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RSC Lightning '95 Gold
RSC Lightning '95 Gold  
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RSC Lightning'95 Gold
Knut deMuur
615 University
Rochester, Michigan

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 Rochester United Soccer Camp 
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Welcome to the homepage of Rochester Lightning'95 of the Rochester Soccer Club

RSSC Thunder '95

Lightning are a team of exceptional girls dedicated to sportsmanship and fair play and committed to full and honest effort in training and on the game field. Lightning measure their success not by scores and record but on improved skill and increased understanding of the game from week to week and over the course of a season – knowing full well that if we focus on our own improvement and execution, the results will take care of themselves.

From this site you will be able to access team roster, calender of events, practice and match scheduled, field locations, updates & general team news, etc. Please take some time to find the neat things on this site. Try the History link for interesting stories about the development of the game, or the Wisdom & Inspiration link for many excellent quotes & thoughts from great women and men.

You may always feel free to contact me with questions. We're looking forward to a fantastic season!

Please take a moment to sign our Guestbook.

Coach Knut

. 110430

Monday, August 11


it's all about TEAMTeam camp is here! And with it, the beginning of another great season. Team camp is a special event on many levels. It helps establish a tone of work ethic and effort. It is a magnificent team bonding opportunity – we are not 16 players just showing up to play the game, we are one team. And, of course, there is the obvious benefit of improving technical and tactical skills as we learn from day to day.

Our camp will run 9:00am to 11:30am, Aug 11th-15th at Oakland Christian School, 3075 Shimmons Road, Auburn Hills. Oakland Christian is located at Shimmons & Dexter roads north of Walton and west of Squirrel (you can enter from either main road).

Dexter runs north off Walton Blvd, west of Squirrel Rd.
Shimmons Rd. runs west off Squirrel, north of Walton
Either one will lead you directly to the school.

Regular team training sessions will resume Monday, 18 Aug.
We will not have regular team practice sessions the week of team camp.

Monday, July 3
What is OFFSIDE?

What is Offside?Here is an outstanding (and handy) explanation of what does and what does not constitute an offside violation. Click Here to start the animated video or just click the picture of the linesman.

Here is another one (but it’s not as good as the 1st one).

Saturday, June 30
Saturday Morning Kickarounds

Starting Saturday, 11 July, I'll be up at Adams High School at 11:00 for our weekly Saturday Morning Kickaround.

What it is:
For those that are not familiar with our Saturday Morning Kickaround, I'll run through it briefly here. First off, there is nothing mandatory about the Kickaround. It's just something I started doing with my own teams eight or nine years ago and the players really liked doing it. I've kept it up because it has proven popular with my players and they've always indicated that they wish to continue the tradition. The invitation now extends to any players who are in town and feel like getting outside and kicking a ball around for fun with some of your teammates & clubmates. Bring any friends or siblings you would like, they're as welcome as can be.

What It’s not:
It's not a practice. No coaching, no drills, no training session stuff – just picking up sides and playing 3v3 or 4v4 (whatever the numbers give us). Play as long as you like. Take water breaks whenever you like. It's totally your time. I'm basically just there to bring the cones & Pugg Goals. (Plus I'm happy to answer any questions you might have of course).

When & how long:
Usually an hour or an hour & fifteen minutes is how long these traditionally last till everybody's had their fill for the day.

So I've set my calendar for the Saturday's from July 11th thru Aug 1st. Same time, same place. Whoever shows up, that's who we'll pick up teams from. If nobody shows up, I'll go over to coach Ham's house and make him buy me breakfast.

I hope everybody's enjoying their summer. As always, feel free to call or drop a note if you have any questions I can answer.

See you Saturday (some of you).

Coach K

Please sign our GUESTBOOK. Let us know what you think.




Training Logs will be due to me at the 1st practice of each week. To download extra copies, click here or click on the picture.

Your rate and level of skill and development as a player is mostly up to you. I can show you HOW to become the best player you can be - but only YOU can make the decision to CHOOSE to become the best player you can be. If you commit yourself to the 20-30 minutes a day that I suggest, you WILL be well on you way toward that goal.

Go to the Pride Training Page for more details about the 1000 Touches Warm-up, the 1000 Touches Workout and the Touch Ladder. Go to the Safety Page for important information about proper warm-up, stretching, cool-down and why these thing are so very important to your health and safety.

RSC Lightning '95 Gold
RSC Lightning '95 Gold
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