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Welcome to the Coach Mahurin web page.  As many of you are aware, I am now the head coach of the Edgewood Mustangs.  I'm thrilled to be back in coaching and at Edgewood!

I'll use this page to cover our squads and keep readers informed about the Mustangs, my kids, other former players, and whatever else comes to mind.

I was most recently the basketball coach of the Rockville Rox and have been the coach at South Vermillion, Adams Central, and an assistant at Martinsville (IN).  I've also led the Pacesetter Select and Spiece Central AAU teams.  

Please note that I usually blast this stuff together pretty fast, and my spell check does not work on this program (or I'm not smart enough to use it!)  There will be typos, omissions, and errors.  Please read through them

Friday, December 19
Another Odd Year...

Here;s a quick schedule update...

At this juncture 12 of our 22 opponents have lost 2 or fewer games.

Past opponents Bloomington North and Bloomfield stand at 4-1 and 5-1.  We also have six more games against teams with 1 loss as well.  The best of that group is likely Mooresville.  They are really talented and deep.  It going to take a great effort to compete with them on Saturday night.  The next best two remaining opponents are likely Bloomington South (as always) at 3-2 and Martinsville with the same record.  Cloverdale (4-2) is highly touted and seems to be getting their act together after a couple surprising losses early .  Surprises to some are Brown County (5-1) and Greencastle (4-1) who have both won early.  The Eagles face a couple tough tests after the new year and Greencastle is dangerous simply because they have great shooters surrounding a tough post player.  Orleans is loaded and stands 3-1 early.  Owen Valley has jumped out 5-2... and they're Owen Valley.  That's always a war.

Those teams with similar reults to us so far include West Vigo and Eastern Greene who are both 3-2.

That leaves a whole slew of teams getting desperate already.  That makes those guys even tougher...especially on the road like tonight.  Northview has played a really tough schedule, and playing there is never easy.  They are big (as always) and keeping them off the glass will be a chore.  The same can be said for Sullivan after the break.  While they've struggled so far, winning there is a rarity.  SV got a big win and will be excited and South Putnam is another rough and tough group.  I still know little about Monrovia, Mitchell, and Cascade but we have time to scout.

All this will change quickly but it's a snapshot for now. 

Tuesday, December 16
Bus Departure Times and Practice Schedule Changes

See the Schedule page.

Tuesday, December 16
First Quarter Results

As we head into our next double-weekend at Northview and Mooresville, I have a couple seconds to reflect on from where we started and to where we've progreessed.  I've pleased with the team so far; 3-2 is decent and likely a little better than anyone predicted.  

We've developed the reputation that we are not a push-over.  I wouldn't call us a good team yet, but we are making progress.  We can simply shoot the basketball.  That makes our team dangerous.  Our defense (when we choose to play it) seems to cause some folks some issues as well. 

I think our attitude has been solid.  There's been very little whining, crying, and pouting...when there has, it's been addressed.  We haven't rolled over the couple times where we faced adversity.  That's not saying it won't happen with the schedule we play, but I've been happy with our willingness to compete. 

Here are things I'm very pleased with:

1.  Attitude

2.  Effort

3.  Shooting ability

Here are my areas where we must improve if we want to take the next step: 

1.  We've got to learn how to think the game.  Shot selection has been crazy at times, and we can't make decisions very well.  There's a lot more to this game than running up and down the floor and launching shots.  Understanding time, score, and situation are mysteries in the program right now.  When should we foul?  When is fouling a killer?  We even need a crash course on the rules of the game.  

As I mentioned earlier, we really have no idea what a good shot is right now.  It's not just..."what is a shot you like to take"  Instead it's..."what shot does the team need you to take... and...have you included everyone in the offense...and have you probed for a slightly better shot...and do we need some time to rest our legs a tad before returning to defense..and...have I just made three in a row, or have I missed three in a row...and is someone else hot right now?"  Those are just some considerations!  Again...the key is...what does the team need?  MOST IMPORTANTLY THOUGH..ARE YOU OPEN?  ARE YOU FORCING A SHOT FOR NO GOOD REASON?  THIS IS THE KEY.

2.  Pride on defense.  While we've made huge strides here, we have a long way to go.  We stripped down our defensive package simply hoping to take away lane penetration and learn how to match-up and talk.  We've had some sporadic success; however, we still love to put our nose on people and get beat off the dribble.  We've drawn the grand total of 1 (yes... 1) charge in 5 games, and our rotations are simply not where they need to be.  We don't talk enough.  We don't quite have our containment defense ready yet, so we can't move on to where we want to go...attack defense.  We simply don't value defensive effort's all about shooting 3's and being flashy.  Newsflash:  Championships are won defensively.

3.  We need to get tougher.  This is across the board.  We've started rebounding better, but we have miles to go.  Hard-nosed, physical defense and rebounding will make us a great team.  We are working on it.  BUT... I have guys who simply MUST get stronger.... and I don't mean paying to go to a gym!  I mean getting your butt into the weight room  and lifting (yes..during the season...the old wive's tale that it will hurt your shot is just an excuse).  At minimum do pushups every night...  Make yourself more athletic.   It's not fun and it's easy, and it's not about going to some gym and paying for help.  Just do it.

4.  Post play - While Jonas gave us a taste of what could be, his performance against Bloomfield needs to become the norm.  We must have a post threat.  I'm very pleased with his and other's progress, but he and others have to keep grinding in practice.  We've completely stripped down our post play and are trying to rebuild it.  It is again about being tough minded and physical.  We are drilling 3 key post moves that need to become instinctive.  Our tendancy is to attempt double and triple moves...which we don't need...they just give folks chances to double and triple down, and we don't have great passing skill sets yet.  Just be big and tough...challenge your defender.

These are the areas of focus during the next five games along with trying to develop balance on offense.  We will see how we do! 

Tuesday, October 7
Edgewood High School Boys' Basketball Coaching Staff


Varsity Coach - Dave Mahurin

Assistants - Tom Weakley, Tom Anderson

Volunteer Assistant - Gary Farmer 

Freshman - Chip Coldiron