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Monday, March 16
Registration is officially closed.

Our official registration period has expired. At this time, league reps and coaches have begun dividing teams and creating game schedules. Your coaches will be in contact with you soon.

If you'd like to be added to a waiting list, please contact the appropriate league rep based on your child's official Little League age (see link below).

Calculate your child's official Little League age
League rep contact info  

You can click here to view our registration site. An account can be created for both guardians and children if you would like your child to be added to a waiting list for their division (league reps must still be notified of any wish to be added to a waiting list), but programs are currently closed to any further registrations. 


Monday, March 16
We need your child's Medical Waiver

According to Little League Baseball's safety protocol, no child without a submitted Medical Waiver should be allowed to practice with their team. Waivers must be submitted EACH season — prior season's submissions are not valid. If you still need to submit your child's Medical Waiver, please follow these steps ...

  2. Save the file to your local computer — do not complete it within the pop-up window as your entries will not be saved 
  3. Complete waiver
  4. Submit completed waiver(s) to registration@raccoonvalleylittleleague.com.


What is my child's "league age?"

For 2015, Little League Baseball changed the cutoff date for determining ...

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RVLL celebrates 60 years, makes changes for upcoming 2015 season!


As Raccoon Valley Little League moves into its 60th year, our board strives to promote the development of our players, the quality of their play and to keep them engaged with the great game of baseball. Toward these ends, we've made some changes with our league structures for the upcoming 2015 season.
In an effort to keep the 9-year old league competitive we have folded them in with the 10-year olds. Combining 9- and 10-year olds should create a more competitive league, improve the level of play and keep the players more focused.

In a parallel move, the AAA and Majors divisions will both become Intermediate Leagues which means the age groupings will now be comprised of 11-, 12- and 13-year olds. It also means a larger field. Almost immediately, work will begin to adapt the infields, move the bases and pitching mounds back slightly, as well as modify the fences by either moving them back or higher (or some combination of the two). This might be done over the winter or early next spring.

This Intermediate League, and larger field, should allow players to transition more smoothly from the AAA and Majors divisions to Seniors. Our hope is that this move will keep more kids in that 13-year old age group playing ball for at least another year as they grow and develop, putting them in a better position to join the Seniors division when they turn 14.
We are tentatively scheduled to start the 2015 season on Saturday, April 10.

Check back for more details.