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Welcome to the Coach Mahurin web page.  As many of you are aware, I am now the head coach of the Edgewood Mustangs.  I'm thrilled to be back in coaching and at Edgewood!

I'll use this page to cover our squads and keep readers informed about the Mustangs, my kids, other former players, and whatever else comes to mind.

I was most recently the basketball coach of the Rockville Rox and have been the coach at South Vermillion, Adams Central, and an assistant at Martinsville (IN).  I've also led the Pacesetter Select and Spiece Central AAU teams.  

Please note that I usually blast this stuff together pretty fast, and my spell check does not work on this program (or I'm not smart enough to use it!)  There will be typos, omissions, and errors.  Please read through them!


Wednesday, August 20
Middle School (7-9) Basketball Players

While numbers have been very good, my goal is to incorporate more of our younger kids into the open gym sessions.  I'd like to have a grades 7-9 court and a grades 10-12 court (or courts if possible).

Middle school players are welcome to attend open gyms from this point forward.  See the schedule in an article below. 

Friday, August 15
Up and Running

The hoops numbers have been good in regard to participation at workouts and open gyms.  Without fall sport athletes we are running in double figures each night, and we've had up to 25 on some nights.  More and more kids keep finding the program, and several kids playing fall sports have indicated to me they might try to participate this year.

This site also seems to have caught on as well.  I actually struggled with the decision whether or not to start a new site or continue with this one.  For now I'll just keep posting here.  The number of readers always shocks me for a silly site like this.  However, it is a great way to keep all players, coaches, parents, and fans on the same page.  I can communicate MY MESSAGE with everyone at the same time.  That really reduces misinformation getting spread, and there are an awful lot of folks who stop by here just to catch up now and then.

Our AD recently added Cloverdale to the schedule.  New IHSAA rules allow teams to play two addtional game this season.  We are still in the market for one more.  I've been giving Coach Luce some grief about playing the Rox, but that hasn't happened.  Somebody told me Keiontre was too scared (just teasing....I miss messing with KW, my girl "Ike" and "4")!  There are an awful lot of good kids at RHS!

With the conference expansion here in the WIC, schedules are bound to be altered in the near future.

Rumors are running rampant that SV might finally be getting back in the WRC.  Some folks there have tried for years, but resistance from the northern schools always struck that effort down at the last minute.  It will be interesting to see if the WRC once again balks at the actual vote. However, with the impending consolidation between TR and the Rox (and no...I don't have any inside information), the WRC could really use another team...especially one in the south.

Time will tell.... 



Monday, August 11
Very Important

We now live in a day and age where certain activities are no longer tolerated as they once were.  This is especially true in regard to bullying.  While I've been overly impressed with the attitudes and character of my new set of players, I want to caution everyone that treating others in a bullying fashion will not be tolerated.

It's an unfortunate fact in our society that there have been ties between athletics and hazing, initiating, and other bullying activities in the not-so distant past.  Let me ask all players to think twice before participating in any act that is intended to be hurtful to another.

I know first hand that some players start thinking that being a senior or upper classman gives them the "right" to bully younger players.  It is in fact quite the opposite.  I expect my seniors to be ambassadors to my program, welcoming the new guys in and assisting them wherever needed.

I'm very interested in all our players displaying character... instead of being characters (yes Coach Pat Rady...I stole that from you 30 years ago!).  Think about being leaders and helping build the program instead of tearing it apart.

If you see examples of any player demonstrating inappropriate behavior in any situation, please let me know. 


Friday, August 8

Well...against my better judgement, we've created a workout/open gym schedule (as you can see below).  These sessions will be short and sweet because it is really early in the year.  I know everyone is excited, but it is a long year.  

The sessions are open to all students in our corporation.  If you plan to attend, come with a good attitude.  Arrive on time and work as hard as you can. 

Note:  If you are playing a fall sport (which I recommend), do not come to open gyms.  Complete your sport obligations and hook up with us later. 

Also...if you have not done so, get your physical now so that we know you're healthy!  No one may practice without having a physical on file in the office. 

Friday, August 8
Player List

Below is a list of individuals who have shown interest in being part of the basketball program this coming year.  If your name is not on the list and should be, see me, email me, or shoot me a text.  I'm trying to gage interest in order to project numbers and set schedules.  

Being on the roster merely means your "thinking about playing," have come to an open gym, or have expressed interest somehow.  If you want to be added or taken off, just let me know.


Austin Ranard

Jonas Carmichael

Tristan Johnson

Ryan Newman 

Austin Smith 

Jake West

Kyle Meadows 



Tanner Thomas

Cole Cradick

Braydon Patton 

Aaron Jacobs

Cody Hege 

Keyton Floyd 



Cooper Bybee

Jason Brown

Tanner Kolbe

Conner Morton

Sam Saft 

Ryan Eads

Zach Johnson



Zach Kovach 

Chayton Howard

Jayce Collier

Curtis Cowden (Injured reserve!)

Jordan Thompson

Tyler Breeden

Tyler Calvin

Ryan Stuffle 

Evan Whitlow

Jimmy Boltinghouse 

Jason Grubb 


Friday, August 8
Open Facility, Conditioning, Open Gyms


Open gym -  report to main  gym (unless otherwise noted)

Workout - report to weight room (and relax; it will be fine) 


TH  8/21  Open Gym  5:30


MO  8/25  Workout  2:45 (gym available)

TU  8/26  Open Gym  2:45

WE  8/27  Workout  2:45

TH  8/28  Open Gym  2:45 


TU  9/2  Open Gym  2:45

WE  9/3  Workout  2:45

TH  9/4  Open Gym  2:45


MO  9/8  Workout  2:45

TU  9/9  Open Gym  2:45

WE  9/10  Workout  2:45

TH  9/11  Open Gym  2:45


MO  9/15  Open Gym 2:45 

TU  9/16  Open Gym  2:45

WE  9/17  Workout  2:45

TH  9/18  Workout  2:45 


MO  9/22  Workout  2:45

TU  9/23  Open Gym  2:45

WE  9/24  Workout  2:45

TH  9/25  Open Gym  2:45


MO  9/29  Workout  2:45

TU  9/30  Open Gym  5:30

WE  10/1  Workout  2:45

TH  10/2  Open Gym  2:45


MO  10/6  Workout  2:45

TU  10/7  Open Gym  2:45

WE  10/8  Workout  2:45

TH  10/9  Open Gym  2:45


Fall Break


Conditioning begins Monday 10/20 and goes daily for three weeks.

Practice begins Monday 11/10. 

Sunday, July 27
Partial Varsity Schedule for Mustangs in 2014-2015

TH  11/20  Scrimmage Game @ Eastern  7:00

TU  11/25  Bedford North Lawrence @ Edgewood  7:30 (last year  37-69)

FR  12/5  Edgewood @ Bloomington North  7:30  (last year  36-72)

SA  12/6  Edgewood @ Greenwood Christian Academy  7:30  (last year  45-58)

FR  12/12  Edgewood @ Washington  8:00  (last year 40-39)

SA  12/13  Bloomfield @ Edgewood  7:30  (last year 54-46) 

FR  12/19  Edgewood @ Northview  7:30  (last year 38-51 and 54-52)

SA  12/20  Edgewood @ Mooresville  7:30  (last year 47-83)

SA  1/3  Edgewood @ Sullivan  7:30  (last year 48-60)

FR  1/9  South Vermillion @ Edgewood  7:30  (last year (60-32)

SA  1/10  South Putnam @ Edgewood  7:00  (last year 54-42)

FR  1/16  Bloomington South @ Edgewood  7:30  (last year 38-67)

SA  1/17  Greencastle @ Edgewood  7:30  (last year 54-52)

FR  1/23  Owen Valley @ Edgewood  7:30  (last year 35-36 and 36-31)

SA  1/24  Edgewood @ Cloverdale  7:30 (Did not play last year)

FR  1/30  Edgewood @ West Vigo  7:30  (last year 50-42)

SA 1/31  Edgewood @ Monrovia  7:30  (last Year 51-40)

FR  2/6  Brown County @ Edgewood  7:30 (last year 50-45)

SA  2/7  Edgewood @ Orleans  6:00  (last year 44-49)

TH  2/12  Eastern @ Edgewood  7:30  (last year 60-66)

FR  2/20  Edgewood @ Mitchell  7:30  (last year 52-49)

TU  2/24  Cascade @ Edgewood  7:30  (last year 55-52)


Thoughts:  We may be adding one more game.  Obviously, the front end of our schedule will be very tough, especially with 6 of 7 on the road after the opener at home against BNL.  It will be a great test to see how we handle adversity, and it will test our mental toughness. 

My first job will be to identify those guys who really want to be part of the program.  I'll be looking for those guys who walk, talk, and perform with the TEAM placed first.  I'll be looking for guys who don't turn on each other when the chips are down.  It's easy to have great attitudes when things are going well; however, it's not so easy when times are tough.  I'll be looking for those who play hard ALL the time.

I like our schedule.  I meshes some very good teams with some teams we should beat.  We obviously need to show improvement against the best of the best this year. 

I'll update additions as they get scheduled, and I'll get all other levels up asap as well. 


Thursday, June 5
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