6/8/03

Week Eight 6/15/03
AA Romano Lake (Cardinals) 4/4,cycle(1B,2B,3B,HR),7RBI,2R
A Rob Jennings (Rock Spring Rockies) WP,CG,9ip,3er,4h,4bb,12k

2002 Players of the Week Awards
Week One 4/7/02
A - Vinnie Cocilovo (Brewers) HR,triple,double, single (cycle)
AA - Scott Jacquish (Bears) 2for4,6RBI,Grand Slam,double

Week Two 4/14/02
A - Aneudy Medina (Red Sox) 2for3,5RBI
AA - Lamar Robinson (Bears) 2for4,5RBI,2HR

Week Three 4/21/02
A - Craig Napolitano (Pirates) Win,CG,9ip,3h,15K,2bb,0r(shutout)
AA - Hector Gonzalez (Cubs) 4for6,4RBI,3R,HR

Week Four 4/28/02 (All games rained out)

Week Five 5/5/02
A - Chris DelPreore (Rockies) No-Hitter,7ip,1r,0h
AA - Geoff Braun (Blue Jays) Win,CG,9ip,1r,1er,5h & Grand Slam

Week Six 5/12/02
A - No nominees
AA - Juan Williams (Cardinals) Win,CG,9ip,2r,5h,12K

Week Seven 5/19/02
A - Steve Ritter (Sand Gnats) Win,8ip,1r,7h,12K,0bb
AA - Pete Estrada (Cubs) Win,CG,9ip,0r,1h

Week Eight 6/02/02
A - Chris DelPreore (Rockies) WP,CG,9ip,3r,8K,7h,2bb & 2/5,rbi
AA - Lance Horta (Blue Jays) WP,CG,9ip,0r,9K
AA - Bryan Devlin (Beavers)WP,CG,0r,6K,7h,0bb

Week Nine 6/09/02
A - Pat Kenney (Pirates) 4/4,5RBI,3R,2HR,double,sb
AA - John Decibus (Stallions) 5/5,4RBI,5R,HR

The John Martin Award
Given to each league's dominant pitcher of the year, this award is named in memory of John Martin's right arm, which is rumored to have died somewhere around 1998. Happily, John himself, is alive and well and living in Austin TX. One of the league's founding members in 1992, Martin set the standard for pitching in the early years of the Raritan Valley NABA. Author of the league's first no-hitter, he was best known for his enduring stamina. His more heroic feats include a 10 and one-third inning performance in the 1993 League Championship Game where he allowed one earned run. And there was his three game performance in the 1995 Colonial States Tournament in Virginia Beach where he was 2-0, allowing just two earned runs while leading a hybrid Mustang team to the status of Tournament Champions.
After a storied career with the Middlesex Bears (1992-98), Martin's legacy to the Raritan Valley NABA was the formation of the New Brunswick Mets in 1999. In 2000, a mere year after his departure from the area, those same Mets challenged his former Bears for the AA League title.

2000 A - Pedro Estrada, North Essex Cardinals
2000 AA - Steve Berchoff, New Brunswick Mets