Morris Rowdie Katz: Welcome


2015-2016 Tryouts 

@ Roth Field 

Team  Date  Time 
 10U  August 9, 2015  12:00 pm
 12U  August 9, 2015  2:00 pm
 14U  August 15, 2015  4:00 pm
 16U  August 15, 2015  6:00 pm
 18U  August 15, 2015  6:00 pm


There is a chance of storms tomorrow for the 10U and 12U tryouts.  We will do our best to get the tryouts in. If we do have to reschedule it will take place on Sunday August 15th @ Roth Field at 12:00 for the 10U and 2:00 for 12U.  

2008 18U ASA Northern Nationals 3rd place

2008 12U NSA World Series 4th place

2009 10U ASA Northern National 5th place

2011 12U ASA Northern Nationals 13th place

2012 18U NSA World Series 7th place 


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