Rockland Tsunami Field Hockey League: Welcome

Please ONLY register for the tryouts! Do not register for the LEAGUE until after you have been told that you made the teams. THANK YOU!!!!!!! Once we have the teams, then you will need to register so that we can order uniforms!
Rockland Tsunami Field Hockey League

Dear Parents and Players,

HI! We welcome you to the newly formed Tsunami Field Hockey League. We hope to provide you with a great way to work on skills and to continue with your love of field hockey.  We are hoping to run practices, and attend tournaments between November 2012-October 2013.  Since this is our first year of running this league we are asking for your patience while we schedule events that will provide you with some extra time with a sport that we all love!

Ideally, we would like to hold practices 2-3 times per month, and then we would like to participate in the tournaments that cross our desks.  Tournaments are usually 1-2 a month once the Spring/Summer schedules are released.  Winter tournaments are not as often due to weather and field usage.  

As far as committment: You are on so many school sports, so we do not want to make you have to choose because your school committments are your first priority.  

We already know that there is a tournament on November 11th that we would like to attend with our U12 team and U14 team if we have enough players who can attend.  We would also like to attend a tournament the following Sunday with the U16 and U19 teams.  This will start our travel league off on their way.  Many tournaments are available in the Spring and Summer, so we will continue to look into which ones will work for us. We are also hoping to get into 1-2 Winter Tournaments, but so far we have not heard of any.  

The most important thing for us is that we work together to build up the skill level and competitiveness of Rockland field hockey.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you all!

Coach Gannon

Coach Walker