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2014 Woodbat Tournament Schedules/Results:

11/12 Woodbat Tournament Pool Play

Thursday July 31

CR Amer 12’s vs PNH 12’s 5-5 tie 6 innings

Crystal 12s vs Hopkins 12’s 17-6 5 innings

Robb 12s vs GV 12s 2-15 4 innings

Tonka 11 vs Tonka 12 5-8 6 innings

CRCentral 12s vs PNH 11s 10-9 6 innings

Hopkins 11’s vs GV Twins 16-5 3 1/2 innings

GV 11’s vs Crystal 11’s 3-13 3 1/2 innings

PL 12’s vs CR Amer 12’s 1-0 6 innings


Friday Aug 1

PNH 12’s vs Crystal 12’s 2-6  6 innings 

Hopkins 12s vs Robbinsdale 12s 5-3 6 innings 

GV 12s vs CR Central 12s  10-0  4 innings 

PNH 11 vs GV 11s  2-3  8 innings 

Crystal 11’s vs Hopkins 11’s 12-2  4 innings

GV Twins vs Tonka 11’s 15-5  6 innings 

Tonka 12’s PL 12’s 4-1  6 innings 

PL 12’s vs Crystal 12’s  0-9  6 innings


Saturday Aug 2

Crystal 11’s vs GV Twins 28-9  5 innings

GV 11’s vs Hopkins 11’s 4-1  6 innings

Tonka 11’s vs PNH 11’s 6-4  6 innings

Robbinsdale 12’s vs CR Central 12’s  4-3  6 innings 

PNH 12’s vs Tonka 12’s  14-9   5 innings

CR American 12’s vs Crystal 12’s 7-3 6 innings 

Hopkins 12’s vs GV 12’s  1-2  6 innings


11/12 Bracket Play Schedule (top 8 teams advance out of pool play)
Saturday: Quarterfinals

1 vs 8  GV 12's (#1) defeated Prior Lake (#8)
2 vs 7 Crystal 12's (#2) defeated PNH 12's (#7) 
3 vs 6 Coon Rapids Am (#6) defeated Crystal 11's (#3)      4 vs 5 Tonka 12's (#4) defeated GV 11's (#5)

Sunday Aug 3
Semifinal #1 GV 12's vs Tonka 12's Sunday 10AM LVT S
Semifinal #2 CR Am vs Crystal 12's Sunday Noon LVT S
3rd Place game 2:00pm LVT S
Championship 4:30pm LVT S

10 yr Olds Woodbat Tournament Pool Play

Pool A                   Pool B
Robbinsdale 2-1       CR American                 2-1#2
GV 10’s      2-1       PNH                          2-1#1 
Otsego       0-3       Robbinsdale Woodbat      0-3
Hopkins      2-1       GV 9’s                        2-1

Friday Aug 1
4:30pm Robbinsdale vs Otsego  3-0   6 innings
6:30pm Hopkins vs GV 10’s   4-3  6 innings

5:30pm CR American vs GV 9’s  6-7  5 1/2 inn
4:30pm Robbinsdale WB vs PNH 1-17  4 innings 

Saturday Aug 2
CR American vs PNH   4-0  6 inn
Robbinsdale WB vs GV 9’s  1-11  5 inn
Robbinsdale vs GV 10’s  4-28  3 inn 
Otsego vs Hopkins  0-2  5 1/2 inn

GV 9’s vs PNH  1-6  6 innings
Hopkins v Robbinsdale  1-4   6innings
CR American vs Robbinsdale WB  11-5 
GV 10’s vs Otsego  12-0  4 inn
10 yr olds Bracket Play- Sunday

Sunday Aug 3
10:30 am Lee Park Semi-Final #1 Pool A 1st Place vs Pool B 2nd Place  Hopkins 10's vs Coon Rapids American 10's

10:30 am LVT N Semi-Final #2 Pool B 1st Place vs Pool
A 2nd Place  GV 10's vs PNH 10's

12:45 LVT N 3rd place game
3:00pm HOME RUN DERBY LVT N (ends at 3:45pm)
4:15pm LVT N Championship


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Open Board positions, for those positions where individuals have interest in filling a role; submit a brief background/bio to John Velander:

· Tournament Coordinator

· Majors Coordinator

· B-Minor Coordinator   

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