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Rancho Penasquitos Basketball (RPB) is a recreational youth basketball organization in the Rancho Penasquitos neighborhood of San Diego, California. Teams are organized into divisions by grade level, including Grades 3-12. Our objective is to provide and promote a wholesome recreational basketball program for the youth of our community. Within this objective, RPB was formed to encourage and foster positive sportsmanship, cultivate good playing skills, and promote friendly relationships among the participants, coaches, and parents.  Please visit My Site News for updates and announcements.  Questions?  e-mail hoop@rpbasketball.org 

RPB is a 100% volunteer organization.  It cannot function without your support.  Interested in a position as a Division Coordinator, Coach, Assistant Coach, Time Keeper, Team Parent, or Committee Member?  See a Board Member for details.





Need volunteer hours for school?  RPB is seeking High School students who would be interested in performing Time Keeper duties.  Games are one hour long, and played on Sat/Sun from early January through March.  Numerous opportunities are available each day.  If interested contact Tom Downey at trdowney@earthlink.net


3rd  Brian Reschke - breschke@gmail.com
4th  Brent Naritomi - naritomi@gmail.com
5th  Dale Dixon - dale@daledixonlaw.com
6th  Dave Spork - chicodaze@sbcglobal.net
7th  Mike Fillat - otldoc@gmail.com
8-9th  -
10-12th  Tom Downey - trdowney@earthlink.net
3-4th  Scott Szabo - scosza@gmail.com
5-6th  Brian Cathers - bcathers@san.rr.com
7-10th  Archi Cianfrocco - acianfro@san.rr.com

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