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Tuesday, November 21

Q. If my child is already on a Majors roster, and is eligible by age to play, can he/she stay on that team?
A. Yes, your child is eligible to continue his majors play until the league age of 13. Simply ignore this memo and sign up for the regular little league program.

Q. If my child tries out for Travel and is not chosen, and also chooses not to play in the Majors will I get a refund?
A. Absolutely yes

Q. Can my child switch Major League teams?
A. No, he/she can only play on the team for which they played last year.

Q. Can my child play in both the Majors and on a travel team?
A. No, children are only eligible for one. By choosing travel you forfeit their ability to play on the Majors or Semi-Majors again.

Friday, May 1
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