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Welcome to the Coach Mahurin web page.  I am currently the head coach of the Edgewood Mustangs in Ellettsville, Indiana.  I'll use this page to cover our squads and keep readers informed about the Mustangs, my kids (Lane and Beth are still hooping it up), other former players who are in the news, and whatever else comes to mind.  

Please note that I usually blast this stuff together pretty fast, and my spell check does not work on this program (or I'm not smart enough to use it!)  There will be typos, omissions, and errors.  Please read through them.  

Friday, October 9
Hilly Hundred Change

The location of our rest stop has changed  this year.  We are working at McCormick's Creek Elementary School.  All boys should meet at IGA at 8:00 am as scheduled. 

Work Ethic

As things really start to shift into high gear after the break, it might be appropriate for me to share some thoughts on expected effort and attitude.  The late start last year really didn't allow me to get all of my expectations across to the players.  Winning basketball is about those "details."  

The fundraising season is upon us already.  I try very hard to always be transparent with money so that everyone understands where it goes and why.  We also start the conditioning season next week as well.  While I don't have ESP, let me tell you what some guys will try to do...  There will be those with excuses about why they can't be at conditioning... (I lifted at home...I need to ___fill in the blank___, my mom wouldn't let me come to practice, etc... ).  There will be those who don't help raise funds.  Their excuses will be numerous as well.

There will also be guys who show-up then spend their whole time trying to get out of working.  I've seen guys hide in restrooms, vehicles, and other places.  I've seen guys stand around and do nothing unless they felt like a coach was watching.

There will be guys who love to be "hurt."  I always try to tell players that the only time you are 100% healthy is the first 10 minutes of the first practice of the year.  From that point on...something hurts.  Either a finger is jammed, an ankle is twisted, or some other pain is bothering you.  The better player you are, the more of a beating your body takes.  You'll need to learn early that there is a difference between pain and injury. 

Conditioning and fundraising are considered to be "work."  Work is generally not fun!  How a guy handles these activities tells me a lot about how much I can count on him.  Picking up trash is hard work.  However, making $15 an hour (that number will fluctuate depending upon the amount of workers) for yourself and throwing some other cash into the team coffers is quite helpful to our program and to your parents' checkbook.  

When we start workouts next week, it will be hard.  There are going to lots of other things to do that will be more fun.  There are going to be times when coaches are watching you closely, there are going to be times when your only supervision will be yourself.  How you handle these times tells a lot about your character.

Please note that there are several guys on legitimate family vacations right now.  There are also many legitimate times some will miss practices.  I have no issue with that.  God, family, school work...all should come first.  They can easily coexist with our hoops team.

In conclusion...I'm looking for mental toughness.  I want guys who don't take the easy way out.  I want guys who don't need motivation; they go 100% everyday regardless of the task.  That might be you; that might not.  Being a basketball player always looks so attractice from the's hard work.  It doesn't come easy.


Tier 10 Grand Opening

Tommy Weakley announced this week that Tier Ten is hosting a grand opening this Saturday from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm.  Tier Ten is a new athletic workout/competition facility designed to help athletes achieve at high levels.

In my opinion this is the answer to numerous requests I've received since coming on board at Edgewood just over a year ago.  The main complaint around here is that there are few gyms available for our kids.  I'll bet this one is available!

Please support Tier Ten so that this endeavor is successful. 

The address for Tier Ten is 2499 State Highway 43, Spencer, Indiana. 

Fundraising Opportunities

We will be working the following events:

SU  10/11  - Hilly Hundred rest stop duty ... We will meet at 8:00 am in the IGA parking lot.  I will drive a midbus, and upper classmen may drive.

Note:  In past years there have been some guys not work as hard as they should at this event.  I expect maximum effort.

SU  10/18 - IU Football Cleanup after Rutgers - arrive 6:45 am outside the ramp

SU  11/8 - IU Football Cleanup after Iowa - arrive 6:45 outside the ramp

SU  11/15 - IU Football Cleanup after Michigan - arrive 6:45 outside the ramp 

Make sure you sign-in at every event.  Boys and their parents may earn credit at each event.  Each body attending earns an equal share of the proceedes that can be credited to an account.  However, there will be no cash paid out to athletes.

In other words....Event A Workers:   Player A, Dad of Player A, Brother of player A = 3 shares of proceeds from that fundraiser to player A. 

I will post player shares on the site under "Player Accounts" on the News page.  

It is my expectation that all boys participate as much as possible.  I realize there will be conflicts.  Several of you have already contacted me about issues with vacation plans.  That is perfectly fine!  However, if you're here, lend a hand.

Ohio State Attendance  (pay rate 18.33 per hour + team contribution)

Banister  $55

Brown $55

Bybee $55

Collier $55

Cradick $55

Haskett $55

Holmes  $55

Howard +1 - $110

Jacobs +1 - $110

Lawyer - $55

Miller - $55

Moore - $55

Schwartz - $55

Team = $375 


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You MUST have your physical on file in the AD's office prior to the first day of practice.  I would prefer that you have your physical turned in before conditioning starts as well.

Every year someone thinks they have their physical on file when it is not.  You CAN NOT tryout without your physical on file. 

Coaching Staff

Junior Varsity Head Coach/Assistant Varsity - Tom Anderson

Assistant Varsity/Strength and Conditioning - Mychal Doering 

Freshmen - Chuck Souder

Volunteer Assistant - Tommy Weakley

Volunteer Assistant - Brad Moorehead 

Volunteer Assistant - Troy Guthrie

New Manager

Welcome to new team manager ...  Ryan Van Housen ... who will be helping us out this year.  Go Mustangs!

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