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Welcome to the Coach Mahurin web page.  As many of you are aware, I am now the head coach of the Edgewood Mustangs.  I'm thrilled to be back in coaching and at Edgewood!

I'll use this page to cover our squads and keep readers informed about the Mustangs, my kids, other former players, and whatever else comes to mind.

I was most recently the basketball coach of the Rockville Rox and have coached at South Vermillion, Adams Central, and been an assistant at Martinsville (IN).  I've also coached the Pacesetter Select, Spiece Central, and Wabash Valley Raptor AAU teams as well.  

Please note that I usually blast this stuff together pretty fast, and my spell check does not work on this program (or I'm not smart enough to use it!)  There will be typos, omissions, and errors.  Please read through them

Wednesday, February 25
More Ugliness...

We've started to adapt a new approach to basketball games!  It's been the "how ugly can we make this" approach!  Last night was no exception.  The good part of that equation is that we again won ugly...which is a lot better than losing ugly!

We again stumbled out of the gate and played some pretty uninspired hoops for a half.  We couldn't throw the ball in the ocean from the beach and put up only 13 points in the first half...(yes...13 amazing 6.5 average per quarter).  We later scored 7 points in 19 seconds...go figure!

However, after an inspiring halftime Q and A session, we scored 45 in the second half.  We played hard (not always smart), but most importantly WITH EMOTION!  Thanks to our bench players and our fans for giving us a lift emotionally.  We had more support last night than I remember...and it was very helpful!

Cole Cradick was once again our leading scorer.  He's had a huge year and I likely haven't said enough about that.  He is by far our most productive player, and he always plays hard.  Ryan Newman was our spark plug adding great defensive pressure and 8 points.  Brayden Patten continued rounding into sectional form scoring 11, and Cooper Bybee keeps taking advantage of increased minutes by scoring 9.  Austin Ranard scored 7, all in the second half and Tanner Thomas added 4.

As coldly as we shot the ball in the first half, we were deadly from the free throw line throughout converting 15 of 19. 

We continue to develop an identity more like what I seek.  The second half pressure was good.  Our defense created some easy baskets in the comeback.  We simply have to keep improving defensively.

Next we play 4A Franklin here Friday night in a game we added after the cancelation of Mitchell's game. 

Wednesday, February 25
Shoutout and Here and There....

I haven't taken much time to post lately, but I had a couple thoughts I wanted to throw out there.  I had an interesting conversation with my son the other day that typifies our family's thoughts in regard to athletics.  It very well may be a screwy thought process, but it certainly seems to have been successful for us.

Lane (my youngest) let me know that he'd been named second team all-conference.  It was kind of an interesting conversation...

First some background...Lane is a sophomore at Indiana Wesleyan University.  IWU won the small college national championship last year and has been ranked #1 in the nation for the entire season this year....both fetes are firsts in the history at IWU.  

As an individual, Lane has been pretty successful...he's started since the second half of his freshman season last year and won the hustle award at the national tourney.  This year has been great...he leads the team in scoring, he's second in rebounding, and third in assists.  He's been named conference player of the week four different times this's been a good year!

The Crossroads League (IWU's conference) selects their all conference teams by vote.  The top five vote getters are first team all-conference, the second five are second team, the third five are third team, and others are honorable mention. 

Back to the story...when Lane called to tell me he had been named second team all-conference (he was the 6th vote getter), the conversation was interesting.  There was little delight, celebration, or satisfaction in his news. He praised all five of the players chosen in front of him.  There was no whining or complaining, nor was there a sense of accomplishment. Conversely, I simply sensed a twinge of disappointment and a ton of commitment and determination to do better.

My "pep talk" seemed to fall on deaf ears.  He simply focused on the upcoming conference tourney and the following national championships.  It was simply talk of how he needed to do better.  

I'll be honest...I wasn't sure Lane would be able to duplicate his high school career in college.  However, he's doing the same things there that he did at Rockville.  What makes Lane a really special player hurts him in regard to the all-this and all-that teams.  He is the epitome of unselfishness.  He does whatever the team needs, and I am incredibly proud of the player he has become.  There is no showiness, no mustard dripping moves, no worry about individual numbers.  He just does whatever the team needs to win.

When IU transfer Johny Martin went down with an injury, Lane responded with 11 assists in the next game.  When the team struggled rebounding in Puerto Rico Lane responded with 18 boards.  When our scoring production dropped, he stepped into the leading scorer's role.  All the while Lane seems to keep drawing the best post player as his defensive assignment.

I know I'm not supposed to say much about him because he's my son.  I'm the crazy dad who always overrated his kids and "shamelessly promoted" them.  However, the boys seem to have done pretty well (as has my daughter) after leaving my program.  I am incredibly proud of all of them.  

I try to coach other kids the same way I coached mine, but that doesn't work too well.  My honesty is often not appreciated.  Most kids don't really want to hear that they're never good enough...that they can always do better.  This is what drives Lane forward.

How would you respond being named the 6th best small college player in Indiana after your sophomore year?  Would you celebrate or realize there are 5 guys taking what is yours?  Lane's response was obvious to me.  I look forward to the future! 

Tuesday, February 24


Thanks to AD Mick Hammett for finding us a game.  With the bye, we just had too long of a break before sectional.

Franklin is a very good program.  Coach Brad Dickey (former coach here) leads Franklin.   

Friday, February 13
Sectional Basketball Tourney Draw

All Games at West Vigo High School 

Tuesday, March 2 - Opening Game

Game 1

Northview - West Vigo   

Friday, March 6 - Semi-Finals

Games 2 and 3

Game 2 - Edgewood - Brown County time 6:00 or 6:30...tba...   

Game 3 - Owen Valley vs Winner Game 1

Saturday, March 7 - Championship 

Game 4 

Winner Game 2 vs Winner Game 3 


Saturday, March 14 

Regionals at Greencastle HS, 

Game 1 - Indy Marshall Winner vs Frankfort Winner

Game 2 - West Vigo Winner vs Danville Winner

Game 3 - Winners Games 1 and 2 

Friday, February 20
Off Season Plans

I know we are not done yet, but we usually lose contact with guys quickly as the spring season transitions in.   I'm in the very early stages of planning the summer schedule.  Right now I'm looking at two "trips."  First...I'm looking at a northern Indiana weekend (St Francis, Ball State, IPFW) on the second weekend in June.  Second, I'm looking at a major trip (Tennessee to Florida) the last week/weekend of June.

Additionally...I could see attendance at some one day shootouts...(Wabash College) and possibly participation at the local league if available. 

Fort Wayne...I'd like to play in two or three shootouts, likely spendng two nights in hotel before returning home.

Floridia...I'd like to hit a shootout in Tennessee, attentd a team camp (three to four days in Florida) and then hit a shootout on the way home.

I will be looking for parents who want to go...especially for the second trip.  I'll need concrete numbers of who wants to go....I have no problem with taking several teams (varsity, JV, frosh) if there is enough interest and enough help.

We will either need to raise money or just figure out cost per player.  Take a look at the summer page here on the site for more possibilities. 

All these plans are mere discussion items right now.  I haven't sought approval or made any decisions of any kind.  I'd be glad to hear suggestions if there are any! 

Friday, February 13
Ugly But Effective....

The Mustangs managed to hold off Eastern Greene 51-44 Thursday night at home.  While it wasn't pretty, I was a hard-fought win that we "gutted" out.  

To my memory this was the first win that wasn't directly related to three point shooting.  We actually did other things to win the game.  We built a lead in the game and then made enough good decisions to punish our opponents for once.  We made them chase us some in the 4th quarter, and we controlled tempo.

Now...we did get too passive, we made some silly decisions, and we had some guys who weren't too comfortable with this role...but we did just enough.  The 4th quarter tempo played last night was predicated on guys making good decisions, being fundamentally sound, and getting stops down the stretch.  We did just enough of that to get the win.

I was pleased with the usual cast of regulars but also with Cooper Bybee who played key minutes in the win.  I was also pleased we were able to win a game while only making 3 three point shots.  We added some penetration to the offensive mix, and we had some success in the post, especially early in the game.

I'd like to see us play with much more poise in than we did... but that's coming little by little.  I'd also like to see us eliminate the silly turnovers and poor decisions.  But on the whole...we will take the win.  We need another next Friday in our last road game of the regular season at Mitchell.  That is followed by our last home game against Cascade on Tuesday, 2/24 (senior night).  

Tuesday, October 7
Edgewood High School Boys' Basketball Coaching Staff


Varsity Coach - Dave Mahurin

Assistants - Tom Weakley, Tom Anderson

Volunteer Assistant - Gary Farmer 

Freshman - Chip Coldiron