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Rossville Athletics is preparing for the 2011 football and cheerleading seasons. Sign-ups run from July 12-Aug 16 on Tues and Thursday's from 5-7 pm and Saturday's from 9-11 am at the Rossville Athletic Center (RAC) at 301 Williams Street Rossville, Ga. 30741.   Registration for ages 5-12 is $75 per child with discounts for more than one in a family.  Each football player will receive a game jersey and game pants.  Each cheerleader will get a cheerleading uniform (skirt and vest).
* For those with more than one child the breakdown is: $140 for two, $200 for three and $240 for four players in one family. For more information, call 423-463-4461.

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Austin Run
Happy New Year and Thank You!

Rossville Athletics would like to wish all of those who have worked and contributed to make the City of Rossville Recreation program a success a Happy New Year!

The Rossville Recreation program is one of the fastest growing youth programs in the Chattanooga Metropolitan area and a lot of you are the reason.

A special thanks goes out to Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskell. Bebe cares and understands the mission, the passion and what it takes to make the Rossville Athletics department one of the best.

Another special thanks goes out to Rossville Mayor Johnny Baker and the City Council.

The city leaders and the outstanding city employees work together as a team in an effort to make the recreation program better.

Just remember: "Rossville Athletics, teaching important life lessons through athletics."

_ Stump Martin Athletic Director  


Donna Mullens
Donna and Cory Mullens
Wednesday, January 12
3rd Annual Mike Mullens Tourney Set

The Third Annual Mike Mullens Memorial has been a very successful tournament and a lot of free fun for all.  This tournament kicked off the Rossville City Park schedule. A special thanks to all who have participated and good luck on Sunday.

Mike Mullens Memorial Sunday Schedule

9:00  F #2 LaFayette vs Rossville
10:10 F#2 CC Mustangs vs Chaos
11:20 F#2 Bandits vs winner of Lafayette  and Rossville
12:30 F#2 Crush vs Diamond Academy
1:40   F#2 Team Demara vs Ooltewah
2:50  F#2 Top Bracket semifinals
4:00 F#2  Bottom Bracket semifinals
6:00  F#2 Championship

9:00   F #3 MV Knights vs Terminators
10:30 F #3  Legends vs Renegades
12:00 F #3 Buzz vs SBO Bombers
1:30    F #3 Hobgood vs winner of Knights and Terminators
F #3 Winner Game 2 vs winner Game 3
5:00   F #3 Championship Game

9:00   F#4 Chatsworth Mustangs vs Chattanooga Thunder
10:30 F#4 Diamond Academy vs Jackhammers
12:00 F#4 D-3 Stingers vs Black Owls
1:30    F#4 CCC Mustangs vs winner of Chats Mustangs vs Chatt Thunder
3:00    F#4 Winner Game 2 vs winner Game 3
5:00   F#4  Championship Game

9:00    F#1  Chattanooga Valley vs Cartersville Crush
10:35  F#1  CCC Mustangs vs East Cobb Nationals
12:05  F#1  East Ridge Fury vs Chattanooga Colonels
1:40    F#1   MVP vs Fannin Co. Rebels
3:15    F#1   Tenn Outlaws vs winner Chatt Valley and Cart Crush
4:50   F#1   Top Bracket Semifinals
6:25  F#5    Bottom Bracket Semifinals
8:00  F#5   Championship Game 

Teams have been seeded based on USSSA rules at end of pool play. 

For more information call Ron Bryan at 423-313-2102 or email him at

There is a Devotional and Singing on Field 3 at 8:30 on Sunday morning with Tim Dean speaking and Michelle McAfee presenting the music. Come worship with us.

Rossville City Park is located at 200 Ellis Road- Rossville, GA 30741

Park number in case of rain is 423-463-4461
Or email


Mustangs Lepcio
Wednesday, January 12
Rossville plans another Summer of Baseball/Softball Fun

The Rossville Athletics Department is planning another exciting year of baseball and softball tournaments here in the Tri-State area. The Rossville City Park is located 5 mminutes from the Downtown Chattanooga, Tenn. Riverfront and only minutes from Lookout Mountain, Rock City, Ruby Falls, The Chattanooga Aquarium, the Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park, AT&T Field (Home of the AA Chattanooga Lookouts)  and many eateries and motels.

Rossville welcomes you to join us at a park with plenty of parking, good concession foods at a fair price, picnic areas, many old shade trees and 8 fields awaiting competitive baseball and softball. 

This season, Southern Baseball (USSSA), Open Baseball (David Moss), Scott Gilbert and Dizzy Dean Inc. will all hold baseball tournaments in Rossville. The TSFA (Charles Stephens) also has many softball tournaments scheduled for Rossville.

For more information or directions call 423-464-4461 or email For directions to the Rossville City Park enter 200 Ellis Road, Rossville, Ga., 30741 in your GPS or Mapquest the same address. 200 Salem Road will bring you in the backside of the park.

Here's a look at the 2011 schedule: 

Feb. 18-20 ...... Mike Mullens Memorial (Baseball)
Mar. 4-6..........  Frozen Rope (Southern Baseball)
Mar. 11-13 .....  TSFA Softball
Mar. 18-20 .....  Blast Off (Open Baseball)
Mar. 25-27 .....  2011 North Ga. Spring Touch EM' All (Baseball)
Apr. 1-3 .........  Spring Open (Southern Baseball)
Apr. 9-11 .......  2011 5th Annual Battlefield Bash (Baseball)
Apr. 15-17 ......  North Georgia Shootout (Southern Baseball)
Apr. 22-25 ..,.... Easter Weekend
Apr. 30-May1 .. TSFA Softball
May 6-8 ........... Mother's Day Finest
May 13-15 ....... TSFA Softball
May 20-22 ....... Battlefield Classic (Southern Baseball)
May 28-29 ....... TSFA Softball
Jun 3-5 ...........  Open Baseball World Series
Jun 10-12 .......  TBA
Jun 17-19 .......  TSFA Softball
Jun 24-26 .......  Open Date
July 1-3 ..........  TSFA softball
July 8-10 ........  Rossville Rumble Open Baseball
July 15-17 ......  Back Yard Brawl Open Baseball
July 29-31 ......  TSFA Softball

Fall Dates to be announced soon ...

Heres to the champs
Sunday, January 2
Bulldogs 7s Super Bowl Champs

Calvin Ogle and his Rossville Bulldogs 7s coaching staff didn't get disenchanted midway through the 2010 season when the East Hamilton Titans turned a close game at Ridgeland into a big win in the second half.

Ogle and his staff of Alvin Ogle, Jerry McAfee and Ricky Wagner brought the Bulldogs back with a late season run that provided two wins over East Hamilton, including a Super Bowl championship at Finley Stadium in November.

The Bulldogs 7s won the title with only 13 players on the roster.

Congratulations for becoming the first Rossville Bulldogs team to win the Scenic City League Super Bowl.

Way to go B-U-L-L-D-O-G-S!



Tornadoes 1
Thursday, July 15
Rossville Tornadoes State Champions

The Rossville Tornadoes are the Dizzy Dean 10-under Softball State Champions. Congratulations to Lamar "Pork Chop" Simpson and his team for helping Rossville restore its winning tradition. The Tornadoes have worked hard to become a winning program. Good luck to the girls as they raise money to travel to Mississippi to the 10-under Dizzy Dean World Series.

Thursday, July 15
Rossville Hurricanes State Runner-up

Coach Tyler Hayes and his Rossville Hurricanes 16-under team finished second in the Dizzy Dean State Tournament and are headed to the World Series. Congratulations to the Hurricanes for helping Rossville to restore its winning tradition. 

Couch Coaching
Thursday, September 17
A story worth telling

The Rossville Athletics phone rang late Saturday night and Hixson Football Director Alan Bailey was on the other end of the cell. 

Bailey said he wanted to talk to me about my 6-year-old team. I paused and thought, “Oh no, what have we done?” Bailey said your team beat us 26-6, but that’s not what I called about.

Again, I paused and thought, “Oh what have we done?”

The veteran recreation volunteer said our 6-under Bulldogs had played the final game of the night at Hixson and he had asked them to help clean up on the visiting side.

Bailey went on to explain that the parents/fans and players had cleaned up the whole hillside and under the bleachers and didn’t leave a piece of trash anywhere. 

Winning the game was great because that was the first win for the little 6-under guys. Nevertheless, winning with the class to clean up after the game is all about pride. 

Thanks to Isaac Patrick, Jonathan Couch, Calvin Ogle and the whole Bulldogs family that displayed a saying that we all learned a long time ago in this town, “Be Rossville.” That deed my friends is what “Being Rossville” is all about.     

Wednesday, September 23
Rossville Approved By GRPA

The Georgia Recreation and Park Association notified Rossville on Tuesday that the city was approved as a member.  One reason Rossville petitioned the GRPA is its athletic department shares the same mission. The GRPA “promotes healthy life styles through the utilization of park facilities and recreation services for the well being of each citizen individually and the community as a whole. It also insures that park and recreation services are available, and providing organized, supervised activity as a means of prevention for a number of circumstances (disease, stress, etc.) including the prevention of juvenile delinquency.”  

The GRPA and Rossville also believe that the delivery of recreation and park services in the state has tremendous impact economically, environmentally and socially.  The GRPA was born in 1945 as a private, non-profit Institution to support and promote the recreation and park industries within the state of Georgia. It’s the only state organization that serves as an advocate for quality recreation and park areas, facilities, programs and services at the local level. 

The GRPA provides state competition in youth basketball, track-and-field, baseball, softball, football, cheerleading, swimming, diving, tennis, golf, volleyball, and soccer.

Adult competition through GRPA is available in basketball, softball, tennis, golf, volleyball and flag football. I’m extremely excited to make this announcement. For an athletic department the size of ours this will give us a lot of people throughout the state to network and share ideas. When I was 12-years-old I remember the Rossville All-star team going to the GRPA state football championships. I hope Rossville can host those championships soon.

Stump Martin     


Football Princesses
Sunday, November 29
Football Princesses Can Play

By Misty Martin
Catoosa County News Sports Editor

Some girls just want to have fun too when it comes to football.

In fact, Braylee Taylor, 13, and Sarahann Sparks, 8, have proved they know how to get down and get it done on the gridiron.

The two Rossville Athletics youngsters are starters on their Bulldogs football teams and are proving the naysayers wrong by doing all the right things.

Sarahann is in her second season with the Bulldogs. She plays middle linebacker, halfback and lineman for the 7-year-old team coached by Robert Alexander. She said she chose football because she didn't want to be a cheerleader.

She said she loves her Barbies and makeup, but prefers football pads instead of skirts and pom-poms.

"My favorite part about football is you can tackle boys and not get in trouble for it," Sarahann said.

Her mother, Christie Sparks, said when her daughter asked to play she was shocked.

"It hit me like a ton of bricks," she said. "I wasn't going to say no." Braylee, who is also a family friend of Sarahann, said she is having a blast and encouraged girls who had an interest to consider taking the challenge. "I've always watched football," Braylee said. "But this is the first time I've played ... full contact. I think I'm pretty good for my first year."

She said she is still a girlie girl off the field and she loves makeup, boys and pretty clothes. However, Braylee has proved she can hang with the guys when the going gets rough.

Her father, Terry Taylor, said he is an assistant on her team. He said she never expressed an interest to play until she went to see her nephew practice on the 11-and-12-year-old team.

"Braylee came to watch him one time and said she wanted to play," he said. "People told her she couldn't do it and she wants to prove them wrong."

Braylee said it wasn't an easy transition in the beginning, and she still feels like a target sometimes.

"I was so scared the first time I got out there," she said. "Nobody would hit me at first. Then one of the guys finally did and it took my fear away."

Sarahann said she has no fear when it comes to her opponents. "I can hit harder than the boys," she said.

Her mother was still reluctant to let Sarahann on the field in the beginning. "I was worried she might get hurt," she said. "Then, after watching her practice I knew she had this. She was tearing them up."

Sarahann made the all-stars in her first season, and recently scored a game-winning touchdown. She said she planned on scoring many more touchdowns and one day hopes to play middle school football.

Braylee, who also plays soccer and basketball, said she doesn't plan to play football in high school. They were both recognized as the “Football Princesses” of their teams at Rossville's Homecoming and Bonfire.

This story appeared in the Catoosa County News and the Walker County Messenger