Research Park Mixed Softball League: Welcome

The Research Park Mixed Softball League is organized for the enjoyment of the employees and families of companies in the Cummings Research Park community of Huntsville Alabama. The goal of the league is to provide for fun, friendly coed softball competition in an atmosphere that the entire family can enjoy.

Thursday, April 17
2014 Season Kickoff Meeting

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Kickoff Meeting will once again be held at the Lockheed Martin facility on Bradford Blvd today Thursday 17 May 2014 at 5:30PM.


Cueto C. Bryant Commissioner, RPMSL

Please check the "Handouts" section for attachments. 


Handout: Forms

Tuesday, April 23

FYI - Please report your scores and number of umps present via email to me at:

This is the quickest way to get your games played updated.

Also, I may send an email to both the home and visiting team requesting scores and number of umps present.  I do this in case the home team coach is on TDY or leave.  I like to keep the website up-to-date if possible.

Thanks so much! :)


Wednesday, February 1
RPMSL Contact Info

Cueto C. Bryant
114 Millsford Dr.
Madison, AL 35758
Phone: 256-895-6598

Head Umpire:
Keith Reed
Phone:  256-479-0883

Jenni Wascavage
Phone:  256-450-4292

Thursday, May 3
Cancellations/Rain Outs At Game Time

Please report any cancellations/rain outs at game time. 


Please remember that umpires are not responsible for reporting this.


Cueto will reschedule games for a later date. 




Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Mon 4/28 star 2014 RPMSL season begins All Day