Chicago River Bandits Baseball Club: Tristan Hunt

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tristan hunt head 12.jpg
Tristan Hunt

02 Tristan Hunt
Position: OF
Birthday: Mar 2
Profile: Tristan joined the River Bandits in 2008. Played college baseball at Elmhurst College.

Year Started On Bandits/2008

Non-sports Movie: "Starship Troopers"
Chicago "must see" spot: "McFadden’s"
Celebrity you met: Will Smith
Favorite Baseball Player growing up: Barry Bonds

Pick One
Hot Dog, Deep Dish Pizza or Italian Beef? – Italian Beef with sweet peppers
Coffee or Tea? Green Tea
Blonde or Brunette? Blonde’s on weekdays and Brunette’s on weekends

Pick A Teammate
Best One-Liners? Rico Duca
Most Likely To Have His Own Reality Show? Mike Weida
Most Likely To Own "Jorts" (Jean Shorts)? Joe Ona
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