Chicago River Bandits Baseball Club: Bandit Photos: Hooters Photos

hooters 2009 crb andrea trea tammy
2009 CRB Winter Meetings With Trea & Tammy

hooters 2009 meeting tammy mia cindy
2009 Winter Meeting with Tammy, Mia & Cindy

hooters 2008 aaa meeting
2008 AAA Winter Meeting

hooters 2008 aa meeting
2008 Hooters O'hare AA Meeting

hooters u u michelle u kate lesley 2007
River Bandits AAA Meeting 2007

hooters mike marty kevin amber scott geo
Mike, marty, Kevin, Amber, Scott & George

hooters meeting 2007
Hooter's O'Hare 2007

hooters citrus classic 2007
2007 Citrus Classic Tournament West Palm Beach Florida

hooters mireya and jason 2006
Mireya and Jason

hooters 2006 citrus classic group
2006 Citrus Classic West Palm Beach

hooters gisel scott jason assad 2006
Gisel stands behind Scott, Jason and Matt

hooters aaa gisel agnes mireya 2006
River Bandits pose it up with Gisel, Agnes & Mireya

hooters nbl team 2005
2005 Collegian River Bandits

hooters aaa river bandits celebrate
Federal League Champions celebrate at Hooters

hooters nbl 2004
NBL players at Hooters O'Hare

hooters bandits 2005 ohare
PJ, Dave, Agi, Jennifer, Anita, Nicole, Jerry & Mark

hooters nbl group 2004
2004 NBL River Bandits

hooters scott jamie chris 2004
Scott, Jamie & Chris with Federal League Championship Trophy

hooters crb team 2005
Gisele, Todd, Brad, Jamie, Agnes, Brian & Joe

hooters girls with trophy 2004
Aisha, Andrea, Ladyrose, Tiffany, Anita & Jamie with trophy

hooters george agnes 2004
George and Agnes

hooters scott rico nicole chris trophy
Scott, Rico, Nicole & Chris with 2004 Championship Trohpy

hooters hanging with liz and rana 2004
Rick, Tino, Bill & Kevin with Liz and Rana

hooters brandon agi jerry
Brandon, Agi & Jerry at O'Hare

hooters crb group 2 2004
Joe, Brad, Aisha, George, Agnes, Todd, Mike & Agi

2004 citrus hooters group
2004 Citrus Classic in West Palm Beach

hooters 2002 citrus classic
2002 Citrus Classic in West Palm Beach

2003 citrus mags at hooters
Mike Magliano hurting in West Palm?

In Schaumburg with Marissa & Britney

2004 citrus hooters with elezibeth
Rob, Elizabeth & Brandon pose it up

2003 citrus hooters
2003 Citrus Classic in West Palm Beach Florida

Hooters in Downers Grove