Streamliners Mission Statement

The River Cities Streamliners Swim Team seeks to provide an opportunity for all swimmers, regardless of age or ability, to reach their highest personal potential as both a person and an athlete.  The program will teach and train all levels of swimmers, emphasizing individual progress, team unity and family participation. We understand that winning is much more than one's place in the finish of the race and we are commtted to helping each child grow in character development, determination, goal setting, teamwork, leadership and physical development, in a positive and caring atmosphere.


While winning is nice and while setting a record, getting a best time, or making a qualifying time feels good, we hope that our young athletes learn more than “it is great to swim fast.”  Nowhere in human history or theology do we learn that the ability to swim fast holds a very high priority in the grand scheme of the universe.  From a practical standpoint, over-emphasis on speed, times, and achievements will eventually end in frustration.  No matter how fast a young athlete swims, there will probably be another swimmer in the next town, state, or country swimming faster—if not now, then possibly next month.  As parents, ask yourselves:

  • Did the child learn to swim with more skill this past season so he or she is both stronger and safer in the water?
  • Did the child learn to exhibit initiative, wanting to come to the pool and do the practice without having to be constantly pushed or prodded by parents and coaches?
  • Did the child learn something about unselfishness, sacrificing his or her personal wants for the good of others or the team?
  • Did the child benefit from the competitive experience, learning how to handle winning and losing in our competitive society?
  • Did the child learn more patience in overcoming obstacles, setbacks, and problems?
  • Did the child learn empathy?
 In a few years, the medals and ribbons will be laid aside and best times will be a hazy memory.  The friendships that they developed and the life skills learned will carry on for a lifetime.


Ashwabenon Fall Meet

Handout: Ashwaubenon Fall Meet

5th Annual Da Yopper Plunge

Handout: Da Yooper Plunge

Manitowoc Halloween Meet

Handout: Manitowoc Halloween Meet

Oshkosh Champions Meet

Handout: Oshkosh Champions Meet

Shawano Swim Club Winter Meet

Handout: Shawano Swim Club Winter Meet

Wausau Tide Swim Club Winter Open

Handout: Wausau Tide Swim Club Winter Open

Howard-Suamico Stormbreakers Tropical Freeze Meet 2015

Handout: Howard-Suamicao Storm Breakers Tropical Freeze Meet 2015

Clintonville Ground Hog Meet 2015

Handout: Clintonville Ground Hog Meet