Chicago Roy Hobbs Baseball of Oak Lawn: Welcome

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Our second league meeting for 2017 will be held on
Thursday, February 16th at 7pm at the
Maher Center on West 97th street in Evergreen Park.
Any teams looking to play in 2017 MUST have representation at this meeting. 

We are also currently accepting teams for our 18+, 35+, 45+ and 53+ divisions.  If you are looking to join our league in any of our divisions, please email the league at RHOL@ATT.NET or attend the meeting on February 19th listed above.

January Meeting notes can be found below or at this PDF file

Roy Hobbs Oak Lawn League Meeting

January 19th 7pm  



Jets Rob Starchvill  

Rhinos - Kevin McLaughlin (Proxy)  

Giants - Dominic Catinella (Proxy)  

Dodgers - Sam Paschka  

Astros - J.D Sealy



Giants - Dominic Catinella (Proxy) 

Colts - Mark Harmon  

Warriors - (John - Proxy)  

Reds - Absent



Blues - George Laidlaw  

Pirates - Dominic Catinella 

Mudhens - Ton Hughes  

Yaquis - Steve Altman (Proxy)  

Lobos - Mike Ordman 

Warriors - Proxy  

Rockies - Absent 

Chiefs - Absent 

White Sox - Dave Casper


Opening Remarks:


1. We need everyone’s attention at the league meetings to make these meeting 

effective and for messages to be communicated properly. There will be no separate  

Division meetings like last year. If discussion warrants to a specific Division, that  

discussion will be conducted following the League meeting.  

2. League meetings will be conducted on the 3rd Thursday’s of every month until the

season starts  

3. Next meeting is February 16th, 7pm at the Maher Center 3450 W 97th Evergreen Park  

4. $500 entry fee due at this meeting


Report from 2016 Roy Hobbs World Series


1. 12 teams representing the Oak Lawn Roy Hobbs League were in the 2016 WS  

2. The 53 Yaquis won the AA Championship


2016 Season Recap


I. Umpires 

1. Overall, pretty good. No issues  

2. No major incidents


II. 18+  

1. We did not have 18+ division in 2016


III. 35+  

1. 2016 had 4 teams  

2. Played 5 Crossover games per team vs Central MSBL - Turned out very well  

3. Giants champions  

4. Due to length of season no championship series vs MSBL was played


IV. 45+  

1. 2016 had 3 teams  

2. Giants champions  

3. Played 16 game schedule  

4. Played 5 Crossover games per team vs central MSBL - Turned out well  

5. Due to length of season no championship series vs MSBL was played


V. 53+  

1. 2016 the division grew to 8 teams  

2. There was a AA and A division in the playoffs which worked out well  

3. AA champions - Warriors / A champions - Pirates  

4. Introduced Player eligibility rule which the teams liked  

5. Courtesy runner rule changed from Roy Hobbs substitution rule used in 2015. Only

3 runners could be declared in a game  

6. Due to communication problems, the first game in the first round playoffs only had 1  

umpire, not 2 umpires. remainder of playoff series did have 2 umpires


VI. Fields  

1. Fields used: Oak Lawn, Eisenhower Varsity (infield improved), Eisenhower JV, St. 

Rita, Moraine Valley College, Midlothian, Bedford Park, Benet Varsity (problem with 

a neighbor, fields switched to JV field), Benet JV (Problem with drainage), Westmont 

2. Numerous times during the 2016 season, teams had to be warned about consuming  

alcohol at the high school fields. This will be stated throughout the course of 2017, 

NO ALCOHOL on school property or at Bedford Park


VII. Team Review  

1. To put rumors to bed, the Giants 35s had to forfeit 3 games due to having an

underage player participate in regular season games


2017 New Business



1. Scheduling


1. NO games will be rescheduled once the Master schedule is distributed in April. 

The league will make every effort to honor any special requests a team may provide before April  

2. Ensure any dates a team cannot play are provided to the league by the end of March  

3. Attempts to schedule rainouts will be made within one week of the rainout. This  

does not mean you will be playing within 1 week, but your make up date will be  

provided within 1 week  

4. Season is tentatively scheduled to start Sunday April 23rd  

5. No games on Mothers Day, May 14th


18+ Division 


1. Looking to start this division back up in 2017 

2. Currently only 2 teams


35’s Division  


1. Possibly increasing teams to 5 or 6 

2. Lansing Astros interested in joining 

3. Will participate in playing Crossover games again with Central MSBL  

4. Possibly playing games with Burbank Baseball  

5. Change the age limit to 30+. Will discuss at next meeting


45’s Division


1. Possibly 4 teams in 2017. Need a manager for Reds 

2. Warriors have joined the 45s  

3. Will participate in playing Crossover games again with Central MSBL 

4. Possibly changing rule 1) to have 3 players 40-42 but cannot pitch; 2) or changing age limit to 40 Will discuss at next meeting


53’s Division 


1. Possibly go to 9 teams. White Sox interested in joining 

2. Keep player eligibility rule 

3. Need rot review runner rule. Discuss at next meeting


Field Report  


1. Oak Lawn, Eisenhower, Westmont, Midlothian, Bedford Park, St. Rita  

Looking into these fields for 2017:  

Brother Rice 


Bloom HS - Tim Nelson 

Homewood Flossmoor JV - Steve Altman 

Hegwisch - Frank Murphy 

Lansing Sports Complex - JD Sealy 

Burbank - Sam Paschka 

2. League will ask Bedford Park to put a screen behind home plate back stop 

3. Lighting at Bedford park is bad, infield is good


Web Site


1. Everyone is happy with the web site content and layout 

2. All forms can be found at the website


Roster Form - Click here for 2017 form


1. Opening day roster due April 21st. This can be changed up to June 1 st 

2. Final roster due June 1st. Up to 30 players can be listed on the roster  

3. A new column will be added this year, player email address


1. Managers agreed to use Roy Hobbs baseballs in 2017 

2. Teams fees to be discussed at next meeting. Awaiting final field confirmation and number of teams each division will contain  

3. Plan to start a 60+ division in 2018 and drop 53 division to 50+  

4. Plan to schedule a Father/Son game to be played on July 2nd. More information to come  

5. All Star game to be discussed at next meeting. To be played before/after playoffs









 League email-
Text final scores:708-207-0092
Rain Out line:708-423-2734
2016 Lineup Card- Click Here
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