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2013 Riverside County Team Rankings

Preseason Team Rankings

Rankings slightly adjusted on August 22...Rubidoux's new freshman is the real deal and allows them to move up here.  

 1st and 2nd Team All-County Preseason Boys' squads listed below.  Five of the top seven are underclassmen!

State rankings have been released at:
More rankings are at:

2013 Boys Preseason Team Rankings
1) Great Oak
2) Vista Murrieta
3) Corona
4) Paloma Valley
5) Chaparral
6) Roosevelt
7) ML King
8) Rubidoux
9) Beaumont
10) Hemet
11) La Sierra
12) Elsinore
13) Indio
14) Murrieta Mesa
15) Murrieta Valley
others: Centennial, Xavier Prep 

Vista Murrieta has the edge based on last year's Mt. SAC marks, but Great Oak is coming off a better track season when you look back on 1600 and 3200 meter marks.  We give GO the slight edge as their depth is now rivaling that of their girl's program.  Corona, Paloma Valley and Chaparral are in a virtual dead heat when looking back at the 2012 marks.  Corona saw several sophomores step up this past Spring which figured into the tie breaker there for that #3 spot.  Roosevelt holds that #6 spot, but not too far off that those three aforementioned teams.  The true sleeper here is ML King as they and Great Oak are the only squads to have five F/S boys break 10:12 in the 3200 meters this past Spring.  to cement our claim as THE underdog, ML King was missing their 16:05 Mt. SAC sophomore this past Spring.   Hemet and Beaumont will battle it out for the Mountain Pass League title although depth favors Beaumont.  Rubidoux has the most upside here and could easily be ranked higher.  La Sierra possesses some great depth and can be a legit sub-81 minute squad once November rolls around.  If Elsinore shores up its lack of depth, they will be very dangerous.  Indio is led by our county's best athlete in David Luna, but will need to find more consistent boys to break 17 at Mt. SAC to break into our Top 10.  Luna is a favorite to win the Division III state title here in 2013.  Murrieta Mesa will have its hands full in qualifying for a CIF berth in that tough SWL. 

2013 All-County Preseason Squads

1st Team
*Jeremy Beck (Roosevelt)
*Kyle Brown (Elsinore)
-David Luna (Indio)
-Garrett Mullenix (Vista Murrieta)
*Luis Ramos (Rubidoux)
*Branden Randall (Roosevelt) 
*Andres Vizcarra (Beaumont)

2nd Team
-Oscar Ayala (Great Oak)
*Liam Brooks (Corona)
**Isaac Cortes (Great Oak)
-Eric George (Corona)
-Patryk Giba (Great Oak)
-Hector Hernandez (Canyon Springs)
-Christian Rodriguez (Elsinore)  

3rd Team Upcoming....

Top 3200 times from 2013 Spring:
*David Luna (Indio) 9:05.04 (#6 AT) 
**Andres Vizcarra (Beaumont) 9:30.75
**Kyle Brown (Elsinore) 9:32.73 
***Isaac Cortes (Great Oak) 9:32.88
*Christian Rodriguez (Elsinore) 9:38.72
**Jeremy Beck (Roosevelt) 9:39.08
*Patryk Giba (Great Oak) 9:44.86
*Oscar Ayala (Great Oak) 9:44.95 
*Hector Hernandez (Canyon Springs) 9:47.30
**Sam Lopez (Chaparral) 9:49.04 
**Pedro Sandoval (Rubidoux) 9:49.09
*Emery Caster (Xavier Prep) 9:50.66
*Alan Janisch (La Quinta) 9:50.66
**Branden Randall (Roosevelt) 9:52.03
*Maurillio Sanchez (Vista Murrieta) 9:52.10
*Raul Hernandez (Indio) 9:53.47
**Christian Lopez (Vista del Lago) 9:54.93 
*Miguel Leon (La Sierra) 9:55.64
**Sean Bell (Corona) 9:56.66 
*Conner Thurmond (Chaparral) 9:57.32   
*Eric George (Corona) 9:57.94
**David Carvajal (Great Oak) 9:59.43
*Austin Bradley (Corona) 9:59.84 
*Garrett Mullenix (Vista Murrieta) 10:01.26
*Anthony Ramirez (Cathedral City) 10:01.36 
*William Agnew (Chaparral) 10:02.79 
**Kyle Johnson (ML King) 10:03.92
***Daniel G. Gonzalez (ML King) 10:04.01
**Andrew Graciano (Roosevelt) 10:04.60 
*Okaro Shinn (Temecula Valley) 10:04.83 
**Aaron Jimenez (Indio) 10:04.99  
*Ismael Herrera (Murrieta Valley) 10:05.08
**Luis Ramos (Rubidoux) 10:05.74
***Robbie Gleeson (Great Oak) 10:07.03
*Alejandro Castellanos (Heritage) 10:08.05 
*Jordan Rebello (Valley View) 10:08.50
***Nelson Quintana (Great Oak) 10:08.63  
***Mark Werley (ML King) 10:09.48
*Raul Recendez (Corona) 10:10.38
*Billy Bower (Vista Murrieta) 10:10.65 
*Scott Jaeger (Centennial) 10:11.48
**Dalton Seckinger (ML King) 10:11.59
**Carlos Ramirez (ML King) 10:11.61
**Tristan Tapia (Great Oak) 10:11.65 
**Christian Lopez (Vista del Lago) 10:11.91
*Daniel Saldivar (Roosevelt) 10:13.08
*Mark Skeans (Great Oak) 10:13.55
**Jason Angle (Elsinore) 10:13.88 
**Jacob Boatman (Beaumont) 10:14.86
**Andrew Crooks-Yadron (Murrieta Mesa) 10:15.40 
**Anthony Arvizu (Great Oak) 10:17.11
**Jayden Emerson (Hemet) 10:17.25 
*Dillon Emery (Great Oak) 10:18.00
*Leo Rodriguez (Indio) 10:18.46 
**Trevor Knaus (Vista Murrieta) 10:18.81
*Jacob Enriquez (ML King) 10:19.03
*Oaklee Paggen (Murrieta Mesa) 10:20.16
**James Armstrong (Murrieta Mesa) 10:20.24
*Nick Fisher (Murrieta Mesa) 10:21.43
***Nathan Cedeno (Beaumont) 10:22.24 
*Davey Wong (Vista Murrieta) 10:22.59
***Conor White (Great Oak) 10:22.73
**Gilbert Robles (Corona) 10:24.68
**Brook Solomon (Corona) 10:24.93
***Tony Robinson (Great Oak) 10:26.15

2013 Girls Preseason Team Rankings
1) Great Oak
2) Chaparral
3) Temecula Valley
4) ML King
5) Vista Murrieta
6) San Jacinto
7) Centennial
8) Murrieta Valley
9) Hemet
10) Murrieta Mesa
11) Roosevelt
12) Corona
13) Paloma Valley
14) Vista del Lago
15) Riverside Poly
others:  Beaumont, Indio, JW North, Xavier Prep

All we need to say is that Great Oak would beat the rest of the county, combined, if we combined the rest to take them on in a dual meet!  Their Junior Varsity (Varsity B squad) would be #4 in the county!   The Southwestern League completely dominates our rankings here with six of our Top 10 squads in that league. 

Great Oak will be the #1 ranked team in the state going into the 2013 season and will be even stronger after Destiny Collins' incredible 2012 Track campaign where the went under 4:55 and 10:35!   Chaparral returns a great core but it is neck and neck with a great Temecula Valley squad, that qualified for the Division I CIF Finals in 2012.   ML King is a true sleeper here in that they have three year cheerleader, Lauren Boydd, joining their XC squad with sub-11:30 credentials along with 2012 JV girl, Ruthie Wiggins, who went 2:16 and 5:12 this past spring!  Vista Murrieta is in a rebuilding mode but always seems to find that extra one or two girls to complete their squad and be a CIF Finalist group.  Some might be surprised by how high San Jacinto is here.  Look at their numbers from Mt. SAC and IEC last year, and it's validated.  Can you keep this group all together in November will be the question.  Centennial has not qualified for CIF in years, but they are coming off a tremendous Track season this past spring and the 2012 IEC showed us their potential (three girls broke 19).   Murrieta Valley's girls are young, and good.  But, they are projected to be a distant 4th in the Southwestern League and not within range of qualifying for an at-large bid in Division II.

Riverside County Rankings

2011 Boys Final Rankings
1. Great Oak - #3 in Div. I / #6 at State Meet 
2. Vista Murrieta - #8 in Div. I 
3. Roosevelt
- #9 in Div. I
4. Corona - #14 in Div. I 
5. ML King - 5th at Div. I Prelims 
6. Indio
7. Beaumont
8. Paloma Valley - 8th at Div. I Prelims
9. Hemet
10. Murrieta Mesa
11. La Sierra
12. Norte Vista
13. Santiago - 6th at Div. I Prelims
14. Xavier Prep
15. Canyon Springs
15. Valley View
others: Centennial, Chaparral, La Quinta, Riverside Poly, Rubidoux

2011 Girls Final Rankings
1. Vista Murrieta - #2 at State Meet / #4 in Div. I
2. Great Oak - #3 in Div. I / #7 at State Meet 
3. Corona - #10 in Div. I
4. Santiago - #16 in Div. I
5. Chaparral - 6th at Div. I Prelims 
6. Temecula Valley - missed CIF by 1 pt. to Chaparral
7. ML King - 7th at Div. I Prelims
8. Xavier Prep - Div. V CIF Champs / #2 at State Meet
9. Paloma Valley -
7th at Div. I Prelims
10. Hemet
11. JW North
12. Arlington 
13. La Sierra
14. San Jacinto
15. Indio
others: Beaumont, Centennial, Murrieta Mesa, Riverside Poly, Vista del Lago

Reddish Sets New County Mt. SAC Record; Xavier Prep Takes Home CIF Title

Vista Murrieta / Xavier Prep Hit The Podium - Mendoza Up to NXNs

Thursday, December 8

1st Team All-County
**Megan Huebner (La Quinta)
-Pauline Mandel (Great Oak)
-Mariel Mendoza (JW North)
-Adriana Olivas (Centennial)
-Erika Reddish (Vista Murrieta)
-Venus Shabgahi (Corona)
**Alicia Williams (Corona)

2nd Team All-County
*Sarah Benson (Vista Murrieta)
***Jackie Crowther (Linfield Christian)
-Nicaela Hernandez (Vista Murrieta)
*Miranda Kewley (Great Oak)
-Alexia Velarde (Marywood-Palm Valley)
*Raelyn Werley (ML King)
**Angela Ziff (Temecula Valley)

3rd Team All-County
***Jackie Crowther (Linfield Christian)
**Ashley Helbig (Great Oak)
-Maria Hurtado (Vista Murrieta)
***Maiya Larsen (Great Oak)
*Kiarra McIntosh (Paloma Valley)
*Kim McNamee (Great Oak)
*Alexis Messerly (Great Oak)

1st Team All-County
*Omar Caro (Norte Vista)
-Kevin Chamberlain (Great Oak)
-Edgar Cobian (La Sierra)
-Michael Hewitt (Great Oak)
*Porter Reddish (Vista Murrieta)
-Nick Woolf (Roosevelt)

2nd Team All-County
*Jack Balder (Great Oak)
-Brandon Chavez (Indio)
-Brenden Emery (Great Oak)
-Brandon Messerly (Great Oak)
*Emilio Nunez (Valley View)
*Omar Solis (Vista Murrieta)
-David Spangler (Hemet)
*Kyle Warrick (Roosevelt)

3rd Team All-County
-Cesar Berumen (Patriot)
-Aaron Potts (Roosevelt)
*Brett Moulton (Santiago)
*Nathan Velarde (Great Oak)

Reddish Siblings Rule Riverside County in 2011

Friday, January 11
Porter Reddish Repeats as Top Riverside County Boy

After receiving this distinction in 2011, qualifying for the California State Meet as an individual in 2011 along with leading one of the top squads in California, Vista Murrieta senior Porter Reddish had a lot to live up to.   But with tenacity, patience and consistency, Mr. Reddish continued to improve and lead his squad to finish 4th at the California State Meet along with his 4th place individual finish!  He became only the 2nd boy in county history to be invited to compete in the Nike Cross Country National meet.

more to come....

Riverside County Cross Country
Riverside County Cross Country

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