Raritan Valley National Adult Baseball Association: Rules

Team Registration Fees:
For the 2011 season the team registration fee is $1400.00, and is due March 1,2011.

Also, each player is required to pay a player registration fee of $60 for the full season. Partial season plans are available as shown on the home page.

Umpires are to be paid $75.00 per nine-inning game and $65.00 per seven-inning game. Payment must be made at the pre-game conference. Each team pays one ump. In the event of a forfeit, forfeiting team pays both umpires. If team is not present or is there but can only pay one umpire, the league office will pay the umpire(s) from the team's forfeit bond. Forfeit bond must be replenished before team is allowed to play its next scheduled game.

Player eligibility
All players must have a valid, signed player contract on file with the league president, prior to playing in any game. Teams found to be using ineligible players are subject to forfeit. Managers who knowingly use non-contracted players may be subject to a whole lot worse.

Team Requirements - Uniforms
Teams must be in uniform consisting of matching shirts with individual numbers and matching caps. They must also wear baseball pants which need not match. (Sweat pants, jeans, or shorts are not permitted.) After a three week grace period at season's start a fine will be imposed for teams in violation. ($15 for the first violation,$30 for the second, etc.)

Team Requirements - Balls
Each team will supply the umpires with three game balls at the pre-game conference. In addition to the official NABA balls manufactured by Diamond, there are Rawlings and Wilson models approved for use. They are listed on page 13 of the managers' rulebook.

Team Requirements - Lineup Cards
Each team will supply the umpires with a completed lineup card, listing players by first initial, last name and uniform number. The lineup card must also list all eligible substitutes as well as the batting order. Defensive positions are not needed, except for the pitcher. In the event there are two players on a team with the same last name and first initial, list the players' full first name as well.

Eight Player Start
A team may start and finish a game with 8 players. The team starting with eight players must accept an out the first time the ninth spot in the order comes to bat and each time afterwards until the ninth player arrives. If and when the ninth player arrives he may occupy the ninth spot in the order. However, if his team has begun their defensive half of the inning he must wait until the current batter completes his at bat before going to play the field.

Offensive Lineup
A team may choose to bat as many players as they wish.They may also add to the bottom of their batting order during the course of the game, however they may never subtract from the largest number of batters in their lineup.

Defensive Lineup
All teams have the option to substitute freely in all defensive positions except pitcher. Defensive substitutions (including pitcher) have no effect on the batting order. A pitcher can leave the mound for another position or the bench but may re-enter his position as pitcher only once.

Starter Re-Entry
A starter in the batting order may be removed and a substitute may bat/run in his place. The starter may return to bat, but only in his original spot in the batting order.* Only a starter may re-enter a game and only once. A starter removed from the order for a pinch runner may not re-enter until that pinch runner or other legal substitute has batted at least once.

* except in case of injury; see injury substitution rule.

Courtesy Runners
Two players per team may be designated as non-runners. When they reach base the manager has the option of letting a courtesy runner run for them. This option must be exercised immediately following the play on which they reached base or not at all. A courtesy runner must be the last RECORDED out (unless the last recorded out is the second non-runner.) This is not pinch running and has no effect on the batting order.

No Collision Rule
A runner must either slide or attempt to go around a fielder who is in possession of the ball or who in the umpire's judgement is about to receive the ball. A runner who, in the umpire's judgement, collides with a fielder in an attempt to jar the ball loose or injure the player will be called out and ejected.

Injury Substitution
A team unable to bat the original number of hitters in its lineup due to injury of a player, may re-use a player who is already "out of the game" in the injured player's spot. If a team has no more than the original number of players in uniform at the game at the time of the injury, then the game shall continute under the rules governed by the eight player start rule. An out will be recorded each time the injured player's spot comes up. It's the umpires' judgement whether or not a player can continue to play with an injury. If this rule is invoked the injured player cannot re-enter the game under any circumstances, even if he appears to have recovered.

If a player ejection prevents a team from placing nine defensive players on the field, or prevents a team from maintaining the number of batters it started with in its lineup the game shall be considered a forfeit. A team has five minutes to provide a substitute for its batting order.

*The five minute grace period is for the batting lineup only.

Mercy Rule
There is a 10-run rule that takes effect at the completion of the seventh or any ensuing inning in a nine inning game. If the home team is ahead after 6 1/2 innings it is an official game. The same ten run rule applies at the end of fifth or any ensuing inning of a seven inning game. If the home team is ahead after 4 1/2 innings, the game is official.

Scheduled doubleheaders consist of one nine-inning and one seven-inning game. The nine-inning game is played first.

Rainout Policy
Home field manager may declare their field unplayable and ASK the league president to postpone their game up until 2 hours and 15 minutes before game time. (example: Team A and B play at 10:00 AM, the home must call by 7:45 AM) Postponements will be granted only for poor field conditions. Managers and umpires will be called by the league president if a game is postponed. The managers and umpires may also call the league president's voice mail @(732)763-8190 for an update. If visiting teams and umpires receive no notification of a postponement within two hours of game time, the field may be playable, and all parties must report to the field. If at game time, the field is deemed unplayable by the umpires, then the game shall be postponed. The umpires will receive a $15 travel fee from the league office.

Respect for the fields is of paramount importance. Make sure your team leaves its dugout/bench area as clean or cleaner than they found it. Repeated violations of this rule will result in fines or expulsion. Effort should also be made to rake back dirt into batter's boxes and pitching mounds after games.

Makeup Games
After a postponed game a manager has eight days (until following Monday) to submit to the league president, a date and time that his team can make up the game. Failure by one team to submit same shall result in a forfeit if the game is unable to be rescheduled. If neither team submits a time and date by the deadline then the game may be cancelled altogether. Once a manager submits a date and time, the other manager agrees to it, and a field is reserved, the game is officially rescheduled and failure of either team to show up will result in a forfeit with the subsequent umpire fees to be paid by the forfeiting team.

Game Reports
An official scorer shall keep the book for both teams and report the score and statistics to the league president. The home team should provide the official scorer, but if they are unable to do so, the visiting team may provide one.