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Friday, September 9
EL RIO Little RIOTS 8U Division

Home of the El Rio Little Riots 8U


FallBall 2011


Field Directions:

VC 1, VC 2, and VC 3 - are all located at Ventura College.  VC 1 is the largest field and VC 2 and VC 3 are the two smaller fields with the snack bar in between them. 

C 1, C2, C3, LL1 and LL2 - are all located at Camino Real Park off of Dean Drive.C1 – first field on the right as you drive into the parkC2 – the field at the back of the park off of field C1’s right fieldC3 – the large baseball diamond at the end of the 1st parking lotLL1 and LL2 – located in the very back of the park with additional parking.  The snack bar is located in between LL 1 and LL 2. 

BR -  located at Blanche Reynolds School off of Preble St. in Ventura.  Go down Mills Rd. and cross over Main St…   go to end of Mills Rd (behind 2 gas stations) and turn right on Preble…proceed ½ mile and you will see the school on the left side


Sunday, September 4
El Rio Riots 8U Robbed in the finals


El Rio's 8U Riots started off Saturday a lil rusty with a loss to Santa Paula Mayhem. Our 8U Riots put up a great fight defensively but just couldn't get the timing down on offense. Riots ended the game with a 7-0 loss to Mayhem hoping to see them in the championship.

Our 8U Riots came in to a back to back game to play the Misfits and came ready to ball. All our girls came swinging the bat, and making great defensive plays. El Rio Riots came through with a 4-2 win over the Misfits.

Riots 3rd game of the day was an exciting one. Every single girl hit the ball. Riots took a 12-0 win over Valkeries placing us at "seed #2" for the finals for Sundays games.

Over all Saturday the girls played with there hearts on their sleeve. Marissa Torress came threw with some terrific pitching and defensively played an amazing game. Love to see what this girl developes into.

Sunday was another story. Our girls came ready to play and that was seen that sunday. Our Riots 8U would have had a better chance or had a fair game if we had the other coach making the calls behind the plate. Over all our girls did not give up and kept fighting, to the point they started intentionally walking our girls. That didnt stop us from putting points on the board. Our girls showed our skills and capabilities that Sunday.

We didnt make it to the championship this past tournement but i will say this, I AM PROUD of our girls and they played some great softball and truely showed what EL RIO is made of.