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Richmond Adult Mixed Slo-Pitch League; Richmond's Finest! 

Sunday, May 4
New Website

We have a new website.  For standings, schedule, and league updates, go to the new website by clicking here

Here is the URL for reference: 

Follow us on Facebook too!  Search for "Richmond Adult Mixed Slo-Pitch League"

Tuesday, July 30
Great Season!

Thank you to all teams who made the past weekend a success!  The year end party was a blast and the playoff tournament featured some great ball!  

Congratulations Brewers - B Division Champions!

Congratulations Homers - C Division Champions!

See everyone next year.  

RAMSL Executive 

Friday, July 26
Final Standings

Since the website only uses two tiebreakers, and some exciting races have required up to four tiebreakers to sort out, here are the OFFICIAL final standings.  

B Division: 

1. Brewers  2. Got Balls? 3. Gun Show 4. Ballzdeep 5. STP 6. Stingers 7. Rum Runners 8. Jackals 9. Da Jays 10. Wolf Pack 11. Loaded 

 C Division:

1. Masterbatters  2. Hardwoods 3. Tsawwassen Collision Twins 4. Homers 5. Marlins 6. Dugout Dawgs 7. Balls & Dollls 8. Selects 9. Black Sheep 10. Radicals 


Congratulations to Brewers and Masterbatters for winning their divisions!  See you all this weekend. 

Wednesday, July 11

Bring Scorebooks to the field Saturday morning and drop them off before your first game to either the Umpire in Charge at your field or Crystal, Brad or Melissa.

Tuesday, July 10
Final Week- Scores

Please be extra diligent this week with sending your scores in.  Game times for this weekend's playoff tournament depend on it!  We want to post the B and C brackets and game times by Friday morning.  Home team is responsible for reporting the scores.  If you see your score is not posted, email it in.  Standings will be updated daily this week.

Good luck everyone! 

Monday, April 19
Main Page Info Archived

Main Page info has been archived to different sections of the website.  If you are looking for info that was previously on the main page, search the following pages:  My Site News, Rules, Handouts, Executive Board, or Safety.

Tuesday, July 23
Playoff Weekend - July 26, 27, 28

The playoffs are here!  Check the handouts section for the rules, playoff ladders, and schedules for B and C.

To note:

- All of C division will play one game on Friday night at King George Park.  Please note the START TIME IS 6:30PM. 

- The #6 seed and #11 seed for B Division also play on Friday night at 7:45PM.  

- All games this weekend run 65 minutes; no new inning after 65 minutes.

- There will be a concession at King George Park run by the Jackals.

- Bring your bases.  The AWAY team will be responsible for setting up bases.  We will write down what teams have set up their bases to ensure they get returned at the end of the day.   

We will be posting these details on Facebook and sending an email to all team managers. 

Saturday, July 7
Missing Scores

There is one week left of the regular season and the standings need to be updated in order to seed the playoff brackets.  Please send in your scores right away this week. 

The following games are missing:

7/4/2012 7:30 PM -8:30 PM 10 Balls & Dolls / 1 Loonie Martoonies

7/4/2012 6:30 PM -7:30 PM 1 Loonie Martoonies / 10 Balls & Dolls

6/20/2012 7:00 PM -8:30 PM 12 Dugout Dawgs / 13 Black Sheep

6/18/2012 7:00 PM -8:30 PM 13 Black Sheep / 11 Whispering Eye

6/13/2012 6:30 PM -8:30 PM 10 Balls & Dolls / 13 Black Sheep

6/11/2012 7:00 PM -8:30 PM 13 Black Sheep / 9 Hardwoods

6/11/2012 7:00 PM -8:30 PM 12 Dugout Dawgs / 10 Balls & Dolls

6/6/2012 7:00 PM -8:30 PM 10 Balls & Dolls / 11 Whispering Eye

4/25/2012 7:00 PM -8:30 PM 13 Black Sheep / 10 Balls & Dolls 

Wednesday, July 10
Year End Party & Playoffs

We are on the final stretch of another season!  The executive is finalizing the year end party and playoff format.  We should have everything confirmed by this time next week.  Here are some details:


This years playoffs will be on July 27 and 28.  All games will be played at King George Park.  Format and ladders will be confirmed shortly.

Year End Party

The year end party will be on July 27 at the Richmond Curling Club.  Doors open at 7:00PM.  Pizza dinner, door prizes, DJ, and games will all be part of the festivities.  More details to follow.

Wednesday, July 3
C Div - July 3rd - Doubleheaders

Only the following teams have scheduled doubleheaders tonight:

Balls & Dolls @ Black Sheep

Selects @ Dugout Dawgs

Twins @ Homers 

Umpires have been notified.  

All other games are NOT doubleheaders.

Saturday, July 7
The Luau!

This Saturday is the Luau!

Burgers will be served from 7:30 to 8:30 tomorrow - Don't forget to wear your HAWAIIAN Themed outfits :-) No Ticket = No Entry (we are at capacity) Not to be a downer BUT - any fighting or unruly behaviour has a ZERO tolerance policy - individuals will be kicked out immediately and be suspended for the last week of play in the league as well as Playoffs. Don't ruin the fun for people!

And PLEASE - Don't drink and drive.

Wednesday, June 27
Playoff Format & Luau Tickets

Need a little extra motivation to get your team up to the top spots? We have completed the playoff format. Please scroll through the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to view for your Division.

RSMSL 2012 Playoff Format - Click Here 

Luau Tickets Only a few tickets are left for the year end Luau; last chance to purchase will be today at the Masterbatters game; and tomorrow at the Got Balls? game at Woodwards.

Thursday, June 20
B Div - June 20th - Games are CANCELLED

B Div games are cancelled today due to rain.  Games will have to be rescheduled on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.  Emails will be sent to each manager to get these games rescheduled.

Wednesday, May 29
C Div - May 29th - Games are ON

Games are on for tonight.  The umpire will call the game at the field.

Thursday, June 21
Year End Luau

Year End Luau - July 7 @ 7pm Richmond Curling Club

The majority of teams were aware of the email regarding the Luau windup party at Richmond Curling Club - for those who are not aware: here are the details...

Maximum 7 Tickets Per Team until Monday June 25th - Tickets are $5 for League Members and $15 for non league members (spouses etc) and it includes a burger & beer.

C Division - Those who did not purchase from me last night; may come to my game this evening at Thomas Kidd and purchase your maximum 7 tickets (Crystal #12 on Got Balls?).

B Division - Please email if you did not purchase tickets on Tuesday and would like to purchase tickets tonight.

Both divisions have a limited number of additional tickets available starting Monday.

Monday June 25th ticket sales will be first come first serve for B Division ONLY- you can purchase your additional tickets from Melissa on the Masterbatters at Odlin Park

Tuesday June 26th tickets sales will be first come first serve for C Division ONLY- you can purchase your additional tickets at the Ballz Deep game at Steveston SE (I will be there watching so collect them from me - Crystal)

If there are any tickets left after these 2 days, I will let everyone know...and the tickets will continue to be sold on a first come first serve basis until July 4th

Tuesday, May 15
Home Team Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the Home Team to provide all bases, cones and plate for the game - the gear must be at minimum in "fair" condition; if it's not - go to Prostock and revamp your gear.

NOTE: If the "Home Team" forgets their base gear at home or the bags are in poor condition the procedure is as follows:

1. Check with the other team if they happen to have their gear with them (they do not have to agree to let you use it FYI despite the unsportsmanlike behaviour)

2. If the other team does not have their gear with them or does not want to use it; if you can get the gear within the grace period...go get it!

3. If the answer is none of the above; Home Team will have to take the forfeit (NO WE WILL NOT RESCHEDULE)

***Under no circumstances will anything be improvised to be a base if your gear is not there; it's a safety and insurance issue***

Tuesday, May 28
B Div - May 28th - Games are ON

Game are on for tonight.  If the weather changes it will be the umpire's decision to play or not.

Monday, May 27
C Div - May 27th - RAIN OUT

All games for May 27th, 2013 have been rained out.  All games will be rescheduled. 

Tuesday, May 8
Woodwards Porta Potty

Due to resident complaints and the recent issue with the porta-potty being knocked over; Woodwards porta-potty has been removed indefinitely - we will try and come up with a solution that works for residents, the school, Super Save and the league - but as it stands...don't expect the washroom to be there. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thursday, May 3
B Div - May 3 Games Are On

All games are on tonight.  Good luck!

Wednesday, May 1
Submitting Scores - New Email Address

Please submit scores to:

Disregard the address I sent out earlier.  This was the email we used last year.  Thanks everyone!


Tuesday, April 30
2013 Rules

The rules have been posted in the Handouts section.  The major change is in regards to ties as there will no longer be a coin toss to determine a winner.  Please note the following:


In the case of a tie after regulation innings, additional innings may be played using International Tie-Breaker Rule if time and daylight permits. (Last batter from previous inning at second base with one out. A courtesy runner may be used for last batter).If game ends in a tie (due to time, day light or weather restrictions) the game will be determined a tie. 

Thursday, May 3
B Div - May 3 Game Status

Please check the website at 4pm for the status of tonight's games.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 2
C Division - Revised Schedule

C division schedule has been updated.  April 25 rain out games have been rescheduled.  Official schedule has been updated in the Handouts section.

Monday, April 29
Season Opener

Let the season begin!  Schedules have been uploaded.  You can download them in the Handouts section.  April and May have been added to the site.  June and July will be done this week. 

Please remember that the official schedule is the one in the handouts section.

Remember to email your scores to within 24 hours of your game time.

Good luck everyone!

Thursday, April 11
League Meeting - April 16 - Richmond Curling Club

** Reminder **

All managers or team reps are required to pay their team balance this Tuesday April 16 at the Richmond Curling Club - 7:00PM.  

You will get your scorebooks, rulebooks, balls, and schedule in return.


Tuesday, May 1
B Division Schedule Update

Rainout dates were incorrect on yesterday's schedule.  They have been updated and can be found in the Handout section.  Updated May 1st.

Monday, April 30
B Division - Revised Schedule

The B Division schedule has been updated.  The schedule has been posted in the Handouts section and the website Schedules section will be updated this week.

Due to the Foster Kids folding the season, every team will get a "bye" on the dates you were supposed to play them.  As a result, doubleheaders have been scheduled against other teams to make up for the loss of games. 

The rainout games have also been added to the schedule.  

Every team is still playing 26 games. 

A final decision on what to do about the teams who got forfeit wins from the Foster Kids will be communicated to managers this week.

The schedule in the Handouts section is official and the one that all teams should refer to

Tuesday, January 22
Spring AGM Meeting - February 13 - 7:00PM

Happy New Year!

Hope you had an enjoyable holiday season. We will be hosting our AGM @ The Lounge at the Richmond Curling Club on Feb 13 @ 7pm.

Please bring $200 to secure your position in the league, the balance will be due closer to the start of the season late March/ early April. We hope that this will relieve some of the pressure to front half the league fees - ($1200).  Feel free to pay more than $200.

We will be reviewing the following:

• 2012 Budget, 2013 Proposed Budget

• League Start/End Dates - many have requested a later start to the season; it's time we put it to a vote. Will send out proposed dates closer to the meeting so you can discuss with your team.

• SPN BC - New Online Roster/Team Registration

• City of Richmond - Field Maintenance

Please ensure one representative from your team is there as there are several important changes that will need to be voted on. If your team is folding - let me know ASAP.

 See you on February 13.

Wednesday, April 25
Rain Out - C Division - April 25

Please note that all C Division games for today, April 25, have been cancelled due to rain.  The games will be rescheduled at a later date.

Monday, April 23
Legends Pub Sponsorship

From Monday to Thursday, Legends Pub is offering all teams a 10% discount on food as well as a free jug of beer for every 5 people in your group. The jug(s) will be provided after your team buys their own first round of drinks. Please sign in when you arrive under your own team name or under RAMSL.

Now lets start meeting for wings and beers after games!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18
Woodward Field

The league is looking into having the goal posts removed at Woodward elementary.  If we cannot resolve the goal post issue soon we will move all games at Woodward to a different field.  

For now, play on the field closest to the school and the umpire and coaches can discuss ground rules around the goal post in centre field.

Thursday, April 12
Final Details

Some final details before the season starts next week:

The Schedules section has been updated for B and C.  The official schedule is the one found in the Handouts section.  If there are any discrepancies, always refer to the schedule in the Handouts section.  

Playoffs are on the weekend of July 14 & 15.

Please report all scores to

The home team is responsible for reporting the scores within 24 hours of the result.

Good luck everyone!  


Monday, April 2
Spring 2012 Schedules Posted

The Spring 2012 schedule has been posted for B and C divisions.  They can be found in the Handouts section.

Please report any errors / updates to the contact information to

Stay tuned for the email address to report weekly scores to.


Monday, March 19
League Meeting - Saturday March 24 @ Legends - 5PM

League meeting notice - 5:00PM on Saturday March 24th at Legends Pub in Richmond. 

On the agenda:

- League Fees - Remaining team league fees are due.

- Scorebooks, balls, schedules, and waiver/roster forms will be distributed to each team.

Legends Pub is now our official league sponsor so please encourage your teams to come out and have a drink this Saturday night!

Thursday, March 1
City of Richmond Rental Permit

The City of Richmond field rental permit contract can be found in the Handouts section.  If there are any conflicts with other teams and leagues, use this for reference as it is proof we are entitled to the fields at the agreed times.

Wednesday, February 29
February League Minutes

February League Meeting minutes can be found in the Handouts section.

Monday, February 20
SPN Canada Bat Policy 2012 - Under Review

Bat and ball policies are now under review due to new SPN regulations on USSSA bats.  Existing legal ASA bats are not affected.  Please disregard yesterday's posting.

Thursday, January 19
League AGM, 2011 Season Review, and 2012 Prep

The next league meeting is scheduled as followed:
Location:  Cambie Community Centre (12800 Cambie Rd, Richmond, V6V 0A9)
Room:  TBD
Date:  Monday, February 13
Time:  7pm to 9pm
All teams must send at least one representative. 
Tentative Agenda Items
- 2011 Review (Operations and Budget)
- 2012 Schedule (Scheduling Discussion, Opening Tourney Proposal, Canuck Playoffs solutions, etc)
- Rule Clarifications / Amendment Proposals
- Playoff Format and Year End Wrap 
- 2012 Budget Outlook and Discussion 
- 2012 Executive Elections 
Please bring the following:
- $600 for first installment of league fees.  Final installment dependent on 2012 budget.
- Information for TWO team contacts (Name, Telephone Number, Email address)
[Please start rounding up the trophies to return them at the next, next league meeting in March]

Wednesday, January 18
Annual General Meeting 2011/2012

Apologies for the delay in scheduling the league Annual General Meeting.  Please visit this site over the next week for details on the AGM.  It will be scheduled some time during the first half of February.

Friday, July 15
Playoffs: Weekend Info - Keep Watching this Post

Please keep watching this post as it will be updated throughout Friday.

Reminder that we are playing at a public park and smoking & open displays of alcohol put you at risk of being fined by bylaw officers or RCMP visiting our tourney and jeopardizes the league's ability to rent fields.  

Handouts:  Playoff brackets in handouts sections updated.  See version 6.  (posted 10:30am Fri)
Added scoresheets that you can manually print for teams that did not tear spare pages out of their scorebook.  (posted 12:30pm Fri)

B Division Weekend Seeding (posted at 2:45pm)

1 Brewers
2 Loaded
3 Got Balls
4 Vipers
5 Jackals
7 Black Sheep
8 Bombers
9 Foster Kids
10 Stingers
11 Rum Runners
12 Ballz Deep
13 10CC .

C Division Weekend Seeding

1 HDL Half Pints
2 Red Devils
3 Radicals
4 Hardwoods
5 Wolfpack
6 Homers
7 Master Batters
8 Loonie Martoonies
9 Marlins
10 Whispering Eye
11 Selects
12 Dugout Dawgs
13 Dolls and Balls
14 Twins 

Sunday, July 10
Final Regular Season Standings & Playoff News

Final regular season standings (to be confirmed):

B Division
1.  Brewers
2.  Loaded
3.  Stingers (3 way tie, equal winning percentage head to head, 46 runs for head to head (3way))
4.  Vipers (3 way tie, equal winning percentage head to head, 35 runs for head to head (3way))
5.  Got Balls? (3 way tie, equal winning percentage head to head, 34 runs for head to head (3way))
6.  STP (2 way tie, equal winning percentage head to head, 20 runs for head to head)
7.  Rum Runners (2 way tie, equal winning percentage head to head, 15 runs for head to head)
8.  Jackals
9.  Balls Deep (2 way tie, equal winning percentage head to head, 14 runs for head to head)
10. Bombers (2 way tie, equal winning percentage head to head, 9 runs for head to head)
11. Foster Kids (2 way tie, equal winning percentage head to head, 25 runs for head to head)
12. Black Sheep (2 way tie, equal winning percentage head to head, 18 runs for head to head)
13. 10 CC

C Division
1.  HDL Halfpints
2.  Red Devils
3.  Radicals (3 way tie, tied best winning percentage head to head (3way), 13 runs for head to head (2way).
4.  Homers (3 way tie, tied best winning percentage head to head (3way), 11 runs for head to head (2way)
5.  Masterbatters (3 way tie, worst winning percentage head to head)
6.  Wolpack
7.  Hardwoods
8.  Loonie Martoonies
9.  Tswawwassen Collision Twins
10. Marlins (2 way tie, best winning percentage head to head)
11. Selects (2 way tie, worst winning percentage head to head)
12. Whispering Eye
13. Recycle Balls *Not participating in playoff so lower teams move up for playoff ranking
14. Dolls & Balls *13th place for playoffs
15. Dugout Dawgs  *14th place for playoffs

Playoff News
Updated playoff schedules in the handouts section due to unforseen last minute changes. 

Tuesday, July 5
Regular Season Final Week: Reminders

Year End Housekeeping

B and C Division scorebooks to be dropped off and playoff gear (balls, scoresheets, etc) to be picked up.  Will also have to pay fines for forfeits.
Date:  Thursday, July 7
Time: 8pm to 10pm
Location:  Legends Pub (6511 Buswell Street, Richmond, BC V6Y 2G7)

Final Standings
NOTE:  Standings on the website do not necessarily reflect that actual final standings due to tie breaking rules we follow (and not having the same options on the website).


UPDATED Playoff schedules loaded in handouts section
- Two game playdown during the week for weekend positioning.  All teams make the weekend.
- Double knockout tourney on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday (if you make it to Sunday).
- Note modified rules in handouts:  (1) No new innings after 60mins, (2) Max 7 innings, (3) Mercy applies at the 5th inning, and (4) Division Finals will be 9 innings w/ no new innings after 80mins.

All Star Game

Remember to select a male and female player on your team to play in the all star game.
Date: Sunday, July 17
Time: 6pm to 7:30pm
Location:  Fields 2 and 4

Wednesday, June 29
Inclement Weather Procedure Going Forward

As we round into the final games of the regular season, we're still encountering some bad weather.  There are no really good options to make them up.  As such...
All games will play as scheduled.  If it is raining all teams must show up with enough players to play at the scheduled start time.  If the umpire decides to call the game due to weather or unsafe field conditions a coin toss must be performed at the field.  No games will be rescheduled.  If your team does not have enough players to field a team then it will be a standard forfeit and fines will apply.

Tuesday, June 21
Various Updates and News

Standings and Scores
B Division mostly updated.  Missing scores from the odd game.  Will be sending out emails for any missing scores.
C Division hopefully updated by Wednesday (oops, I meant Wednesday).

[Remember, home team is responsible for sending in scores.]

Carlos will be contacting teams for outstanding trophies.


Monday, June 20
Mercy Rule Clarified

Due to some confusion around the mercy rule, here is some additional wording and info to help describe how it is supposed to work:

If one team is ahead by ten runs or more at the end of seven innings, the game will be declared over (eg. 11 – 1 after the seventh inning is complete). Both teams may decide to finish the game but the official score of the game shall be the one at the end of the seventh inning. If the run differential at the completion of seven innings is nine or less (eg. 10 - 1) then the game will continue until the ninth inning (or as subject to game length rules).

The mercy rule is a one time check done at the completion of seven innings.  There is no mercy check in the eight or ninth inning as those innings are open.  Nor is there a mercy check prior to seventh inning (ie. No early mercy rule for double headers).  

Tuesday, June 14
Various Updates 2: Canucks Game 7 and stuff

Canucks Game 7
With the Canucks needing to win game 7 for the cup as planned (well, according to EA Sports' SIM prediction), reminder that C Div Wed June 15th games can be rescheduled without fines. As a default, we're going to cancel all games that day. If teams agree and want to play, please contact Colin ASAP so he can coordinate with the umpires. With the games cancelled, teams must find a day for rescheduling.  If you cannot reschedule, you need to schedule a coin toss.  Field selection is limited for rescheduling.

Standings Standings
Still working on updating this.

Thursday, June 9
Various Updates: Canucks Game 6, standings, etc

Canucks Game 6 
Since a Canucks/Bruins game 6 is now confirmed, reminder that C Div Mon June 13th games can be rescheduled without fines.  As a default, we're going to cancel all games that day.  If teams agree and want to play, please contact Colin ASAP so he can coordinate with the umpires.  With the games cancelled, teams must find a day for rescheduling (reminder that most Monday games are doubleheaders).  If you cannot reschedule, you need to schedule a coin toss.
The open B division fields on Tue June 14 and Thu June 16 have already been taken.  Most of the fields for Fri June 17 have been allocated for a B Division rainout rescheduling.  

Updated Schedule 
The C Division Schedule in the handouts section will be updated over this weekend (June 11/12) with known rescheduled games.

Standings will be updated over this weekend (June 11/12).

Thursday, June 2
B Div Games Thu June 2 - CANCELLED

B Div games for tonight are cancelled.  Forecast is for showers continuing through the evening until starting to let up around 9pm.  

Games targeted to be reschedule for Friday June 17.  To be confirmed over the weekend.  If teams are unable to field teams for the reschedule, we will coin toss. 


Thursday, June 2
C Div Rescheduled Games for Friday June 3 (from May 25)

Reminder that the C Division games (many double headers) rained out on May 25 were rescheduled to tomorrow (Fri June 3).  You must umpire your own games.  If you are unable to field a team or the games are rained out again tomorrow, coordinate with the other team and perform a coin toss.  

Thursday, May 26
Stanley Cup Finals (SCF) schedule and rescheduling

How the league will be handling rescheduling during Canuck games:

C Div games during SCF games 1, 2, and 3:  Since these will be SCF non-elimination games, C div games will be played as scheduled with standard forfeits and fines.

C Div games during SCF game 4:  If SCF game 4 is a non-elimination game, games will be played as scheduled with standard forfeits and fines.  However, if SCF game 4 is an elimination game, C Div games can be rescheduled if both teams agree.  If one team wishes to play, the game can go down as a forfeit with no fine if the losing team graciously accepts the loss.  To reschedule a game, teams should agree to a rescheduled game date within 10 days of the original game date. Games can be rescheduled for Tuesday and Thursday games at an empty B Division field and will be played with an umpire or on a Friday played without an umpire.  Selection is first come first serve.  Note, rescheduled rainout games get priority over rescheduled SCF conflict games.  Once you have your rescheduling info, contact the league (ie Colin) a minimum 24 hours prior to the original game time so that the umpire can be cancelled.  Games that cannot be rescheduled within 10 days require the team captains/managers to meet to perform a coin toss to decide the game (1-0).

SCF game 5:  No RAMSL games will be scheduled on Friday during game 5. 

C Div games during SCF games 6 and 7:  As games 6 and 7 will be SCF elimination games, the same procedure above where game 4 is SCF elimination game will be followed.


Stanley Cup Finals schedule:

The dates and times (all games on CBC, TEAM 1040 and NBC, unless otherwise noted):

Game 1: Bruins at Canucks, Wednesday, June 1, 5 p.m. PT

Game 2: Bruins at Canucks, Saturday, June 4, 5 p.m. PT

Game 3: Canucks at Bruins, Monday, June 6, 5 p.m. PT (Versus, not NBC)

Game 4: Canucks at Bruins, Wednesday, June 8, 5 p.m. PT (Versus, not NBC)

Game 5 (if nec.): Bruins at Canucks, Friday, June 10, 5 p.m. PT

Game 6 (if nec.): Canucks at Bruins, Monday, June 13, 5 p.m. PT

Game 7 (if nec.): Bruins at Canucks, Wednesday, June 15, 5 p.m. PT

Thursday, May 26
Rescheduled C Division Games and Trophies

C Division Wed May 25 Rainout

The C Division games rained out on Wednesday, May 25 are being rescheduled to Friday, June 3.  No Canuck game that night.  Unfortunately, as we round into the last half of the schedule, we cannot easily double up remaining games to free up a regular Monday or Wednesday to reschedule this rainout (or any future rainouts for that matter).  

Schedule in the handout section will be updated on the weekend.  


If you still have any trophies from last year, get ready to hand them in as we will need to repair and get them ready for yearend.  Details to be posted shortly on how to return them.  

Monday, May 9
Various Updates

Please keep an eye on this post over the next week as various updates will be made to it with various info and answers to questions:

League Contact for day to day issues:  Colin (VP) is the primary contact for day to day issues.  However, he won't necessarily get to his phone when his team is playing so during Mondays and Wedensdays during game time, please contact Celina with any pressing issues. 

Washroom keys:  Celina is cutting new key will try to distribute them to the new team sometime this week.

Team contact list:  Contact List added to the Handouts section.  Still needs to be updated a bit.

Updated Schedules:  New B and C division schedules in the handouts section with rescheduled games due to rainouts and requests.  Games in the schedule section will be updated hopefully soon.

Tamley field:  There is a bit of a field conflict at Tamley field with a soccer group on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Currently being addressed.    

C Div Rainout Rescheds:   April 27 games rescheduled to June 22 as double headers.  May 11 games rescheduled to July 6 as double headers.

[Updated May 16.] 

Wednesday, June 1
C Division Games Wed June 1

Sorry for the delay in posting.  Site admin functional was a bit gimped today. 

We're going to go ahead with the games.  Forecast is for showers tonight but last night the showers were light & intermittent so games were playable so we're going to hope for the same tonight.  


Wednesday, May 25
Game Status for Wednesday May 25 - CANCELLED

C Division games tonight (Wed May 25) are cancelled due to rain.

We will try to reschedule the games but due to the number of double headers, note that we may need to reschedule them on a Friday if we cannot juggle the schedule to double up on single games (need to review our options). 

Reminder:  Keep an eye on the schedule in the handouts section but will also give a heads up here when it has been updated.   


Wednesday, May 11
Games Today - Wednesday May 11 - CANCELLED

C div games today are cancelled.  

Rainy weather scheduled all day with 90% chance of rain (not showers) at game time.  It's been raining all day so expecting the fields to be messy too.


Tuesday, May 10
Game Status for Tuesday May 10

Games are on for tonight.  Any cancellations will be decided at the field so bring enough players to ensure you avoid forfeit.

"Few showers" are in the forecast for tonight but hopefully they will be delayed until after our games.


Thursday, May 5
Game Status for Thursday May 5

Thursday night's games are on.  Games will need to be called at the field by the umpire if the weather starts to deteriorate.  

Forecasts are showing the weather to be cloudy with a chance of showers or an increased chance of showers by game time.  


Monday, May 2
Game Status for Monday May 2

Games are on tonight.  Will be up to the umpires to determine if they call the game at the field.  Please ensure you have enough players show to avoid forfeit. 

We had great weather on the weekend so that should have dried up the fields a bit so they at least not soaked.  The forecast is for the rain to end this evening changing to cloudy with a chance of showers.    


Thursday, April 28
Thursday April 28 Games - Final Status

All but one game Thursday are on. 

Ballz Deep vs Loaded at Thomas Kidd has been cancelled.

Some of the executive checked Thomas Kidd field and determined that it was unplayable.  Conditions at some of the other fields were reported as being poor on Tuesday but we were not able to confirm for today so decisions for the rest of the games will be determined by the umpire at the fields.


Wednesday, April 27
Wednesday April 27th Games CANCELLED

Games tonight (Wednesday) are cancelled. 

It's starting to shower & getting windy, with it likely to get worse as the forecast is for 80-90% chance of showers.


B Division:  Keep an eye for status of Thursday's games also because there are some forecasts calling for thundershowers.  


Tuesday, April 26
Game Status for Tuesday April 26

Games Tuesday evening are on.  

Forecast is for it to be cloudy with a probability of showers.  Hoping for the showers to hold off or be light enough to complete the games.  (Updated at 3:20pm)

Monday, April 25
Monday April 25 Game Status

Tonight's (Monday's) games are a go.  Games being called due to weather will now be made at the field by the umpire.  Teams must show up with minimum required numbers or risk forfeit.  (3:10pm)


Sunday, April 17
FAQ's for the Start of the season

Frequently Asked Questions for the start of the season...

Q.  Where to email scores to?

A.  Home team to email scores to within 24hrs of completing your game.

Q.  What is the last day to make roster additions?

A.  This year, we've set it as June 1.  

Q.  How do I make roster additions?

A.  Add to the bottom of your copy of the roster form, scan, and then email to  Alternatively, we'll provide a fax number to those who need one.  

Q.  Is my bat legal?

A.  We follow SPN rules which follows ASA certified equipment rules.  For you bat to be legal, it has to be on the list of legal bats on the ASA site:  Note:  Some bats that have an ASA 2000 or 2004 stamp are NOT legal any more.  The site also has a list of these bats.  

Thursday, April 14
Schedules Posted in Handouts Section

B and C division schedules posted in Handouts section.  May need to right click and "Save link as" to download the .txt file. 

Will try to update the schedule into the website's calendar over the weekend.

Tuesday, April 5
New League Opener Information, Call for Women on Tuesdays, & Miken Sponsorship

New League Opener Information

Apologies but we are needing to make changes to the league opener.  New details are as follows:  

7pm Friday, April 15 @ Sportstown 

We are also reverting it to the more casual format of previous years where we will be distributing balls, scorebooks, & schedules and teams are required to drop off their initial roster forms.  As such, there will be no minimum team attendance required (other than the one person to pickup/drop off items), no door prizes, and no burger buffet.  Again, sorry for the last minute changes.

Call for Women on Tuesdays

We are looking to help fill some slots for a team short on women on Tuesdays.  Please contact Colin (VP) if you know of any women that are interested.  (Contact info in the Executive Board link on the left.)   

Miken Sponsorship

We have received the Miken league sponsorship item list and will be email to team contacts shortly.  Items need to be ordered through Jason (Webmaster - Contact info in the Executive Board link on the left).  Payment (cash) must be made by teams prior to ordering as we need to make payment prior to ordering with Miken.  

Thursday, April 7
Contact Information from Each Team for Insurance Purposes

Please email Celina (contact info in the Executive page link on the left) by Sunday with the following info so that she can obtain league insurance for you team:

Team Name, Primary Contact, Address, City, Postal Code, Phone Number, and Division.

Tuesday, March 1
Spring General Meeting - NEW DATE: Tue Mar 15 7pm

Apologies but we have postponed the spring meeting by a few days because we could not get a room for the meeting.  The revised information is:

Date:  Tuesday, March 15

Time:  7:00 pm

Location:  Lounge at South Arm Community Centre

Topics:  Confirmation of teams playing in 2011, new teams, rule changes, 2011 budget, etc.  

*** Fine for missing the meeting ***


Returning teams:  Please bring your first installment of league fees ($500) and trophies.

Folding teams:  Please come pick up your league bond and drop off your trophies.

New teams:  Please bring a $100 league bond AND your first installment of league fees ($500)


[We will update this message as needed leading up to the meeting.  Last updated March 2.]


Tuesday, February 15
Spring General Meeting - Thu Mar 10

Spring (ok, late winter) general meeting to get us organized for 2011 season tentatively scheduled for:

Thursday, March 10. CONFIRMED

7pm @ South Arm Community Centre.  TENTATIVE

Topics include:  Confirmation of teams playing in 2011 (we will likely be asking for team team deposits of $500), voting in new teams, voting on rule changes, discussion/approval of the 2011 budget, etc.

As usual... *** Fine for missing the meeting ***

[Last updated Feb 17.]

Richmond Adult Mixed Slo-pitch League
Richmond Adult Mixed Slo-pitch League
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