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Welcome to the Coach Mahurin web page.  I am currently the head coach of the Edgewood Mustangs in Ellettsville, Indiana.  I'm thrilled to be back in coaching and at Edgewood HS!  

I'll use this page to cover our squads and keep readers informed about the Mustangs, my kids (Lane and Beth are still hooping it up), other former players, and whatever else comes to mind.  This page has been around for about a decade, so I'm keeping it rather than building a new one.

Please note that I usually blast this stuff together pretty fast, and my spell check does not work on this program (or I'm not smart enough to use it!)  There will be typos, omissions, and errors.  Please read through them.  If anything printed here is offensive, I apologize in advance.  I try to communicate honestly through this site. 

Thursday, May 28

Welcome to this web site...especially if you're a new visitor.  Here are some things you really need to know...first, the HOME/main page has all new general information (you are on that page the way).  Check here often.

1.  If you're currently in the Edgewood program and you're looking for summer hoops information, go to the SUMMER page.  On that summer page, check to see if you're registered for the correct events, that your account balances are correct, and take a gander at our schedules. 

2.  If you're looking for next year's EHS basketball schedule, go to the SCHEDULES page.

3.  If you're looking for information on the old or new WIC (Western Indiana Conference), go the the WIC page.

4.  If you're looking for old Rockville High School statistics, records, and information, go to the ROX AND WRC HISTORY pages. 

5.  If you're an old friend of the family and still usuing this page to follow my kids, go to the NEWS page for all Team Mahurin information.

6.  There are some other pages you might find interesting that are appropriately named.  Some are more updated than others. 

Wednesday, May 27
Summer Travel Rules

If you are traveling with us anywhere this summer, please note the following:

1.  Never go anywhere without checking with coaching staff members first.... AND Never go anywhere alone.

2.  You must be in your assigned room after lights-out and stay there throughout the night.

3.  There is no wrestling, horseplay, initiation, hazing, or messing with anyone at any time.

4.  We are traveling to play basketball.  If you're unable to leave others alone so they may rest, stay home.

5.  You will be representing me and the community at all times, I expect "yes sir...thank you...please..." along with other types of civilized behavior when responding to others while on the road.  We will not be loud, rude, or immature at any time. 

6.  There may be no guests in your rooms at any time. 

7.  All school rules shall apply throughout the trips.

8.  Players should always be 5 minutes early for all scheduled events.

9.  Hotel/dorm rooms will be kept clean and orderly.




Friday, April 24

EHS is proud to annouce that we've teamed up with DistinXion and former NBA and Notre Dame star Luke Zeller to run our youth camp this June.

DistonXion is a non-profit organization founded by the Zeller family as a way to provide elite basketball training while building family relationships through character training.  They are dedicated to building better athletes and better people and families as well.

The Edgewood Camp will take place June 15, 16, and 17.  The normal fee for these camps is $149.00.  However, the Edgewood camp is being offered for only $99 per camper.  That price is reduced to $79.00 per camper for those registering before June 1, 2015. 

Registration can be done on line at ...


Tuesday, March 31
"Which Summer Events Do I Sign My Son Up For?"

... has been a very common question of late.  The answer is simply...sign him up for anything he would like to participate in.  

After I gage the level of interest in each event I will select the actual team or teams for participation at that point.  I have no real idea upfront how many or who will get to go to each event.  

For example...right now we may have enough players to enter three teams in the summer league.  

Tuesday, March 31
"How Does Payment Work For Summer Events?"

This is simple....send a check to me at the high school made out to Edgewood Basketball.  Your account will be credited here on the site for that amount.  You may then use that money at any time for anything.  If your son gets to go to an event, the fee will be deducted.  If not, the money will remain in the school acount until you need it, or you may ask for a reimbursement.

Please note: we also accept donations to help those kids in need of a little assistance.  If you intend on any portion of money turned in to the office to be a general donation, please stipulate that specifically.  We have several kids who could use a little boost. 

Thursday, June 5
Edgewood Booster Club Link

Friday, March 27
Holiday Tourney

Edgewood has officially been accepted into the First Financial Wabash Valley Classic next December.  The tourney (formerly sponsored by Pizza Hut) takes place at one of the two Terre Haute schools (North or South) each year.

I'm very excited about the opportunity to participate in the event.  It is by far the best holiday tourney around.  

A few features of the tourney:

- Teams winning their 3rd game get a 4th contest.  This adds two games to the schedule.  It is a great simulation of the state tourney.

- The consolation and championship games are televised.

- The crowds for evening games are usually standing-room- only affairs.

- The field is tough...TH South, TH North....6 other WIC teams (Sullivan, Northview, West Vigo, Owen Valley, Cloverdale, South Vermillion)...several Illinois teams (Marshall, Casey, and Robinson).  Several tough small schols are included as well (Linton, Rockville, Riverton Parke, and Shakamak)

- There are eight games each day until the finals where there are four.  It is a basketball junky's perfect holiday break.


Tuesday, May 5
Sectional Addition

The Sullivan Golden Arrows rejoin our basketball sectional next year.  They've moved back up to 3A from 2A.  No word yet on who is hosting.

Our sectional:  Edgewood, Owen Valley, Brown County, West Vigo, Northview, Sullivan 

Thursday, April 30
Extra Pair of Shoes for Sale

Coach Anderson has a pair of size 9 Adidas Rose 778's for sale.  They are new black/white shoes that were never picked up.  Retail cost is $90.00.  He is selling them for $50.