Riverside County Cross Country: 2008 Highlights

2008 Preseason Boys' All-County Squads
Tough call in several situations here as we had so many boys put in impressive Track & Field seasons.  With that in mind, we actually added a "Ones to Watch" category (those that can easily end up in our Top 20 by seasons' end) and eight members on the 3rd-team squad....we'll summarize and break down each 1st and 2nd team individual when we find time (out of town this weekend).   Girls coming soon - we're still awaiting some additional feedback on a possible transfer....

1st Team All-County
-Ray Dominguez (Paloma Valley)
-Jared Drinkard (La Sierra)
**Michael Gauger (Corona)
-Daniel Knauer (Murrieta Valley)
-Emmanuel Ngula (Vista del Lago)
-Noe Ramirez (Vista Murrieta)
*Bryce Rausa (Vista Murrieta)

2nd Team All-County
*Alan Cuevas (Corona)
*Drew Dalton (Vista Murrieta)
-Kyle Dickerson (Great Oak)
-Omar Gonzalez (Centennial)
*Michael Herpy (Paloma Valley)
-Jake Jeanson (Woodcrest Christian)
-Chris Kincade (Murrieta Valley)

3rd Team All-County
-Jonathan Lopez (Roosevelt)
-Julian Lopez (Roosevelt)
*Josh Massey (Santiago)
-Patrick Mynes (Corona)
-Travis Nemchik (Paloma Valley)
*Jon Sanchez (Murrieta Valley)
**Myles Scarnano (Woodcrest Christian)
-Keith Sousa (Hemet)

Ones to Watch......
*Nic Beechan (Hemet)
-Nick Behar (Murrieta Valley)
-Anthony Bennett (Vista Murrieta)
*Ruben Danielson (Rancho Verde)
-Francisco Fuentes (Desert Hot Springs)
-Tyler Owen (Vista Murrieta)
*Brandon Pena (Temecula Valley)
*Caleb Potts (Roosevelt)
-Chase Williams (Corona)
-Nezanet Woldai (Valley View)

2008 Girls Preseason All-County Squads

Here they are...finally!  We may still make some slight adjustments here and there, but, of course - we'll inform you on any of those changes!  These are based primarily on last year's results on the Mt. SAC course.  We drove ourselves crazy looking at Track results and will look to add some additional notes later on.  Thanks for being patient - we hate to be like that other website....

Which girl will be our 2008 version of Sierra Vega (Chaparral), Caitlin Villareal (Norco) or Megan Arias (Riverside Poly)????   Those three girls improved by an incredible 90+ seconds on every course from last year!  Our best bet will be Beaumont's Ashlee Cervantes and/or Great Oak's Kaity Malloy.  Additionally, watch out for ML King's Carrie Soholt, who basically put in only 6-7 weeks into her 2007 season due to an injury.  Also very, very impressive during this past spring was Chaparral's Xiang Tak.   All four should be definate locks to break 19:00 on the Mt. SAC course this upcoming season...

1st Team All-County
**Anna Johnson (Great Oak)
*Amber Collier (Woodcrest Christian)
-Ashley Evans (Corona)
**Hayley Musashi (La Quinta)
*Tarra Rarick (Paloma Valley)
**Carrie Soholt (ML King)
**Xiang Tak (Chaparral)
*Kelsi Tippets (ML King)

2nd Team All-County
-Malaysia Alexander (Corona)
**Nina Alvarado (Chaparral)
*Ashlee Cervantes (Beaumont)
*Breean Collier (Woodcrest Christian)
*Stephanie Guiton (Murrieta Valley)
**Katie Johnson (Great Oak)
-Anna Schwab (Murrieta Valley)

3rd Team All-County
*Jasmine Benson (Santiago)
*Jordan Benson (Santiago)
-Casey Candeleria (ML King)
*Danielle Fillmore (ML King)
*Kylee Martin (Murrieta Valley)
-Heather Wilson (Great Oak)

Up and Coming  (where do we even begin?!?!)
To be announced

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CIF Prelims Highlights

Sunkist League Finals

Friday, November 21
Vista Murrieta, Great Oak and Woodcrest Christian's Teams Advance

Under some of the best conditions for racing, we saw a host of Riverside County squads make the trip over to Mt. SAC for the 2008 CIF Finals.  With dreams of traveling to the state meet in mind, the Southern Section CIF Finals is truly an example of an emotional ride - good and bad.  The good is that Woodcrest Christian's squads came out on top once again, earning another CIF Titleon the boys' and a runner-up plaque for their girls on their quest for hardware next weekend up in Fresno.  Meanwhile, Vista Murrieta's boys will make a repeat trip up north after finishing in 6th place at the extremely competitive Division I Finals.  Also representing the Southwestern League, Great Oak's girls qualified for their 2nd state meet appearance.  They also finished 6th place. 

On the disappointed (but happy they made it) side, Corona (10th), Paloma Valley (11th), and Great Oak (15th) competed well in the Boys Division I race.  A very fine effort by Roosevelt's Jonathan Lopez was put forth as he ran an impressive 15:18 - but 15:06 was the last qualifying individual time!   Vista Murrieta's Noe Ramirez raced to a 15:09 (10th overall) to put him in All-Time Top 10 list!  Vista del Lago's Emmanuel Ngula was not able to defend his 2008 Div. II CIF Title, but does move on to next week's state meet for the 2nd year in a row.  Banning finished a solid 10th place in Div. IV with Beaumont taking 14th place in the Div. III boys race. 

For the girls, ML King (10th), Chaparral (11th), Murrieta Valley (14th) and Vista Murrieta (16th) all close out some awesome seasons.   To have five girls' squads and four boys' squads qualify for the Division I Finals was a nice accomplishment. 

On the individual side, Beaumont's Victor Delgado (new school record) and Ashlee Cervantes both qualified as individuals to next week's Division III State Finals.   In Division I, ML King's Kelsi Tippets will make the trip to Fresno with an awesome 17:58 5th place finish!  This now puts her #6 in county history for the Mt. SAC course in the last ten years!  Centennial freshman Adriana Olivas raced to an 18:14, but still did not qualify - tough as heck in Division I!   But, Karena Casteneda does qualify and move on from the Girls Division V race! 

As we get official results, we'll send them this way.  

Vista Murrieta - 78:24
Corona - 79:48
Paloma Valley - 80:20
Woodcrest Christian - 80:24
Great Oak - 81:26
Beaumont - 84:22
Banning - 86:52
Calvary Murrieta - 89:38
Hamilton - 90:47 

-Noe Ramirez (Vista Murrieta) 15:09
-Jonathan Lopez (Roosevelt) 15:18
-Emmanuel Ngula (Vista del Lago) 15:21
**Michael Gauger (Corona) 15:22
-Jake Jeanson (Woodcrest Christian) 15:25
-Raymond Dominguez (Paloma Valley) 15:25
-Julian Lopez (Roosevelt) 15:29
-Victor Delgado (Beaumont) 15:30
*Bryce Rausa (Vista Murrieta) 15:31
**Myles Scarnano (Woodcrest Christian) 15:37
-Omar Gonzalez (Centennial) 15:40
*Drew Dalton (Vista Murrieta) 15:43
-Travis Nemchik (Paloma Valley) 15:45
-Patrick Mynes (Corona) 15:48
**Karson Fronk (Great Oak) 15:54
*Jesse Brooks (Woodcrest Christian) 15:57
-Chase Williams (Corona) 15:57
-Tyler Owen (Vista Murrieta) 16:00
-Chris Strasheim (Vista Murrieta) 16:01
-Kyle Dickerson (Great Oak) 16:06
*Michael Herpy (Paloma Valley) 16:06
**Mueen Ghury (Rubidoux) 16:15
-Franklin Sloat (Corona) 16:19
*Alan Cuevas (Corona) 16:22
-Nick Childers (Great Oak) 16:23
*Ryan Rigali (Great Oak) 16:27
**Trevor Henson (Paloma Valley) 16:27
-Sean Kusick (Vista Murrieta) 16:35
**John Mattoon (Great Oak) 16:36
-Tony Pietropaula (Beaumont) 16:37
-James Moore (Paloma Valley) 16:37
-Jordan Branch (Woodcrest Christian) 16:39
**Brian Santiago (Banning) 16:44
***Zac Bianco (Woodcrest Christian) 16:46
*Jordan Storkenson (Great Oak) 16:53
-Wil Fraser (Great Oak) 16:56
-Kevin Layte (Beaumont) 16:57
-Jose Garcia (Paloma Valley) 16:59
*Jairo Trejo (Banning) 17:04
-Jordan Brooks (Paloma Valley) 17:15 
***Jimmy Gauger (Corona) 17:17
-Mark Langworthy (Calvary Murrieta) 17:19
**Sergio Nungaray (Banning) 17:19
-Rene Galindo (Hamilton) 17:29
*Joel Henry (Woodcrest Christian) 17:32
*Anthony Miller (Beaumont) 17:37
*Geo Rizo (Beaumont) 17:40 
-Jesus Sanchez (Banning) 17:43
*Craig Nelson (Woodcrest Christian) 17:48
-Alex Wood (Calvary Murrieta) 17:49
-Alex Williams (Hamilton) 17:51

Great Oak - 94:33
ML King - 95:15
Chaparral - 96:11
Murrieta Valley - 97:27
Woodcrest Christian - 99:31
Vista Murrieta - 99:41
Riverside Christian - 113:21

*Kelsi Tippets (ML King) 17:58
***Adriana Olivas (Centennial) 18:14
**Xiang Tak (Chaparral) 18:20
*Ashlee Cervantes (Beaumont) 18:29
*Breean Collier (Woodcrest Christian) 18:30
**Allison Blake (Great Oak) 18:44
-Danica Rosendale (Vista Murrieta) 18:46
**Nina Alvarado (Chaparral) 18:50
**Anna Johnson (Great Oak) 18:51
-Heather Wilson (Great Oak) 18:55
-Katie Barrese (Great Oak) 18:59
*Kaity Malloy (Great Oak) 19:04
*Stephanie Guiton (Murrieta Valley) 19:06
**Carrie Soholt (ML King) 19:07
*Amber Collier (Woodcrest Christian) 19:12
***Kasey Tippets (ML King) 19:15
**Hannah Peterson (ML King) 19:16
**Bethany Bilton (Murrieta Valley) 19:18
-Amber Fitzpatrick (Murrieta Valley) 19:21
***Ashley Matsen (Chaparral) 19:22
**Katie Johnson (Great Oak) 19:22
*Katrina Graham (ML King) 19:39 
-Megan Gray (Chaparral) 19:40
*Kylee Martin (Murrieta Valley) 19:41
**Karina Casteneda (Xavier Prep) 19:42
-Casey Candeleria (ML King) 19:48
*Michelle Hernandez (Vista Murrieta) 19:49 
-Ramona Prado-Olmos (Vista Murrieta) 19:51
*Samantha Morabe (Great Oak) 19:52
*Najwa Howard (Chaparral) 19:59
**Amanda Reynolds (Murrieta Valley) 20:01
***Madyson Koosa (Vista Murrieta) 20:09
**Jenna Griffin (Murrieta Valley) 20:15
*Lauren Aycock (Woodcrest Christian) 20:19
**Aubrey Bowman (ML King) 20:19
-Kendell Dye (Murrieta Valley) 20:20
*Martika Ramirez (Chaparral) 20:33
*Megan Smedley (Woodcrest Christian) 20:41
*Lexie Vukov (Woodcrest Christian) 20:49
-Caitlin Fisher (Vista Murrieta) 21:06
*Kaylee Howard (Vista Murrieta) 21:07
-Gabi Jiminez (Woodcrest Christian) 21:13
*Melissa Gamble (Riverside Christian) 21:58

Saturday, November 29
Woodcrest Rolls to 4th Straight State Title; VM and GO Finish in the Top 10!

Woodcrest Christian has created some history here with their 4th straight California State Title!  They are the first team, regardless of gender or division, in state history to accomplish this feat.  While on his way to the individual state title in that same race, Jake Jeanson became the first to capture four state team titles as well! 

Their girls had a tough day, if you want to call 2nd place in the state a tough day.  Ranked #1 all through the season, they were surprised by a tough Chadwick squad as last weekend's CIF Finals.  Looking to come back strong, they had several girls over a minute off.  Junior Breean Collier did race well as she motored to a 19:00 and a 4th place individual finish.  This was their 6th state meet appearance in the past seven seasons as they now have four runner-up plaques on their resume!  With their top five returning, perhaps, 2009 will be their year to claim a spot next to their boys!  

Despite running the 2nd fastest team time in Riverside County history for the California State Meet, Vista Murrieta's boys finished 7th place.  This was, without a doubt, THE fastest race in the history of the state meet as these same results would have netted VM a place on the podium last year.  VM and Murrieta Valley went 79:46 and 79:53 to take 3rd and 2nd, respectively, in last year's contest - so VM actually ran faster this year!  Senior Noe Ramirez led the way for his crew with a strong 15:33 effort while juniors Drew Dalton and Bruce Rausa finished together with an impressive 15:51.  Chris Strasheim ended an incredible senior campaign with a 15:58. 

In the Division II race, Vista del Lago's Emmanuel Ngula ran a 15:24 (5th fastest in county history for this meet) for a 14th place finish.  This time would have been 10th in the Div. I race...

Meanwhile, Great Oak's girls finished the season with a strong 9th place finish at the state meet!  Their 95:27 team time is very impressive.  Katie Johnson led the squad with an 18:43 time while Heather Wilson finishes off a fine career with GO by racing to an 18:59. 

In that same race, probable Athlete of the Year, Kelsi Tippets of ML King, went 18:25 for a 23rd place finish.   This was, by far, one of the fastest races in the history of the state meet with Dana Hills and Torrey Pines both going 91:10 and 91:11 respectively.

We've already updated our "State Meet Bests" in our left hand column.  More updates as we go along!

2008 All-County Squads

This year, we looked at more than just times from the Mt. SAC Course.  We took a good look and gave more consideration towards league meet races and several other invites, such as Inland Empire, Woodbridge and Clovis.  With that in mind, these selections were much, much tougher than we originally anticipated.   Especially, when it came down to our 2nd and 3rd teams (we even considered a 4th team as boys that broke 16:00 on the Mt. SAC  Course did not break into our 3rd team!)

We now have our By-Grade All-County Squads posted below - WOW!  A 15:27 mark on the Mt. SAC Course does make it in our top seven for the seniors!?!?!  Only five seasons ago, we only had four boys in the county break 15:30!  Great job boys - cannot wait to see how many break 9:40 in the 3200m this upcoming Spring!

Boys 1st Team All-Riverside County
-Raymond Dominguez (Paloma Valley)
**Michael Gauger (Corona)
-Omar Gonzalez (Centennial)
-Jake Jeanson (Woodcrest Christian)
-Jonathan Lopez (Roosevelt)
-Emmanuel Ngula (Vista del Lago)
-Noe Ramirez (Vista Murrieta)

Boys 2nd Team All-Riverside County
*Drew Dalton (Vista Murrieta)
-Victor Delgado (Beaumont)
-Daniel Knauer (Murrieta Valley)
-Julian Lopez (Roosevelt)
*Bryce Rausa (Vista Murrieta)
**Myles Scarnano (Woodcrest Christian)
**Lane Werley (ML King)

Boys 3rd Team All-Riverside County
*Jesse Brooks (Woodcrest Christian)
-Kyle Dickerson (Great Oak)
**Karson Fronk (Great Oak)
-Chris Kincade (Murrieta Valley)
-Patrick Mynes (Corona)
-Travis Nemchik (Paloma Valley)
-Chris Strasheim (Vista Murrieta)

All-Riverside County Senior Team: Raymond Dominguez (Paloma Valley), Omar Gonzalez (Centennial), Jake Jeanson (Woodcrest Christian), Jonathan Lopez (Roosevelt), Julian Lopez (Roosevelt), Emmanuel Ngula (Vista del Lago), Noe Ramirez (Vista Murrieta)
All-Riverside County Junior Team: Adam Arroyo (Valley View), Jesse Brooks (Woodcrest Christian), Alan Cuevas (Corona), Drew Dalton (Vista Murrieta), Michael Herpy (Paloma Valley), Bryce Rausa (Vista Murrieta), Ryan Rigali (Great Oak)
All-Riverside County Sophomore Team: Karson Fronk (Great Oak), Michael Gauger (Corona), Mueen Ghoury (Rubidoux), Trevor Henson (Paloma Valley), Myles Scarnano (Woodcrest Christian), Lane Werley (ML King), Sean Yates (Centennial)
All-Riverside County Freshman Team: Devin Becerra (ML King), Zack Bianco (Woodcrest Christian), Jimmy Gauger (Corona), Joseph Jauregui (Valley View), Angel Perez (Rubidoux), Michael Waltrip (Chaparral), Garrett Williams (Corona)

Girls 1st Team All-Riverside County
*Ashlee Cervantes (Beaumont)
*Breean Collier (Woodcrest Christian)
**Anna Johnson (Great Oak)
***Adriana Olivas (Centennial)
***Erika Reddish (Vista Murrieta)
**Xiang Tak (Chaparral)
*Kelsi Tippets (ML King)

Girls 2nd Team All-Riverside County
**Nina Alvarado (Chaparral)
-Katie Barrese (Great Oak)
**Allison Blake (Great Oak)
***Haley Bryzcki (Corona)
**Carrie Soholt (ML King)
-Danica Rosendale (Vista Murrieta)
-Heather Wilson (Great Oak)

Girls 3rd Team All-Riverside County
**Bethany Bilton (Murrieta Valley)
-Ashley Evans (Corona)
*Stephanie Guiton (Murrieta Valley)
**Katie Johnson (Great Oak)
*Kaity Malloy (Great Oak)
*Kylee Martin (Murrieta Valley)
**Kasey Tippets (ML King)

All-Riverside County Senior Team: Katie Barrese (Great Oak), Ashley Evans (Corona), Amber Fitzpatrick (Murrieta Valley), Megan Gray (Chaparral), Danica Rosendale (Vista Murrieta), Heather Wilson (Great Oak) .... one more
All-Riverside County Junior Team: Ashlee Cervantes (Beaumont), Amber Collier (Woodcrest Christian), Breean Collier (Woodcrest Christian), Stephanie Guiton (Murrieta Valley), Kaity Malloy (Great Oak), Kylee Martin (Murrieta Valley), Kelsi Tippets (ML King)
All-Riverside County Sophomore Team: Nina Alvarado (Chaparral), Bethany Bilton (Murrieta Valley), Allison Blake (Great Oak), Anna Johnson (Great Oak), Katie Johnson (Great Oak), Carrie Soholt (ML King), Xiang Tak (Chaparral)
All-Riverside County Freshman Team: Haley Brzycki (Corona), Raven Harrison (Hemet), Madyson Koosa (Vista Murrieta), Pauline Mandel (Great Oak), Ashley Matsen (Chaparral), Adriana Olivas (Centennial), Ericka Reddish (Vista Murrieta)

2008 Riverside County Athletes of the Year

After putting a great deal of thought into this and realizing how worthy several candidates were, our 2008 Male Riverside County Athlete of the Year is Vista del Lago's Emmanuel Ngula.  After coming off a very impressive Track season where he narrowly missed the state meet finals and the county record in the 800 meters, Ngula roared into the 2008 season by clipping off a 14:44 at the Woodbridge Classic.  This was the 4th fastest time ever posted there by a Riverside County athlete.  He then took a stellar 3rd place at the Inland Empire Championships and was the top finisher for all county athletes.  While thoroughly dominating the Inland Valley League, Ngula became only the 5th athlete to go 15:00 or below on the Mt. SAC course, a full 15 seconds faster than any other county athlete at this year's invite.  Leading going up Poop-Out at CIF Finals, Ngula was, unfortunately, not able to defend his 2007 CIF Title but did qualify for the California State Meet.  There, he went on to record the 5th fastest effort (15:24) in county history!  Woodcrest Christian's Jake Jeanson and Vista Murrieta's Noe Ramirez were strong finalists for this distinction, but when putting the numbers up, Ngula gets the nod.  We cannot sign off here without recognizing Jeanson's state title run in leading his squad to a 4th straight Division V state title.   Congratulations to Mr. Emmanuel Ngula on his efforts and outstanding Cross Country campaign here in 2008!


Past Boys' Recipients:
2007 - David McDonald (Vista Murrieta)
2006 - Dylan and Spencer Knight (La Sierra)
2005 - Patrick Milloy (Murrieta Valley)
2004 - Brett Campfield (Temecula Valley)
2003 - Brett Campfield (Temecula Valley)
2002 - Antonio Jimenez (Rubidoux)

For the girls - Martin Luther King's Kelsi Tippets' run to the California State Meet was the deciding factor as she is our 2008 Female Riverside County of the Year!  In leading her squad to its 8th straight league title, Tippets truly stepped it up at the Division I CIF Finals, finishing 5th place individually.  She also ran into coveted territory in breaking 18:00 (only the 8th county girl ever) on the Mt. SAC Course and breaking ML King's school record.  She led her squad to a 10th place finish at the Div. I CIF Finals and to a team time that is now the 8th fastest ever by a Riverside County girls' squad on that course.  In qualifying for the state meet, her 18:25 clocking is the 10th fastest in county history for the Woodward Park course in November.  After a solid 11:03 in the 3200 meters last spring, we knew that Tippets had the talent to step into the elite level.  In working her way to the Big VIII League title, she was able to outkick Centennial freshman Adriana Olivas (also a finalist and 18:14 at CIF Finals).  Kelsi was also able to outlast an outstanding 18:20 performance by Chaparral's Xiang Tak, who was also the Southwestern League Champ.  

ML King Head Coach Brad Peters gave us a quick glimpse of Kelsi by writing, "Kelsi Tippets is as competitive as they come. We knew that from literally her first day of summer practice her 9th grade year, when, after a late start to the "rookie run" she doggedly took off, catching every one and making it back to school with room to spare despite the half-mile head start the group had on her. It was obvious right then and there; give this girl a start and finish line, she wouldn't waste anytime in between the two."

For her efforts and leadership, Ms. Kelsi Tippets is our Female County Athlete of the Year.   

Past Girls' Recipients:
- Sierra Vega (Chaparral)
2006 - Carissa Bowman (ML King)
2005 - Liana Boucher (Murrieta Valley)
2004 - Alma Escobar (Corona)
2003 - Liza Pascuito (Murrieta Valley)
2002 - Liza Pascuito (Murrieta Valley)

Kelsi Tippets
2008 Riverside County Athlete of the Year - Kelsi Tippets

Saturday, July 25
2008 Final Team Rankings
 We said goodbye to a great 2008 season for Riverside County Cross Country programs.  With five girls squads qualifying for the Division I CIF Finals, along with three boys' squads, we witnessed the improved depth and overall caliber of the development here in the county.  Our county also boasted that it is home to the best small schools program in California with Woodcrest Christian.  Billy York and WC family can easily put up an argument that they are the best program of their school size in the nation as well.  Thanks to everybody who helped provide information for the website this past season. 

Finals 2008 Team Rankings
1. Great Oak
**7th in SS-Div. I; 9th at Div. I State Meet
2. Martin Luther King
**10th in SS-Div. I; Top 15 in State for Div. I
3. Chaparral
**11th in SS-Div. I; Top 15 in State for Div. I
4. Vista Murrieta
**16th in SS-Div. I; Top 20 in State for Div. I
5. Murrieta Valley
**14th in SS-Div. I; Top 20 in State for Div. I  
6. Corona
*20th at Div. I SS- CIF Prelims 
7. Woodcrest Christian
**Div. V Runner-Ups for SS and State  
8. Valley View
9. Beaumont
10. Hemet
11. Paloma Valley

12. La Quinta
13. La Sierra
14. Centennial
15. Temecula Valley
1. Vista Murrieta
**6th in SS-Div. I; 7th at Div. I State Meet
2. Corona
**10th in SS-Div. I; Top 15 in State for Div. I

3. Paloma Valley
**11th in SS-Div. I; Top 18 in State for Div. I
4. Woodcrest Christian
**Div. V SS CIF and State Champs; fastest Div. V boys squad ever in state 
5. Great Oak
**14th in SS-Div. I; Top 20 in State for Div. I
6. Roosevelt
**18th in SS-Div. I
6. Murrieta Valley
**19th in SS-Div. I  
8. Martin Luther King
**20th in SS-Div. I
9. Valley View
10. Hemet
11. La Sierra
12. Beaumont

13. Temecula Valley
13. Santiago

15. Chaparral