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Rochester Pride - RSC Lightning '96
Rochester Pride - RSC Lightning '96  
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RSC Lightning'96
Ken Hernandez
1460 W. University Ave
Suite 203
Rochester, Michigan

You have found the home of Rochester Pride - RSC Lightning '96


Welcome to the homepage of Rochester Lightning'96 Gold of Rochester Soccer Club

Lightning are a team of exceptional girls dedicated to sportsmanship and fair play and committed to full and honest effort in training and on the game field. Lightning measure their success not by scores and record but on improved skill and increased understanding of the game from week to week and over the course of a season – knowing full well that if we focus on our own improvement and execution, the results will take care of themselves.

From this site you will be able to access team roster, calender of events, practice and match scheduled, field locations, updates & general team news, etc. Please take some time to find the neat things on this site. Try the History link for interesting stories about the development of the game, or the Wisdom & Inspiration link for many excellent quotes & thoughts from great women and men. Also, please take a moment to check out our SPONSORS sites, it is in large part thanks to them that all of these girls are able to play and enjoy the benefits of playing for such a quality soccer club and environmant as RSSC.

You may always feel free to contact me with questions. We're looking forward to another fantastic season!

Coach Knut

. 110430


 Rochester United Soccer Camp 
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ROCHESTER UNITED SOCCER CAMPS                             go to

the vision of a champion


Monday, May 21

What is Offside?Here is an outstanding (and handy) explanation of what does and what does not constitute an offside violation. Click Here to start the animated video or just click the picture of the linesman.



Sunday, July 3
Saturday Morning Kickarounds

This coming Saturday I'll be up at Adams at 11:00 for the summer's first Saturday Morning Kickaround.

What it is:
For those that are not familiar with our Saturday Morning Kickaround, I'll run through it briefly here. First off, there is nothing mandatory about the Kickaround. It's just something I started doing with my own teams six or seven years ago and the players really liked doing it. I've kept it up because it has proven popular with my players and they've always indicated that they wish to continue the tradition. The invitation now extends to any of you '97 players who are in town and feel like getting outside and kicking a ball around for fun with some of your teammates & clubmates. Bring any friends or siblings you would like, they're as welcome as can be.

What It’s not:
It's not a practice. No coaching, no drills, no training session stuff – just picking up sides and playing 3v3 or 4v4 (whatever the numbers give us). Play as long as you like. Take water breaks whenever you like. It's totally your time. I'm basically just there to bring the cones & Pugg Goals. (Plus I'm happy to answer any questions you might have of course).

When & how long:
Usually an hour or an hour & fifteen minutes is how long these traditionally last till everybody's had their fill for the day.
So I've set my calendar for the remaining Saturdays in July and also Aug 6th. Same time, same place. Whoever shows up, that's who we'll pick up teams from. If nobody shows up, I'll go over to coach Ham's house and make him buy me breakfast.

I hope everybody's enjoying their summer. As always, feel free to call or drop a note if you have any questions I can answer.

See you Saturday (some of you).

Coach K

Game Saver
Coach Sandi (#21 top pic) saves the game for RSSC


To the firemen
   the police officers
   the emergency medical technicians
   the rescue workers
   and the thousands of selfless volunteers
   in New York and Washington D.C. who have set all things aside and directed their energies, efforts and resources to a cause no less noble than to aid strangers in need…
to you men and women who have shown such bravery in a time of fear, such composure in the midst of chaos and such resolve in the face of personal threat, we salute you. You have looked square into the eye of evil, to those who would see us bend and cower to and surrender our will and freedom as ransom under the threat of terror – and you have stared him down.

You inspire us with your steel and resolve.
You honor your country by your actions and dedication.
You serve God by your charity and selflessness.
And you have shown the world what heroes really are.

We may never know your names. But we will always know you by your deeds.

You will never know all of the people in this country whom you have so inspired, but know this… eighteen 10 & 11 year old girls, a grateful coach and all our families in the town of Rochester, Michigan are among them.

We salute you and may God bless you.

Coach Ken Hernandez, on behalf of a grateful team.
20 September 2001


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Training Logs will be due to me at the 1st practice of each week. To download extra copies, click here or click on the picture.

Your rate and level of skill and development as a player is mostly up to you. I can show you HOW to become the best player you can be - but only YOU can make the decision to CHOOSE to become the best player you can be. If you commit yourself to the 20-30 minutes a day that I suggest, you WILL be well on you way toward that goal.

Go to the Pride Training Page for more details about the 1000 Touches Warm-up, the 1000 Touches Workout and the Touch Ladder. Go to the Safety Page for important information about proper warm-up, stretching, cool-down and why these thing are so very important to your health and safety.

Rochester Pride - RSC Lightning '96
Rochester Pride - RSC Lightning '96
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