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Become a Coach

Become a Coach

The coach plays the most important role in motivating a player and teaching the skills that a player will have for a lifetime.  Coaches serve as role models and demonstrate the behaviors that players will emulate.  Coaching new students is tremendously rewarding. Any successful coach has a plan and a base of knowledge that will help players improve their skills, have fun and develop a love of the game.  If you have an interest, the USTA can help you get started as a coach in your area.
  • Start your kids or grandkids at home
  • Teaching introductory courses in parks, schools or community courts
  • Coaching in a camp
  • Coaching after school programs
  • USTA Jr. Team Tennis coach
  • Middle school coach
  • High school coach

The USTA offers excellent on-court workshops for coaches working with beginning through intermediate players. These workshops are interactive, fun and participants learn by doing.  They are conducted in a group atmosphere by a highly trained and entertaining teaching professional.  These are excellent for anyone coaching beginning through intermediate players, teams or players with special needs.
The QuickStart Tennis on-court workshop is for anyone teaching kids ages 6-10.  This interactive three and a half hour workshop includes the QuickStart Tennis Practice Plans and a Participant Manual. 
The Recreational Coach Workshop is designed for those coaching all players at the beginning through the intermediate level.  The focus is on student centered coaching in a group or team setting.  This six-hour workshop includes the Learn to Rally and Play guide along with a Participant Manual and the Top Ten Games every coach should know CD.
No-Cut School Tennis Teams play a critical role in growing tennis by allowing students of all abilities to join a team representing their school. This opportunity helps create well rounded student athletes, develops leadership and teaches responsibility.
High School No-cut tips and suggestions
  • How to manage large groups on limited courts
  • Practices for large groups
  • How coaches determine a starting line-up
  • Fundraising tips
  • How to involve large numbers of players into match situations
  • Fielding competitive teams

Wednesday, December 22
What is Recreational On-Court Training? (Click link for training schedules)

USTA On-Court Training is composed of the Recreational Coach Workshop (RCW) and the Recreational QuickStart Tennis Workshop (QST) Over 300 workshops are conducted each year reaching over 9,000 participants.

Each workshop has specific goals in mind to help prepare coaches, instructors and parents to give tennis players of all ages and abilities an exceptional experience.

RCWs target those working with people of all ages, while QSTs are for those only working with kids 10 & Under.

Is a Recreational On-Court Training for me?

These workshops are designed for anyone working with entry level players who are looking to instill a love of the game.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to help grow tennis!
  • Parents and Grandparents seeking the basics in coaching and organizing teams
  • Park & Recreation instructors
  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Middle and High School coaches and teachers
  • After School Provides
  • Adaptive tennis instructors and program providers
  • League Captains

What happens in a Recreational On-Court training?

Lead by specially educated and certified national trainers, these interactive workshops help you learn to become a recreational coach by immersing you in dynamic on-court activities.

I am interested in team tennis. Will a Recreational On-Court Training prepare me?

Yes. Tennis is not only an individual sport, it’s all about teams. You will learn how to easily set up team competitions with scoring and equipment that is age appropriate. For children 10 & U these elements are part of a play format known as QuickStart Tennis. Kids aged 11-18 progress to Jr. Team Tennis and then to adult leagues.

What do I receive from a Recreational On-Court Training?
Participants receive:

  • Training from a certified PTR and/ or USPTA professional who has received special training from the USTA
  • Recreational Practice Plans
  • A Participant Manual
  • Coaching Minute
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • The knowledge to implement the QuickStart Tennis play format in your programming
  • Access to the latest in modified equipment and additional coaching resources and sample balls

QuickStart Tennis Workshop Testimonials:

"I loved the new and fun ways in engaging the kids and teaching them the techniques rather that the old fashion ways of drills" – Jane Elm Grove WI

"It was interesting that I can participate perhaps even instruct or assist in instructing w/o prior tennis experience." – George Elm Grove WI

"The new ideas on how to get kids playing tennis and having FUN." – Phyllis-Santa Monica CA

"It is great to keep the kids involved and playing games instead of drills." – John, Pittsburg PA

Recreational Coach Workshop Testimonials:

“A new way to teach tennis, people learn by playing. Very dynamic! Great experience!!” - Freddy, San Sebastian, PR

“It fit needs of all participants regardless of what level they coach on.” - Kent, Memphis, TN

Monday, June 20
Recreational Coaches Workshop, Saturday, June 25th ONLY RI (SE MA) workshop - click here to register

Date: Saturday, June 25th

Time: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Burr's Hill Park Tennis Courts
Water Street
Warren, RI 02885

Cost: $15

Rhode Island On-Court Workshop #2333