Run with the Indianola Animals: Sponsors

One Race Events

Steve Cannon was our Week 2 Speaker. See his website for more information. One Race Events is an endurance event production company based in Des Moines, Iowa.

Kyle's Shoes

If you run in central Iowa, you should come into the store and meet Bill in person. With video gait analysis, years of experience, and a commitment to helping people meet their fitness goals he helps everyone find the right running shoes for them.

Our Week 3 speaker was Bill Lorenz of Kyle's Bikes. Bill is the self proclaimed “Guru of Shoe”
Bill Lorenz has worked at Kyle’s Bikes in Ankeny since April 2011 when he was hired to open the running department.

Nutrition in Motion LLC

Jennifer was going to be our Week 4 speaker but she opted out since our weather was not ideal. We will get her rescheduled soon. She is offering a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Reading at $15 off. This is normally an $80 service.
Know the EXACT number of calories your body burns at rest and get your own "metabolic fingerprint." Nutrition in Motion uses the BodyGem to test your VO2 or volume of oxygen consumption to precisely measure your metabolic rate at rest. Testing has specific guidelines to follow beforehand. This is perfect for athletes wanting to gain muscle and/or lose weight for enhanced performance or for those who have plateaued with weight loss. Along with your reading you will receive a print out, explanation of your results and a recommended calorie level with a macronutrient breakdown and guidance on tracking intake independently.

Fitness Sports

Our week 5 speaker is Emily Hansen of Fitness Sports. They have Iowa's BEST running and triathlon race calendar. Their website also includes links to the race registration details and they do an awesome job of posting the results hot off the press.
Iowa's original and largest running store.

Accelerated Rehabilitation

Get Map to Accelerated Rehabilitation 1709 N Jefferson Way #100
Indianola, Iowa
They do great work. Lauren Mach was our host on Week 7.
They offer ASTM Treatments.   They offer walk in service, but if you have a group call ahead. It's wise to have the ASTM done just prior to your important race.
Phone: (515) 962-9272

Anytime Fitness

Get Map to Anytime Fitness 402 N Jefferson Way
Indianola, Iowa
See Brett Wright, Owner.
Phone: 515-961-8848
Anytime Fitness

Denise Boozell of Hy-Vee

Get Map to Denise Boozell of Hy-Vee 910 Jefferson Way
Indianola, Iowa
On Monday, Aug 18th our speaker was Denise Boozell, Registered Dietitian at Hy-Vee, Inc of Indianola. She talked to us about ways to properly hydrate and she brought chia drink samples.
Phone: 515-961-5329
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