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Last updated
08-27-14 01:09 PM
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Last update: Wednesday August 27, 2014 01:08pm
At work and want to find us fast?  Google, Yahoo or Bing "ROSL" and we'll pop right up?  Check now, check later but more important check often to keep up on us.  Now really?  How cool is that!

2014 ROSL World Series Champions
Harwell - King Cleaners
Kaline - Blanchard Agency
Senior MOFA Softball - Madison Heights Sun Devils
Junior MOFA Softball - Royal Oak PDQ Printing
Freshman Softball - Rose Pest Solutions Stars 

Get off the sidelines and get into the game!


Ad-Hoc positions are available for the upcoming 2015 season for interested volunteers wanting to promote Royal Oak Youth Baseball / Softball.   Interested parties should forward an email containing an attachment listing background in youth sports along with the area of interest in which you are able to volunteer to After the board of directors reviews the submissions a response will be sent to the sending parties email address.

Maybe the ROSL Board is not for you, however, you would like to be one of our team manager's or coaches for the upcoming 2015 season.   Please bring this form to one of our 2015 registration dates, or scan / email it to the email above, or drop it in the US mail and we'll get back to you shortly.

Handout: 2014 Volunteer Discloser Form

Wednesday, August 6
2014 Harwell World Series Champions - King Cleaners


Thursday, July 31
2014 Senior MOFA World Series Champions - Madison Heights Sun Devils


2014 Kaline World Series Champions - Blanchard Agency


2014 Junior MOFA Softball World Series Champions - Royal Oak PDQ Printing


2014 Freshman Softball World Series Champions - Rose Pest Solution Stars


But are you on ROSL Dan's list?


Craig's list is ok if you are looking for a job.  Angie's list is great if you'd like to clean up from the job you found on Craig's list.  ROSL_DAN's list?.... you need to read on. 

ROSL has a text message distribution list in the event of games being rained out and letting everyone know what is going on before the season starts.  ROSL Memo to you: It's Tuesday... you look outside at 4pm... it's raining on and off all day but not that hard...  So you ask yourself.... Is there a game tonight?  Will my coach call me in time?  What if the coach calls my home and I am not there to get the call?  Do I need to record Hillbilly Handfishing?  Easy answer as let ROSL _Dan's list  take care of it for you.  Besides it saves time and trouble as ROSL_Dan has learned recently that this thing called "texting" may catch on some day. 

As of now we have over 1,000 1,100, 1,300, 1,400, 1,500 people on the text distribution list and it is working out MARVELOUS.... So you are saying "How do I get in on this cool, leading edge, ROSL text messaging thing?".  Great question so here is what you need to do.  Send a text message to 2482278075 with only one word in the message being "ROSL".  You will then be added to the ROSL text distribution list for rainouts, standing updates and anything else that everyone needs to know. 

We need to tell you the "Standard text messaging rates will apply" but you already new that.  Now really?  This is really "too smooth to move" where you and your players can bond over a rainout moment?  Wow! I really need to stop watching Dr. Phil I guess.

Follow us on Facebook


Once again this year you can follow us on Facebook and be part of the growing ROSL Facebook family.  Friend us at "Royal Oak Sandlot League" today.  You can even write on our wall if you'd like since you were not allowed to write on walls when you were 4 years old with the crayons your Grandmother gave you for your birthday.  I hope you do understand today when Grandmother went home after your 4th birthday she was really getting back at your mother for doing the same thing when your mother was 4 years old and writing on Grandmother's walls with crayons.  Grandmother's love paybacks... they sit back waiting... waiting.... waiting... then one day WHAM! crayons for your birthday.  Now you know why Grandmother's giggle... and that's the reason we love them.

Does this work for you?

actual photo
A website is only as good as the information it provides in a timely manner. Your comments are always welcome. Please drop me a note on what you'd like to see and us ROSL folk will see if we can make it happen. In any case please bookmark this page as you just don't know what will change from day to day (updated M-F).

Dan Lawrence's email:

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Royal Oak Sandlot League

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