Robbinsdale Robins: Welcome

2015-16 Robins Team pix
Tuesday, November 29

 Welcome to the official Website for Robbinsdale Robins Basketball 2016-17

 "All the successful teams I’ve ever seen have three characteristics: They play unselfish, they play together, and they play hard." — Larry Brown

Practices for week of December 12-16

Thursday Dec 15 Blue Team 11/12    9:00pm at RMS Main Gyms (upstairs)

Thursday Dec 15 Gold Team 9/10    8:00pm at Sandburg Middle School

Friday Dec 16 Barth Team 9/10    7:30pm at RMS Main Gyms (upstairs) 

 9/10 Team #2 (Robins-Barth) Roster:

Marcus Hurley

Ethan Sutton

Joey Netland

Nathan Gentner 

Manasseh Williams

Frank Penny

Maliki Barth

Jarbbar Jones 


11th/12th Grade Robins Blue Roster for 2016-17 

Tyrese Allen

Jordan Cisewski

Romerro Cunningham

Zach Driskill 

Josh Gaborik

Nick Goens

Jamel Manjo 

Anderson Pretel

Peyton Primmer

Rome Raduenz


Wally Langfellow

Travis McAlpin

John Cisewski 


11th/12th Grade Robins White Roster for 2016-17

Cole Christenson

Mykle Diekmann

Nathan Edlund

Tristen Evjen

Alex Hegna

Ian Hegna

Joe Lipovetz

Papa Mbye

Jackson Nash

Michael O'Malley

Trevor Peterson

 Leo Schreiner

Head Coach: Pat O'Malley 


9th/10th Grade Robins Team #1 Roster for 2016-17

Dain Berry

Ben Carlson 

Jason Chen

Eddie Deputie 

Noah Lundeen

Ian Morrisette 

Luke Opat 

Evan Porter 

Stephon Reeves 

Deonay Turner

Coaches: Mike Opat and Paul Carlson 


 Robins playing college here to read



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Robins Blue wins 2014 MYAS state championship (click here to read article)

Robins Blue State Tournament Final Brackets/Results 

Robins Gold State Tournament Final Brackets/Results


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