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Rochester, Michigan
  Team News  

Monday, August 11
it's all about TEAMTeam camp is here! And with it, the beginning of another great season. Team camp is a special event on many levels. It helps establish a tone of work ethic and effort. It is a magnificent team bonding opportunity – we are not 16 players just showing up to play the game, we are one team. And, of course, there is the obvious benefit of improving technical and tactical skills as we learn from day to day.

Our camp will run 9:00am to 11:30am, Aug 11th-15th at Oakland Christian School, 3075 Shimmons Road, Auburn Hills. Oakland Christian is located at Shimmons & Dexter roads north of Walton and west of Squirrel (you can enter from either main road).

Dexter runs north off Walton Blvd, west of Squirrel Rd.
Shimmons Rd. runs west off Squirrel, north of Walton
Either one will lead you directly to the school.

Regular team training sessions will resume Monday, 18 Aug.
We will not have regular team practice sessions the week of team camp.

Monday, July 3
What is OFFSIDE?
What is Offside?Here is an outstanding (and handy) explanation of what does and what does not constitute an offside violation. Click Here to start the animated video or just click the picture of the linesman.

Here is another one (but it’s not as good as the 1st one).

Saturday, June 30
Saturday Morning Kickarounds
Starting Saturday, 11 July, I'll be up at Adams High School at 11:00 for our weekly Saturday Morning Kickaround.

What it is:
For those that are not familiar with our Saturday Morning Kickaround, I'll run through it briefly here. First off, there is nothing mandatory about the Kickaround. It's just something I started doing with my own teams eight or nine years ago and the players really liked doing it. I've kept it up because it has proven popular with my players and they've always indicated that they wish to continue the tradition. The invitation now extends to any players who are in town and feel like getting outside and kicking a ball around for fun with some of your teammates & clubmates. Bring any friends or siblings you would like, they're as welcome as can be.

What It’s not:
It's not a practice. No coaching, no drills, no training session stuff – just picking up sides and playing 3v3 or 4v4 (whatever the numbers give us). Play as long as you like. Take water breaks whenever you like. It's totally your time. I'm basically just there to bring the cones & Pugg Goals. (Plus I'm happy to answer any questions you might have of course).

When & how long:
Usually an hour or an hour & fifteen minutes is how long these traditionally last till everybody's had their fill for the day.

So I've set my calendar for the Saturday's from July 11th thru Aug 1st. Same time, same place. Whoever shows up, that's who we'll pick up teams from. If nobody shows up, I'll go over to coach Ham's house and make him buy me breakfast.

I hope everybody's enjoying their summer. As always, feel free to call or drop a note if you have any questions I can answer.

See you Saturday (some of you).

Coach K

Please sign our GUESTBOOK. Let us know what you think.


Saturday, April 30
Thunder Quieted By USL
RSSC Thunder 2 - USL 6

Not a bad showing against a very strong ULS team. Details to follow.

GOALS: Cici Inscho; Abbey Joseph
GOALKEEPERS: Emma Vieregge, Brittany Boyle

Wednesday, December 29
Oakland Yard 3v3 Winterfest Tournament
3v3 With a few week off for the holidays, 5 Thunder team members decided to give the Oakland Yard 3v3 Winterfest Tournament a go. Samantha, Hannah, Cici, AbbeyJo and Kaela entered the tournament as Rochester Strikers with Ted Lendzion standing in as coach for the tournament. It was an exciting day and a very successful one as Strikers finished a very impressive 3rd place out of 8 teams with 2 wins against Gators and Waterford Lady Warriors, and only one loss against the eventual runner-up, our own sister team, Lightning’95. Magic’95, coached by a good friend & old teammate of mine, beat Lightning in the final match for championship standing.

Very nice day girls. It was fun to watch and it was great fun to be able to sit and just be your #1 fan for a day. Ted thanks for the great job.

Sunday, April 24
Welcome to the Spring season

RSSC Thunder 2 - USL 7

It was brutally cold, icy winds, freezing sleet, sideways snow, sub-freezing temp - not at all a day suited for soccer. But we played. Hanna scored a very nice goal on a free kick. And later in the second half Kaela got open on a breakaway and totally unbalanced the keeper 1v1, then stepped into her space and tucked the goal away as calm as you please. USL played a good match and took advantage of their chances.

USL earned the win – but Thunder played their hearts out, and I am well pleased with this match. We all kept all our fingers & toes, so I’m happy enough about that. For year to follow now, you’ll be talking about the game you played “That Day”. People who weren’t there might not even believe you – but we were there, and we know. This was as ugly a day as you’ll ever see a game played and I give you all the credit in the world for playing in it.

GOALS: Hanna Darin (unassisted); Kaela Sakorafis (assist tbd)
GOALKEEPERS: Katie Milke, Emma Vieregge

Sunday, December 19
Thunder Finish Runner-Up
Oakland Yard Thunder’95 wrapped up their 1st indoor session this weekend with a series of strong performances and runner-up standing in for the session. First up for the session-ending tournament format, we faced Clarkston Shadows winning 3-1. Next up we faced off against Waterford Lady Warriors and were able to avenge our early season loss to them as we earned a 2-0 win and the right to play the very talented Bloomfield Force in the final match.

Thunder gave a far stronger showing than the 1st time we met, and kept the opponent off the scoreboard for about half the match. But Force did a very good job of keeping the pressure applied and eventually got through our defense to score a couple. And despite our best efforts in that 3rd game of the evening, we were unable to push one past them to get back in it. Force just did a great job and it was certainly a well-earned win for them. Nonetheless, a game effort and a very solid evening of soccer for Thunder in total.

I’m pleased with your winter training thus far, girls. I want to continue to focus on speed of play and decision-making after the Christmas break. We won’t have any league play during second session, but Coach Dani has asked that we arrange some scrimmages over January & February, which we will do. Then we’ll pick up back at Oakland Yard for 3rd session league play in preparation for spring.

Keep up the great work and enjoy your Christmas!

Sunday, December 5
Rochester Christmas Parade
Parading Along Main Street What a wonderful day. Sunday the entire Thunder’95 came out and joined other players from RSSC and RYSL to participate in the 53rd Rochester Hometown Christmas Parade. The entire team showed up and had a great time from start to finish.

First up on the day was bowling and pizza party. Since all the streets were going to be closed off by noon, we decided to meet for a bowling party before the parade so everybody would be together and get to the parade on time. Afterward, the team walked to the float to await our to in procession. The float was completed by volunteers last weekend and depicted a scene of a soccer game between Santa’s elves and gingerbread men. The G-men were lined up in a wall as the Elves were about to restart with a direct free kick. What a fun float and a great job by our league volunteers including our own manager, Ted Lendzion, in bringing such a creative idea to life. (somebody please send me a pic).

Parade watchers The day, sunny clear and 40°, was absolutely made to order. Starting in the shadow of Stony Creek High at Teinken & Sheldon, we made our way over to Main Street and then into Downtown as an estimated 60,000 people lined the 1½ mile parade route. Channel 7, for the first time ever, broadcast the event live and were everywhere - on the route with roving cameras & reporters, in the air with the Sky7 chopper and on the corner of 4th & Main where Glenda Lewis & Dave LewAllen (who’s daughter plays in our league) anchored the event. Even though by the end of the route it started to get a little gray and the temperature began to drop noticeably, there was absolutely no drop in excitement and enthusiasm. Everybody was all smiles.

This was a really great day, Thunder. Great weather. Great in your spirit and enthusiasm. Great in your participation. Just plain great fun. And I'm really glad to have been able to be a part of it with you.

Merry Christmas to Everybody from RSSC Thunder'95



Monday, October 25
Thunder closed out a magnificent season today with a magnificent show of team play and outstanding effort from every single player. We traveled back down to Royal Oak’s mammoth field at Quickstad Park for our season ender against Renegades White. Straight off the opening kickoff Thunder seized control and would not relinquish it for the duration of the match.

With Cici scoring in the 1st and then again in the 3rd minute, it was clear early that Thunder would probably carry play through the match. That did prove to be the case. And throughout the match I was able to find examples of all the fundamentals and the basics we have been working so hard to put to use; good communication, unselfish play, good work off the ball, diagonal play, support. These among other things were all in evidence Saturday. And it is a statement to the character and spirit of team play that in a match in which we were fortunate enough to be able to score 10 goals, no single player scored more than two. THAT is what I call team effort.

I have not yet reviewed the game tape to determine today’s assists, but suffice it to say that every single one of you were outstanding today. And as Mr. Lendzion so succinctly and correctly put it in the stats report he sent me – assists: The Team.

Goals: Brittany Boyle (2), Alexa Caparuscio (2), Cierra Inscho (2), Emma Vieregge (2), Hannah Darin, Abbey Joseph
Goalkeepers: Katie Milke, Samantha Lendzion.
Assists: The Team.


You girls cannot possibly know how very proud I am of you. And that has nothing to do with today’s win or this season’s record.

What makes me so proud to be your coach is your commitment to each other and to yourselves.
What makes me so proud to be your coach is all the hard work and effort you put into your season, the work Coach Susan and I ask you to do on your own and the fact that you do it.
What makes me so proud to be your coach is the dedication and support you give to one another.

And because every single one of you have work so hard individually for the sake of each other, you have each gained more individually than you know – because the harder you work individually, the better you’ll make your teammates around you, and the harder your teammates around you work, the better they will make you.
And because you each have accepted the value of putting the team (my 10 teammates plus me) before self (just me), you have accomplished more than you ever could have done otherwise.
Put all of that together, and it creates a brilliant team. It makes you shine. And in turn, that reflects all the brighter on each individual of the team.

This is what I have seen you choose this season. And this is what I love about you.

Being a team that does well is nice. But doing the things which lead us to being a team that does well is what’s important. You are good players and getting better - but that’s not what makes me so proud of you. You are GREAT kids – and THAT is what makes me so very proud of you.

Thursday, October 21
Gators Bite Back
(at) RSSC Thunder 3 – Gators 4
In the second leg of our “home & home” series, Gators gave as good as they got. Today the edge went to them in another well played, and tightly contested match. Thunder and Gators split the season series 1-1 each earning a one-goal victory over the other.

Thunder’s scoring opened when Samantha gained the ball in the attacking half and then put on a fantastic 1v1 move to beat her defender (Coach Susan says she thinks it was the 1-direction “dead touch”) and finished nicely to equalize the score.

Gators pulled ahead and it was Samantha scoring again to level the game at 2-2. In the second half Gators built a 4-2 lead and were playing very well. With about 7 minutes left in the match the ball was in the Gator keeper’s possession. Kaela, at right-mid was watching everything in front of her very alertly, and when the keeper decided to try to roll a pass to her own defender, Keala read it, anticipated it, and swooped in like a hawk out of the sky to intercept the pass and strike a lovely shot from just inside the penalty area to the side netting to pull Thunder within 1 goal. Unfortunately time ran out for us and 4-3 ended up the final score.

But this was a very nice showing and great game between the top two scoring teams in the division. Communication continues to improve, defensive responsibilities are being taken more to heart, the effort to create and find passing opportunities also continues to improve. This was an excellent outing girls, and Coach Susan & I are extremely proud of you. Keep up the great work! See you Saturday in Royal Oak.

Goals: Samantha Lendzion, Kaela Sakorafis
Goalkeepers: Brittany Boyle, Katie Milke

Next match: Next match: Saturday, 23 Oct, 11:30pm (10:45 field time) vs. ROYSA White
Location: Royal Oak, behind Kimball H.S.

Monday, October 18
Gator Raid
RSSC Thunder 2 - (at) Gators 1

On a cold, damp and gray afternoon, and with the season winding down, Thunder traveled to Sterling Heights to finally face 1st place Gators for their first of two meetings this week. As expected it was a very close match with neither team giving much. Both teams were paying close attention to their defense and both teams did their jobs as the first half ended scoreless.

The game’s first goal came 3 minutes into the 2nd half as Cici came across the field at the half line then turned upline with Abbey Jo crashing toward goal and Samantha balancing things off an the weak side. Cici served the ball in from the left wing and Abbey took a shot which was deflected back away from the goal. Samantha was in the perfect space to step strongly into her 1-time shot. From 12 yards out, it arced up and over the keeper and into the far post side netting. Truly a lovely goal.

But things would not be that easy for Thunder. Gators were now on the attack with a renewed vigor, and would remain so for the rest on the game. And only 5 minutes later, they dribbled the ball deep into our left flank and got bodies out in front of our goal. The service came and was struck solidly. Unfortunately, while goalkeeper Samantha did a great job to position herself for the save, she took the hard-driven ball squarely in the gut and had the wind knocked out of her. As play continued and before it was realized that Sam had been winded, Gators instantly poked the loose ball in to equalize.

Both team were now playing at full energy and intensity. And the excitement was palpable. Then with six minutes left, Abbey Jo was taken down on a near breakaway about 15 yards out from goal, setting up a free kick. Hanna struck a strong and well placed shot on frame and which the keeper deflected out for a corner kick. With Abbey, Cici and Alexa in on the restart, Hanna drove another well placed ball directly in front of goal. It pinged around off one or two legs, but not out of danger. And it was Cici who pounced on her half-chance striking the ball somewhat off balance, but exactly where it needed to go – to the far post. The ball deflected off the inside of the goalpost and into the net for what proved to be the game-winner.

As exciting as the scoring moments were, it was the defense that truly came through for us today. Midfielders & forwards, you did very well today tracking back and shouldering your defensive responsibilities when needed. This was a vast improvement on last week’s defensive effort. Goalkeepers, you were great. It's never an easy job, especially in such a close and hard fought game. But you were fully up to the task. But above everything else, I want to extend my extreme congratulations to you defenders. Alexa, Katy, Abbie Mac, Kaela & Emma, this job got done today only because of the job you got done today. I am so proud of you and so pleased at how determined and focused you came out, and remained all throughout the match. You were quietly the most crucial key to today's match. You played very strong and very tough and there is no way we would have been in this game without your outstanding work today. Well done!

Great job today everybody. Let’s have a good strong week of training as we prepare for another strong challenge Thursday.

Goals: Samantha Lendzion, Cierra Inscho
Assists: Cierra Inscho, Abbey Joseph, Hanna Darin
Goalkeepers: Brittany Boyle, Emma Vieregge, Samantha Lendzion

Next match: Next match: Thursday, 21 Oct, 5:45pm (5:00 field time) vs. Gators
Location: Home

Sunday, October 10
Trojan Force
(at) RSSC Thunder 2 – TSC Red 3

Abbey McCain (blue) defeding against Nikki Yadon Thunder took their first loss on the season today against a very game and determined TSC Red team. Things started off well as Cierra continued her scoring torrent with a very early goal from a gorgeous cross from the right wing (assist wasn’t recorded, players, please let me know if you know who it was). It was a promising start and looked like it could be another big day.

However, while continuing to look for attacking chances, Thunder began ignoring defensive basics and responsibilities, allowing Troy to counter attack far too often. TSC scored to tie the game 1-1 as halftime blew. Cici scored once again in the 2nd half to give Thunder the lead again. But the defensive difficulties were not corrected and Troy equalized and, with 3 minutes left to play, eventually scored the game winner.

The fortunate bit of today’s match is that it is very easy to identify what corrections need to be made. It’s very simple, We need to be more conscientious of our defensive responsibilities. We must track our marks back in transition and we must close the opponent down much earlier when the get the ball to their feet to deny forward progress. Offensively, we are continuing to improve. But it does precious little good to have a strong attacking game if we cannot protect the lead we build for ourselves. So this week, the focus MUST be on improving defensively.

Keep working hard, girls. You’re doing a good job. The true test of success is how we address challenges and how we work to identify and improve on the thing we need to. Let’s make improving in our defensive responsibilities our personal challenge for the weeks ahead.

Goals: Cierra Inscho (2 goals)
Assists: (unrecorded)
Goalkeeper(s): Lauren DeMoe, Samantha Lendzion, Emma Vieregge

Next Match: Sunday, 17 October 2004, 4:00pm (3:15 field time), Holden Elementary School (37565 Calka Drive, Sterling Heights; north off 16 Mile and east of Dequindre)

Sunday, October 3
White Hot
(at)RSSC Thunder 7 - ROYSA Renegades White 1

Thunder put together a very strong showing from beginning to end today scoring four 1st half goals, three 2nd half goals and truly carrying play the entire match through. Good vision, well placed passing, wide play and good 1v1 effort were all in evidence in this match.

Goals: Cierra Inscho (4), Samantha Lendzion, Abby Joseph, Kaela Sakorafis
Assists: Katie Milke, Hanna Darrin, Cierra Inscho (2), (others not recorded, let me know)
Goalkeeper: Lauren DeMoe, Samantha Lendzion

Monday, September 20
Back & Forth For Four To Four
(at)RSSC Thunder 4 - Eastside Kickers 4

1000 touches (Kaela, Brittany, Lauren, Emma)In another dog-fight against Eastside Kickers, and for the 2nd time in a week, The Windsor club and Thunder fought to a draw. There was plenty of action and even more suspense. Eastside opened up with a goal just seconds into the match, scoring from nearly half field two touches after the kickoff. And then before we had a chance to settle down, they added another goal early for a 2-0 buffer.

Finally, we settled down and began to chip away at their lead. Abbey Jo scored 15 minutes into the half. And then Hanna convert on a lovely bender into the far post upper-90 on direct free kick from 18 yards out on the right flank. And with a terrible stroke of luck we were denied an apparent goal that had been kicked before the whistle blew, but which the referee claimed did not cross over the goal line until after the whistle. Rotten luck, that, but the good news was we had fought our way back into the match after a very iffy start.

The drama did not stop there. As the second half started, momentum was on Thunder’s side and we carried play for the first 15 minutes, scoring twice more. Abbey Jo tallied her second goal on the day and Kaela continued her scoring ways on an assist from Emma. But now it was Kickers’ turn for a comeback. We got a little frazzled and started loosing 50-50 challenges and started not clearing the ball so well. Those little things finally caught up to us and Kickers pulled to within one goal and then finally equalized with only scant minutes left to play.

4-4 was the result. Not a bad showing, but not our best perhaps. But it’s very good to learn the lesson that the little things (dropping goal-side early, clearing the ball strong, denying the opponent forward progress, working for every 50-50 ball) matter a great deal, and if we do all the little things well, the rest will take care of itself, and if we don’t do the little things well, trouble will soon be knocking at the door. It’s a bit of a gift that we were able to be subjected to that principle without taking a loss for it. Let’s not let that gift go to waste.

You are putting together a wonderful season for yourselves, girls. Keep up the great work.

Goals: Abbey Joseph (2), Hanna Darin, Kaela Sakorafis
Assists: Emma Vieregge, (others not recorded, let me know)
Goalkeeper: Samantha Lendzion, Abbie McCain

Next match: Sunday, 3 Oct, 4:30pm (3:45 field time) vs.ROYSA Renegades White
Location: Home

Sunday, September 19
Troy Dazed
RSSC Thunder 3 - (at) TSC Red 0

Abbey Jo shields the ball beautifully It was a great day for a festival. In fact the Troy Days Festival required host TSC Red to change home locations from their usual Boulan Park location. And on the alternative Niles field, Thunder came out strong and never let up.

1st goal came early in the 1st half when Abbey Jo had gained a step on the last defender and was headed for goal. In a last ditch effort to tackle, the defender tripped Abbey up well inside the penalty area and a penalty kick was the result. Samantha coolly converted the chance and put Thunder up 1-0.

Second goal came 10 minutes later when Emma, pressuring Red’s right back in the attacking third dispossessed the defender and player a strong ball to center. Hanna ran onto the ball for a one time strike toward net and Kaela with her very deft touch, redirected the shot passed the keeper.

Scoring closed still in the first half as Kaela alertly pounced upon a wayward pass-back attempt and tucked the ball away on the deck and to the keeper’s left.

With outstanding defensive effort from Alexa, Brittany, Abbie Mac, and Katy, Thunder protected their lead resolutely all through the second half to take a well-earned 3-0 on the day. Lauren and Samantha shared the shutout.

This was a good performance girls, and a continuation of the improvement that we are focused on achieving from one match to the next. You are continuing to do a better job of dropping defensively when the opponent gains possession. You are creating more chances for yourselves as you learn to work with, and off of, each other. You did a great job with your corner kicks. I’m very pleased with this outing and very proud of you for the work your putting into you game. Great job, Thunder. Keep it up!

Goals: Samantha Lendzion (PK), Kaela Sakorafis(2)
Assists: Emma Vieregge, Hanna Darin
Goalkeeper: Lauren DeMoe, Samantha Lendzion

Next match: Sunday, 19 Sept, 4:30pm (3:45 field time) vs. Eastside Kickers
Location: Home

Wednesday, September 8
Renegade Shootout
(at) RSSC Thunder 7 - ROYSA Renegades Green 6

Kaela turns upfieldIn a roller coaster match where in each 5 minutes we seemed, in turns, to either seal it or blow it, Thunder finally squeaked out a one-goal victory by a tally of 7-6.

At the beginning, it seemed as though we may have had Renegades number today, scoring the 1st 2 goals very quickly on our tiny little home pitch. But then Green scored 3 unanswered goals, serving notice that we were in for a fight. 1st half ended tied at 3-3. Both teams traded goals back & forth during the 2nd half, neither team clearly carrying play, but neither team ever giving up. And in the end, Thunder scored the game winner with 2 minutes remaining and were able to hold off ROYSA for the remaining two minutes.

And although, at the end of the day, it felt more as though we were “the last man standing” than the outright victor and that we more survived the match than won it – nonetheless, these kinds of wins can also be a highly valuable learning experience. A match like this can teach the value of never giving up, and in the same turn teach the equally valuable lesson of never resting on laurels or remaining content. Today, Thunder did neither. They fought and scratched and clawed every step of the way and because of that determination, earned the “W” in the end.

So while it is clear that we have plenty we can improve on our skill-sets, our tactics and our fundamentals, it is also very clear that we have plenty to build on because of the grit, and the fight and determination of this team. And with that determination – there is absolutely no questions that rest will follow.

Well done Thunder! It’s a good start to what should be a great season. I’m very proud of you.

Goals: Brittany Boyle, Cierra Inscho(2), Abbey Joseph, Katie Milke(2), Emma Vieregge
Assists: tbd
Goalkeepers: Lauren DeMoe/Abbie McCain

Next Match: we travel to Eastside Kickers, Saturday, 11 Sept, 2:00pm (1:15 field time)
Location: Ford Test Track Fields, Seminole St. at Central Ave., Windsor, Ontario


Saturday, September 11
Tied Up At The Border
RSSC Thunder 3 - (at) Eastside Kickers 3

Detroit-Windsor borderOn a magnificent Saturday with the Detroit skyline gleaming across the river, Thunder traveled to Windsor Saturday to play Eastside Kickers. Throughout the match both teams played strong and created opportunities for themselves. Twice in the 1st half Kickers took a one goal advantage only to be answered by Thunder. In the second half both teams came back out determined and each logged one more goal for a tie result.

From the standpoint of team play, defensive organization was clearly improved over game #1. Players were dropping earlier and more conscientiously when the opponent won the ball. The result was the opponent was not allowed as many chances at goal as in the first game. This in itself qualifies today as a clearly successful outing. Kickers and Thunder will meet again next week (19 Sept, 4:30pm – 3:45 field time) at Spencer.

Goals: Emma Vieregge(2), Hanna Darin
Assists: tbd
Goalkeeper: Lauren DeMoe/Samantha Lendzion

Next match: Thunder will travel to ROYSA Renegades Green for our 3rd and final meeting of the year tomorrow, 12 Sept at 4:00 pm (3:15 field time).


Sunday, September 12
Green Sweep
RSSC Thunder 7 - (at) ROYSA Renegades Green 0

Abbey & Hanna celebrate a great goal For the 3rd time in two weeks Thunder squared off against Royal Oak Renegades Green. The first two meetings were back & forth shoot-outs – each team seemingly able to score a goals anytime they decided they needed one. At Peachfest and again in the league opener, Thunder squeaked out of the contest with one-goal decisions. This third meeting was an entirely different story. On a mammoth pitch and a hot sunny afternoon, Thunder continued to build on lessons of defensive responsibility and got very stingy with chances allowed. And what chances Renegades did get were emphatically denied by Samantha Lendzion with a standout turn in goal today. The result was a very convincing 7-0 shutout to complete a 3-0 season series against Renegades Green for the season.

With the defensive responsibilities well in hand Thunder found themselves well able to use the vast space of Royal Oak’s home pitch to mount attack after attack. Communication was excellent, use of support was well improved, and looking early for target players or attacking crosses were all in evidence today. Scoring was spread across the roster and assists even more so. This was truly an excellent team win.

This is the performance, Thunder, you want to bring to every contest. Great job this weekend. Keep up the hard work.

Goals: Kaela Sakorafis(2), Hanna Darin(3), Abbey Joseph, Lauren Demoe
Assists: Brittany Boyle, Kaela Sakorafis, Cierra Inscho
Goalkeeper: Samantha Lendzion

Next match: Saturday, 18 Sept, 10:15am (9:30 field time) vs. TSC Red.
Location: Niles Community Center, 201 Square Lake Road W., (south side of Square Lake, between Crooks & Livernios)


Saturday, June 26
2004-2005 Season Starts
The 2004-2005 team opened thing up today with a wonderful Team Registration Party. I’m very excited about the coming year. A lot of the time was spent watching all the players (plus some brothers and sisters) chasing Coach Susan and trying to dispossess her. Aside from that it was good food, great weather, excellent fellowship and an all-around good start to the new soccer year.

One order of business that was passed on was our new team name. Finally (after half a year of me whining to the DOC about it) we are Thunder’95. Our sister teams are Lightning (coach Dani’s team) and Storm (coach Kristin’s team). After all, it just makes sense 3 teams, three names. So I’m happy about that. I’ll be changing some of the website stuff to reflect our new and improved name as I am able to get to it over the next few weeks.

Also remember: Starting this Saturday at 10:00 up at Adams H.S. we will begin our Saturday Morning Kickarounds. The Kickarounds are just whoever feels like getting out to play for an hour or so. Nothing mandatory, only come if you feel like it. No coaching – these are not intended to be practice sessions, just a convenient time to get out and play. The more the merrier. I’ll be extending the offer to join us to Lightning and Storm. Players, feel free to invite your friends & siblings. Whoever shows up, we’ll just try to pick up side for 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 games. My other teams have always enjoyed this activity through the summer and I’m sure those who decide to take advantage of it this summer will as well. We’ll do this every Saturday through the summer.

Please remember to get into Soccer World next week to get sized for you uniforms (jerseys, shorts and warm-ups). We will not be able to submit our order until all 11 players are fitted. Waad (the owner of the store) will have out order & sizing roster behind the counter. Hold off on choosing your numbers until we know whether we are coordinating with Lightning and Strom regarding numbers for the whole age group.

That’s all the news for the moment. Welcome to the new year everybody!


Training Log-icon
Training Logs will be due to me at the 1st practice of each week. To download extra copies, click here or click on the picture.

Your rate and level of skill and development as a player is mostly up to you. I can show you HOW to become the best player you can be - but only YOU can make the decision to CHOOSE to become the best player you can be. If you commit yourself to the 20-30 minutes a day that I suggest, you WILL be well on you way toward that goal.

Go to the Pride Training Page for more details about the 1000 Touches Warm-up, the 1000 Touches Workout and the Touch Ladder. Go to the Safety Page for important information about proper warm-up, stretching, cool-down and why these thing are so very important to your health and safety.

Sunday, April 18
Lightning Strikes Early
Lightning’95 Blue 3 – Lightning’96 1

Katy & Megan celebrate Alexa & Aislin’s goalIt was unseasonably warm and it was sunny all afternoon – but Lightning struck anyhow. Lightning Blue started their spring season on a great note Sunday in a 3-1 victory over our sister team Lightning’96. Scoring opened early when in 4th minute, Aislin generated her first of two assists on the day, finding Megan open for a breakaway on the goal. Several more chances were created in the 1st half, but weren’t finished.

In the second half, Megan again scored on another breakaway. Later, in the half cam a lovely goal created by excellent team effort and passing and movement off the ball. The sequence started when our one-armed-bandit, Alyssa worked very hard to recover goalside of an opponent ready to attack our goal. That forced the opponent to turn back and play a sloppy ball to the middle of the field. Aislin won that ball and then cleverly passed her defender on the dribble. This created a 2v1 situation with Alexa on the right side. When the defender commited to Aislin, she passed off to Alexa who took one control-touch and then slotted the ball along the ground in the near corner. It was truly a lovely bit of team play.

Abby wins this 50/50 ballLightning’96 were able to score in the final minutes to bring the final score 3-1. Brittany and Emma combined in goal for the win. All in all this was a nice start. There is certainly plenty for us to work and improve on, but this is a nice start for us to build on. I think one of the big things for us to work on will be to really understand how and when drop and get goal-side of the opponent. We’ll work hard to really understand what that means, when to do it, and why that is so important.

This was a very good job Lightning. I’m proud of how hard you worked to look at the field and find passes for each other today. Keep up the great work.

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Monday, April 19
Season Opener vs. Lightning '96
Lightning’95 Blue
Katie gets ready to put the ball back in play

Lightning’95 Blue
Megan and Abby celebrate the 1st goal of the year

Lightning’95 Blue
Alyssa moves to space

Crash The Goal
Alexa crashes hard to the goal and forces a great save by the goalkeeper.

Lightning’95 Blue
Brittany fights hard for the ball

Lightning’95 Blue
Abby wins this 50/50 challenge

Lightning’95 Blue
Alexa gains a step on her opponent

Lightning’95 Blue
Katy & Megan celebrate a great goal fashioned by Alyssa, Aislin & Alexa

Lightning’95 Blue
Emma makes a run for goal

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RSC Lightning '95 Gold
RSC Lightning '95 Gold
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