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Welcome to the Coach Mahurin web page.  As many of you are aware, I am now the head coach of the Edgewood Mustangs.  I'm thrilled to be back in coaching and at Edgewood!

I'll use this page to cover our squads and keep readers informed about the Mustangs, my kids, other former players, and whatever else comes to mind.

I was most recently the basketball coach of the Rockville Rox and have been the coach at South Vermillion, Adams Central, and an assistant at Martinsville (IN).  I've also led the Pacesetter Select and Spiece Central AAU teams.  

Please note that I usually blast this stuff together pretty fast, and my spell check does not work on this program (or I'm not smart enough to use it!)  There will be typos, omissions, and errors.  Please read through them!


Wednesday, September 10
Homefront Updates

Crazy days continue with the move; however, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  We've moved into a condo in Ellettsville, reached a tentative agreement to sell our Rockville house, and settled into our new surroundings pretty well.  It's now kind of odd not to get up at 5:00 am to make the drive...that's a good kind of odd though!

Lane reported that he had been named pre-season second team all-conference...not too shabby for a sophomore.  The IWU squad looks loaded with two big time transfers joining an already solid team.  They look forward to a trip to Puerto Rico this Christmas as they try to defend their national championship.  As always, chemistry will be the key to their season.  If they avoid the selfish bug, good things will happen.

Beth reports she is doing very well at Oakland up north of Detroit.  Having seen her play at open gyms, it looks to me that she'll finally found her nitch.  Besdies playing in the Horizon League, her squad plays IU, Miami (FLA), Central Florida, Ball State, and an assortment of others.  I think she is all-in for the coming season, and I'm looking forward to seeing her play.

RJ is successfully employed as a banker in the Rockville area.  I sense a little regret from not playing overseas, but he is happily married and gainfully employed.  What more can you ask for?

The Edgewood move continues to be a very positive experience.  The players are working harder than any I've ever had.  More and more kids keep showing interest, and the assistant coaches are in the gym every day.  I've got great help. 

Wednesday, September 17

The will be no 8th grade open gym this Saturday due to the Fall Festival and parade.  Enjoy the Festival!

 See you next week. 

Friday, August 8
Open Facility, Conditioning, Open Gyms - MAJOR UPDATES

OK sportsfans....  I've been overly impressed with the efforts of the players and coaches, but this is a LONG season.  I am going to scale back our workout schedule a little.  Honestly, several of our key guys are looking a little dead legged right now.  My advice...get out of the gym for a little while.

It's obviously your choice, but you need to give your body some recovery time to rebuild. 


TU  9/16  Open Gym  2:45

WE  9/17  OFF

TH  9/18  Workout  2:45 


MO  9/22  Workout  2:45

TU  9/23  OFF

WE  9/24  Workout  2:45

TH  9/25  Open Gym  2:45


MO  9/29  OFF

TU 9/30  Open Gym 5:30

WE 10/1  OFF

TH  10/2  Open Gym  2:45


MO  10/6  OFF

TU  10/7  Open Gym  2:45

WE  10/8  OFF

TH  10/9  Open Gym  2:45


Fall Break


Conditioning begins Monday 10/20 and goes daily for three weeks.

Practice begins Monday 11/10. 

Saturday, September 6
Avoiding the Poison

I've been asked a lot of questions about my philosophy and keys to having a good team as we get started at Edgewood.  While there all all sorts of important factors, I believe the toughest distraction to overcome is the "poison" that so many kids have to fight off.  Some of that comes from within, some from peers, and some can come from home.

It's got to be about US instead of me.  Some of the more talented teams I've had suffered from "me-itis."  It wasn't about the team, it was about me.  Do I start?  Do I get enough shots?  Does Billy shoot more than me?  Why doesn't the coach run more sets for me?

Please trust me, I just want to win.  I want to find a core group who don't count their minutes, don't worry about their numbers, and will run through the wall if they are asked to do so.  That's how you win.

Some of my most talented teams suffered through bad patches when kids couldn't put the team ahead of the individual.  I still get crank calls from a parent/grandparent or two who never really got it.  The accomplishment is about the team.  State finals, Classic championship, five sectional titles, etc.... that was what it was all about.

Most importantly though, there are "numerous" (that number keeps changing since I posted this!) former players of mine coaching something in the world, giving back to society.  The success stories are the doctors, lawyers, teachers...don't forget the bankers, finance managers, and general laborers.  The are my most important "wins."

Unfortunately I've also had some former players never catch on to successful life in our world.  Those are my losses.  Thankfully there are far fewer of those.  Of course, the big picture is what do we learn from team sports about being adults and members of our society.  How to handle success and failure is so important.  The hardest part is that some folks never learn these concepts, and then it makes it doubly-tough to teach the kids of those folks.

The one thing I've learned over and over in is to first look for coachable, hard working kids.  If they happen to be talented, that's even better.  It looks like we are going to have a good number of kids out for hoops.  If you're one of those guys, care about winning first.  It can't matter who starts, ends, or plays the most minutes.  Just want to accomplish something huge.

I told kids for years at RHS that no one will remember who really did what on most of our championship teams.  People will just see the champioship pictures on the wall.  You're either in that picture or not!  And...BTW...those are pictures of TEAMS! 

Saturday, September 6
Middle School Opportunities/Thanks

The middle school is offering open gyms for 7th and 8th graders on Saturday mornings

7th grade 8:00

8th grade 9:30

(please check back on those times because I'm doing this from memory....and my memory isn't so good!)


Thanks to my players who helped me move in last week.  We are 90% here in Ellettsville now, and those guys hauling stuff in for us was very much appreciated. 


Monday, August 25
Schedule Update

We have added Cloverdale to the schedule, but the date I listed previously will likey be changed.  Remember that the schedule I have listed is very tentative.

We are also in discussion with a couple other potential opponents. 

Thursday, June 5
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